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Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: HSOL) is a global provider of total solar energy solutions and a leading manufacturer of silicon ingots, wafers and photovoltaic cells and modules. Hanwha SolarOne offers value beyond its high-quality products by providing various value-added services such as joint-development, project funding and co-marketing.

The company maintains a strong worldwide presence, closely collaborating with US-based R&D center and the group’s downstream arm, Hanwha SolarEnergy to grow the group’s solar power generation business in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. It also embraces environmental responsibility and sustainability, playing a major role in the voluntary photovoltaic recycling program and various community-development projects.

Hanwha SolarOne has appeared in Lux’s top-ten list of PV module companies’ in 2011. The company’s current module production capacity is 1.5 GW, and it is significantly expanding an existing one so as to meet our commitment to deliver the solar future in global market.

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Playing a key role in the group's vertically integrated solar value chain
Sector Focus
Sector Focus

Sector Focus:

Manufacturing & Construction

Encompassing a broad range of fields from basic chemicals and advanced materials to defense systems and property development, Hanwha manufacturing and construction businesses are driving a new wave of sustainable growth as we develop and acquire the technologies that will power tomorrow's high-tech growth industries.