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With over 60 years of track record on industrial leadership, Hanwha’s manufacturing and construction businesses encompass a broad range of fields from basic chemicals and advanced materials to property development and total solar energy solutions.

The financial network of banking, insurance, asset management and securities, is the second largest non-bank financial group in South Korea.

The services and leisure sector offers premium lifestyle services in the retail and resort businesses.

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Scientists have long searched for humanity’s future in the relationship between the earth and the cosmos. By finding that future in the sun,—the earth’s energy source—scientists aim to preserve the very health of our planet. Our solar technology, and other new businesses reflect Hanwha’s commitment to humanity’s future. We’ve been active in the solar industry since 2010 and already, we are recognized as one of the emerging global players in the solar industry.

I believe that this was only possible because of the entrepreneurial spirit of Hanwha people, who have always pursued new possibilities. This entrepreneurial spirit has enabled us to amass technology and expertise spanning a diverse range of industries over the past six decades.

These capabilities enabled us to recently win an eight-billion-dollar urban development project in Iraq—the largest construction project undertaken by a Korean firm to date—leading the way in a new Middle East construction boom. In the coming years, we will continue to expand into global markets and develop promising businesses as we pursue opportunities around the globe.

I totally agree with what Robert said. You see, that’s the unique corporate energy I experienced when I arrived at Hanwha. Hanwha’s unique entrepreneurial spirit has for a long time, driven continuous growth in the fields like aerospace, electronic materials, and unmanned vehicles. And that is growth that will continue with tomorrow’s solar energy growth engine.

Hanwha’s recent establishment of chemical manufacturing subsidiaries in markets such as China, Saudi Arabia underscore its emergence as a global business group. And that is growth that will continue with tomorrow’s solar energy and growth engines.

The field of finance is another engine behind Hanwha’s growth. It terms of sheer size alone, it represents a major portion of the group. Our greatest strengths are our financial soundness and structure. Anchored by Korea’s first and one of its largest life insurers, the Hanwha Finance Network provides total one-stop service—from insurance to asset management.

Today, we’re building a global-standard finance network as we expand beyond Asia to markets in North America and Europe. Our successful entry the Vietnamese insurance market—the first by a Korean insurer—has set the stage for our advance into China, the world’s largest market.

Looking ahead, I believe that we have what it takes to create a new financial success story in China. We’ll generate synergy with Hanwha China, the group’s “control tower” for operations in this growth market.

I refer to Hanwha’s service businesses as “creative production activities”. That’s because we’re in the business of creating new lifestyle trends. Since opening Korea’s first luxury department store in the 1990s, the Galleria has become the place the world’s leading luxury brands choose to make their Korean debut. In the years ahead, we also aim to make our mark in the global fashion business by building a unique high-end brand image.

One Korea’s top names in the leisure sector, our hotel and resort business is now sharpening its competitiveness in the global marketplace. In addition to resorts in Japan and Saipan, we’re proud of the fact that we operate Korea’s largest resort chain as well as world-class golf courses and aquarium. At The Plaza—the luxury boutique hotel where I work—we’re providing a whole new concept in luxury service. Continually delivering unique and fresh experiences to our customers is a challenge we enjoy.

Our determination to succeed in the solar industry is also unmatched. Equipped with world-class technology and quality, as well as a strong balance sheet and extensive experience, we have completed vertical integration in the industry and are now offering total solutions to customers around the globe. We are particularly proud of our unrivaled solar R&D network linking labs in the United States, Germany, China, and Korea. Our expertise is not only high-performance but also high quality solar cells and a comprehensive product portfolio gives us a significant competitive advantage. As a global solar industry leader, we continue to execute our larger vision of doing our part to make the world a more sustainable place.

In the coming years, we will continue to lead solar initiatives around the globe to demonstrate sustainability in action. We share our vision of solar energy through partnerships with world-renowned organizations such as the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the World Economic Forum.

Ultimately, our driving force is our creative people. That’s why we recruit quality people from all over the globe and train them to develop their capabilities. As a global corporate citizen, we take social and environmental responsibility very seriously. Our campaign to donate and install solar power systems at public welfare centers is just one of the projects that makes us proud to be a part of Hanwha. As we look ahead, climate change, resource depletion, low fertility, and population aging are the challenges facing humanity that we need to pay more attention to.

We believe in the values of co-existence and co-prosperity—that going further together is better than going faster alone. In the fields of culture, the arts, and sports, we’re sharing the dreams and joys of our communities as we continue to fulfill our commitment to the planet and humanity.

So, what unites Hanwha people together?

Isn’t it trust and loyalty?

Absolutely. We must value the trust of our customers above all else and constantly take on new challenges.

You could say our core values of challenge, dedication, and integrity are the driving force behind our innovation.

We deliver greater value to our customers with creative thinking and with technology driven by our energy.

Being the energy that contributes to a sustainable future for the planet and a more affluent life for humanity — Shouldn’t this be the goal of everyone at Hanwha?

For several years, we have worked closely with Hanwha Solar. Of our module suppliers, we expect reliability and cooperative partnership. Exactly these points are clearly prioritized at Hanwha Solar. The awareness of Hanwha Solar in the international solar market is increasing steadily. We are planning our future with Hanwha as our strong partner because with them, the success of our plan is guaranteed.

I could see that Hanwha has extensive know-how in the insurance field. That’s why I decided to entrust my family’s future in their capable hands.

Galleria Department Store?

I like it because there’s a special service and good products.

I'd like to express my deep gratitude to both Hanwha and the Korean government. Working together with the Chinese people to combat desertification, Hanwha was the first to make our deep desire to preserve our ecological environment a reality.

All the residents of Ningxia are extremely happy and pleased with the results.

Well, we are thrilled to have Hanwha as our new partner of ours. We think we are a perfect match to be honest with you. And we both share the passion for the color 'Orange' which signifies the Sun, Energy and hope for a great future. We are thrilled and we think our fans are going to be very excited about our new partnership

With creative thinking and advanced technology, Hanwha is the energy for life that is transforming tomorrow for you.

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