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From imagination to reality

Imagine a future powered by the sun. Your car powered by solar cells built into the surface of the road, smaller energy bills and public amenities that are lit at night without cost to the taxpayer. Hanwha believes in a future where clean, sustainable energy from the sun is harnessed for commercial, civil and consumer applications.

Through Hanwha's investment in tomorrow's technologies today, we've positioned ourselves at the forefront of the global photovoltaics industry. Our customers, partners as well as communities can rely on us to stay there – not just imaging a brighter future, but working together to create it.


What makes solar energy perceived as “sustainable?” Is it maybe its unlimited availability on the earth? Or its costless accessibility for anybody and everybody?

Hanwha’s concept on sustainability goes a step further. With solar energy, we can revive abandoned land, restore local communities and increase the value of unused land, thereby making our society sustainable.

That is how Hanwha utilizes the sustainable solar energy for the sustainability of the mankind: to make the world a better place to live by providing the most reliable energy source while presenting viable solutions to climate change, energy depletion and energy poverty.

1kWh MAKES A DIFFERENCE(This is a bar chart comparing the break even points of two solar panels. Panel A's break-even point is 13.89 years, while Panel B's break-even points 11.57 years.)
Business Highlight


Top-performing solar panels ensure a return on investment

Hanwha has been given the crown for the top-performing solar module during an independent test conducted in Australia when competing systems in the same class were compared in the same environment. Top-tier performance has always been the goal and now with the acknowledgment on a global scale, the future for solar seems brighter.

As world becomes more environmentally conscious, Hanwha will continue its pursuit of excellence in providing for the world’s solar needs.  

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1kWh MAKES A DIFFERENCE(This is a bar chart comparing the break even points of two solar panels. Panel A's break-even point is 13.89 years, while Panel B's break-even points 11.57 years.)

Industry leading partner

Shouldn’t a solar energy company be as dependable as the sun is? We think so. That's why we're building upon our position as a dependable partner and industry leader - here’s how:

  • Global Top 3 Solar Player  The synergies between Hanwha Q CELLS(1GW) and Hanwha SolarOne(1.3GW) have enabled us to become the third largest solar manufacturer in the world.
  • State-of-the-Art R&D Centers  We drive innovation across every phase of the solar value chain, from photovoltaic cell manufacturing to solar product performance – all while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability.
  • 25 year Warranty  Hanwha produces top-quality solutions and guarantees the best performance with a 25-year linear performance warranty. Hanwha also offers a 12-year workmanship warranty as the first company in the industry to do so.
  • 21% Efficiency  The Korean Government’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy‘s $10 million grant has enabled us to develop lower-cost EWT-PERL crystalline silicon solar cells with 21% efficiency.
  • Global Network  Our global footprint of our sales network spans more than 36 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America - with a team of experts to manage customers’ needs in real time.

From the manufacture of modules to the construction and financing of power plants, our knowledge is comprehensive and our commitment is unparalleled. When it comes to solar energy, you might say we are very up to it.

Please see our Hanwha Solar Brochure for further details.

More About Hanwha's Solar Offering

Integrated Value Chain

Hanwha is leveraging its expertise across sectors to lead the field of solar energy

Project References

Our reliability is proven by our results

R&D Centers

We are making solar energy the most reliable energy source on earth

Key Affiliates Contributing to our Integrated Solar Value Chain

Introduction to our core business sectors

Manufacturing & Construction

A broad spectrum of manufacturing and construction activities

Encompassing a broad range of fields from basic chemicals and advanced materials to defense systems and property development, Hanwha manufacturing and construction businesses are driving a new wave of sustainable growth as we develop and acquire the technologies in photovoltaics and biotechnology that will power tomorrow's high-tech growth industries.


Insurance, Securities, Asset Management and Banking

Hanwha Finance Network comprises the fields of insurance, securities, asset management, and banking. Leveraging our resources across affiliates, we are able to flexibly respond to today's fast-changing money markets with a continually evolving portfolio of services designed to meet the full spectrum of financial needs, ensuring greater value for both customer and investors. In 2012, Sino-Korea Life had begun operation which is a joint-venture between Hanwha Life and Zhejiang International Business Group.

Services & Leisure

Providing service excellence

Hanwha service and leisure businesses encompass the fields of retail, hospitality, resorts, IT services, property development, and advertising. Our goal is to meet or exceed the evolving, and increasingly complex, needs of consumers around the globe through innovative offerings which not only surprise and delight, but which create lasting and cherished memories. As such, Hanwha Galleria enhanced its status as a premium shopping venue by opening Gourmet 494, the first “grocerant” operation in Korea, and Masterpiece Zone, a permanent exhibition area for high-end products.