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Since its foundation in 1966, Dream Pharma has acquired an impressive record of innovation and achievement in pharmaceuticals.

Currently the leader in Korea’s anti-obesity drug market, Dream Pharma developed an extensive range of high-quality prescription and over the counter drugs, nutritional supplements, and skincare products which are sold globally.

Furthermore, Dream Pharma is delighted to announce a collaboration with affiliate Hanwha Chemical on therapeutic antibody biosimilars for rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer treatment, the former of which is now undergoing phase III clinical trials, with a worldwide market launch scheduled for 2015.

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We've developed an extensive range of high-quality drugs, supplements and treatments
Sector Focus
Sector Focus

Sector Focus:

Manufacturing & Construction

Encompassing a broad range of fields from basic chemicals and advanced materials to defense systems and property development, Hanwha manufacturing and construction businesses are driving a new wave of sustainable growth as we develop and acquire the technologies that will power tomorrow's high-tech growth industries.