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Sport brings energy to our lives

The Sun. Earth's environment. Sport. They are the things that most unite us, and bring energy to our lives.
Hanwha is committed to supporting sporting endeavours around the World in acknowledgement of the benefits that healthy lifestyles bring to participants - from the greatest of sports men and women to have-a-go weekend warriors - and to the communities who, through sport, are united in their shared pursuit of success.
Our involvement in sport is wide ranging. We own and sponsor several professional sports clubs. We've built and manage sports facilities. We sponsor leading teams globally and are involved in their communities.

Through these activities, we're sharing our energy for life - and helping people to find a bit more of their own.

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Powering the Champion

Congratulations Juventus!
Hanwha celebrates with the 2013/14 Italian Champions

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Mr. Energy: Eco-Smart Triangle Powering Giants

As an official solar partner of the SF Giants, Hanwha Group, one of the leaders in green business and environmental activities, has launched 'Mr. Energy powered by Hanwha' campaign in which Giants fans can vote every month for a player who they think has delivered the most impactful and electrifying performance via Giants website, Facebook and Twitter.

What is special for this campaign is that Hanwha channels donations to the baseball community in two ways. First, Hanwha donates to the Junior Giants in support of fans voting for their favorite Giants player as Mr. Energy of the Month. Second, Hanwha makes a donation to the Junior Giants Scholarship fund for every solar panel purchase for residential consumption in partnership with OneRoof Energy, a solar finance provider. 

Through eco-friendly campaigns, Hanwha seeks to promote the common good of leading an environmentally responsible lifestyle and contribute back to society, especially through embracing the benefits of solar energy.

Join This Campaign

Mr. Energy Powered by Hanwha

Hanwha has launched a global campaign called “Mr. Energy powered by Hanwha” to allow Juventus fans to vote for a player that “lights up the team.” From the Juventus Facebook Page, fans will be able to vote for the most energetic performer of the month. Through this campaign, Hanwha hopes to excite Juventus fans that will in turn energize the players on the field even further, ultimately leading to another win this season.



Hanwha Goes Green with the San Francisco Giants

Since 2012, Hanwha, a global leading solar energy company, has been the official solar partner of the San Francisco Giants which is one of the most prestigious baseball teams in Major League Baseball. It is also worth noting that the Giants won the World Series the very year that Hanwha had become the official solar partner in 2012, which comes on top of a win in 2010.

The list of accolades does not stop there. The Giants are committed to promoting sustainability and clean energy for the local community, being recognized as the most environmentally conscious team in the MLB having won the Green Glove award 5 years in a row. 

To energize and improve the lives of Giants fans and all Bay Area residents, Hanwha chose to make this partnership based on more than just baseball and kick started a series of green initiative campaigns ‘I SUN SF’ which built on the Giants’ legacy of environmental responsibility.