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About Us

Our record of innovation and excellence across a broad range of sectors

Across all of our businesses, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from manufacturing and construction to finance, services and leisure.

In addition to our 53 domestic affiliates, we boast 78 overseas offices and branches. We are proud to be recognised as a FORTUNE Global 500 company and one of Korea’s leading business groups, providing customers around the globe with world class products and services.

As we enter an exciting new growth phase underpinned by our commitment to green energy and biotechnology, we aim to deliver a sustainable, profitable future for our customers, our companies and the world at large.


Hanwha at-a-glance

  • Founded in 1952 [Hanwha History and Our Leadership]
  • Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea
  • A FORTUNE Global 500 company and one of Korea's top 10 business groups
  • Over 51 domestic affiliates, 113 global network partners
  • Global footprint in Europe, Americas, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East [Regional Contacts]
  • Total assets of USD 117 billion and total sales of USD 35.1 billion in 2013
  • Total sales increased by 14 percent 2012-2013
    [Investor Relations]

Vision and Values

Hanwha has always been entrepreneurial in spirit. We aspire to lead in every area in which we operate, but we also believe that growth and prosperity should be shared.
Trust and Loyalty are our guiding principles. We trust in our collective capabilities, in each other, and in our company. We are loyal to achieving our shared vision, to our colleagues and partners, and to the success of our enterprise.  Our vision is of a Quality Growth that benefits both customer and company, and makes the world a cleaner, healthier place in which to live. A sustainable growth inspired by Challenge, fuelled by Dedication and steeped in Integrity - our core values.


We set ourselves the challenge to never be satisfied with past achievements. To relentlessly pursue excellence for our customers through change and innovation.


We are dedicated to our customers, to our company and to our colleagues. We constantly strive to ever greater heights for our mutual gain.


We act with integrity. Every decision we make is rooted in honesty and fairness. It's a matter of pride and principle.

Our First 60 Years

Hanwha has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Korea back in 1952.

The company has experienced six decades of continuous growth and we are now one of the leading global business groups.

Our growth story is aligned with and has played a proud part in, the rapid emergence of South Korea’s economy and commercial sector over the past 60 years, and we’ve set our sights on continued green growth in the future. [Read more about Hanwha's History]