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We're building a better future through the businesses and markets in which we are engaged

Hanwha's stable and consolidated management system enhances value by building a positive environment for our stakeholders and investors.

We will achieve a solid financial structure with our vision of “Quality Growth 2020” by making rational investments and pioneering new markets.

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Our manufacturing and construction affiliates are strengthening their core businesses as they unequivocally pursue opportunities in high-tech growth industries. Our financial affiliates are meeting the challenges of today's fast changing capital markets by delivering a continuously evolving portfolio of services tailored to meet the full spectrum of financial needs. Our services and leisure affiliates are constantly working to create innovative experiences to delight consumers in fresh new ways. There has never been a better time to invest in a prosperous and sustainable future.

BUSINESS PERFORMANCE 2012 : 1. Hanwha Total Assets Hanwha has assets in Manufacturing & Construction, Finance as well as Services & Leisure. As of 2011, Hanwha had Total Assets of 87.71 billion dollars. Finance assets were valued at 65.15 billion dollars. Manufacturing & Construction assets totaled 17.88 billion dollars. Services & Leisure had total assets of 4.69 billion dollars. Hanwha’s total assets have been growing since 2009. Total assets in 2009 were valued at 70.69 billion dollars. In 2010, total assets rose to 82.89 billion dollars. Total assets rose again in 2011 to a value of 87.71 billion dollars. 2. Hanwha Total Sales. In 2011, Hanwha had total sales of 31.67 billion dollars. Finance generated the highest with 16.37 billion dollars. Manufacturing & Construction finished the year with a total of 13.25 billion dollars in total sales. Services & Leisure generated 2.06 billion dollars.  Hanwha’s total sales have been steadily increasing since 2009. Total sales in 2009 were 22.84 billion dollars. 2010 saw an increase with sales totaling 26.53 billion dollars. In 2011, total sales increased further to 31.67 billion dollars. 3. Hanwha Net Income. Hanwha finished 2011 with a net income of 898 million dollars. Finance generated the most, with a net income of 485 million dollars. Manufacturing & Construction came in second, generating a net income of 416 million dollars. Services & Leisure generated a net loss of 4 million dollars.  Net income has varied since 2009. Hanwha’s net income for 2009 was 856 million dollars. In 2010, Hanwha saw an increase, generating a net income of 1.09 billion dollars. 2011 saw a decrease in net income to 898 million dollars.
Introduction to our core business sectors

Manufacturing & Construction

A broad spectrum of manufacturing and construction activities

Encompassing a broad range of fields from basic chemicals and advanced materials to defense systems and property development, Hanwha manufacturing and construction businesses are driving a new wave of sustainable growth as we develop and acquire the technologies in photovoltaics and biotechnology that will power tomorrow's high-tech growth industries.


Insurance, Securities, Asset Management and Banking

Hanwha Finance Network comprises the fields of insurance, securities, asset management, and banking. Leveraging our resources across affiliates, we are able to flexibly respond to today's fast-changing money markets with a continually evolving portfolio of services designed to meet the full spectrum of financial needs, ensuring greater value for both customer and investors. In 2012, Sino-Korea Life had begun operation which is a joint-venture between Hanwha Life and Zhejiang International Business Group.

Services & Leisure

Providing service excellence

Hanwha service and leisure businesses encompass the fields of retail, hospitality, resorts, IT services, property development, and advertising. Our goal is to meet or exceed the evolving, and increasingly complex, needs of consumers around the globe through innovative offerings which not only surprise and delight, but which create lasting and cherished memories. As such, Hanwha Galleria enhanced its status as a premium shopping venue by opening Gourmet 494, the first “grocerant” operation in Korea, and Masterpiece Zone, a permanent exhibition area for high-end products.