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Hanwha S&C provides world-class IT services and solutions to the financial, manufacturing, construction, retail, service, and education industries.

Established in 2001, our comprehensive business portfolio encompasses IT consulting , IT outsourcing, system integration, and e-learning as well as intelligent home, building, and city solutions.

We have also successfully implemented a number of public IT projects in China, Vietnam and Malaysia, laying the groundwork for expansion into the global integrated business services marketplace.

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We provide world-class IT services and solutions to clients in most business sectors
Sector Focus

Sector Focus:

Services & Leisure

Hanwha service and leisure businesses encompass the fields of retail, hospitality,resorts, IT services, property development, and advertising. Our goal is to meet or exceed the evolving, and increasingly complex, needs of consumers around the globe through innovative offerings which not only surprise and delight, but which create lasting and cherished memories.