Winning Partnership

We strongly believe in achieving sustainable, mutual growth by “going further together”
with our valuable partners around the world rather than “going faster, alone.”

  • Commitment to Mutual Growth
    Since 2009, Hanwha has fostered fair and collaborative partnerships with some 1,200 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Hanwha helps them grow their businesses by strengthening their competencies. In October 2011, Hanwha set out major principles to promote and sustain mutual growth with our partners: not to compete in businesses suited for SMEs, to increase support for our SME partners, to install an eco-friendly business structure, to expand our eco-friendly community programs, to establish charitable foundations, and to implement sustainable growth strategies.
  • Building Winning Partnerships
    Mutual respect and shared vision with Hanwha’s partner companies has made our remarkable growth and achievements possible. Hanwha actively engages with our partner companies, including frequent meetings between the CEOs of different Hanwha affiliates and leaders of our partners, to improve our business practices, resolve any challenges facing us, and thus build winning partnerships. Hanwha Corporation and Hanwha Engineering & Construction launched the Win-Win Cooperation Council to establish venues to share Hanwha’s expertise and best practices with our partner companies by providing joint venture opportunities, technology/IP transfer, and favorable commercial terms.
  • Leading by Example
    All of Hanwha’s leading affiliates have executed a “Fair Trade and Mutual Growth” agreement with their business partners. Through this program, Hanwha has successfully implemented a number of win-win growth initiatives such as financial assistance, flexible payment terms, technology development and support, quality improvements, and professional training. Hanwha consistently evaluates its progress and makes improvements to ensure that it is channeling its personnel and organizations efficiently to maximize the positive impact on our shared growth. Hanwha Life launched the “Building A Greater Workplace” campaign. The company’s customer service experts visit corporate clients and public organizations, offering them complimentary customer service advice and training to promote a more positive and healthier working environment. Hanwha Chemical signed an MOU with a meister high school in Seoul to provide specialized vocational training and job placement activities at the school by offering students training classes in chemicals, machinery, and electricity. Participants in this “Hanwha Chemical Class” program often receive career opportunities at Hanwha.
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