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Hanwha 63 City

Hanwha 63 City manages an impressive portfolio of properties across Korea for both Hanwha affiliates and numerous other clients, including Seoul's landmark 63 Building – the nation’s most iconic commercial property - owned by Hanwha Life Insurance.

Founded in 1986 and a Hanwha affiliate since 2002, the company has a quarter-century of experience encompassing every aspect of property management from consulting and leasing to management, maintenance, and renovation.

The company also provides state-of-the-art solar and geothermal energy solutions to the residential and commercial markets. This synergistic portfolio of businesses and nationwide network are the keys to the company's continued growth and leadership in Korea's property management sector.

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Korea's tallest commercial property is just one of the impressive portfolio of properties under our management
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Sector Focus

Sector Focus:

Services & Leisure

Hanwha service and leisure businesses encompass the fields of retail, hospitality,resorts, IT services, property development, and advertising. Our goal is to meet or exceed the evolving, and increasingly complex, needs of consumers around the globe through innovative offerings which not only surprise and delight, but which create lasting and cherished memories.