Financial Highlights

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Total Sales Graph
Total Sales In USD Millions yearly
2011 31,674 USD Millions
2012 30,809 USD Millions
2013 35,134 USD Millions
Total Sales In USD Millions in 2013
Service & Leisure 2,241 USD Millions
Manufacturing & Construction 14,244 USD Millions
Finance 18,649 USD Millions
Total Asset Graph
Total Asset In USD Millions yearly
2011 87,713 USD Millions
2012 104,447 USD Millions
2013 117,040 USD Millions
Total Asset In USD Millions in 2013
Service & Leisure 5,459 USD Millions
Manufacturing & Construction 21,624 USD Millions
Finance 89,957 USD Millions

Hanwha Businesses

Each of our businesses in manufacturing & construction, finance, and services & leisure seek global leaderships. Our affiliates compete successfully in their respective markets and create synergy with one another. Their common goal is to provide a range of solutions that will collectively, enhance the quality
of life for our customers.

Hanwha Businesses
Net Income In USD Millions yearly
2011 898 USD Millions
2012 910 USD Millions
2013 869 USD Millions
Net Income In USD Millions in 2013
Service & Leisure 110 USD Millions
Manufacturing & Construction 353 USD Millions
Finance 406 USD Millions
  1. * The financial data in the Financial Highlights shows the simple aggregate of sales, total assets, total liabilities, and total stockholder equity among the Hanwha Group’s major affiliates at home and abroad. (Source: the Hanwha Group.)
  2. * Figures for sales and total assets of individual affiliate companies published on page 75 and subsequent pages of this brochure are data officially announced by the Fair Trade Commission.
  3. * This outlook data was generated prior to completing the internal financial statements, accounting reviews and an external audit report and is therefore subject to change upon settlement of accounts and accounting audit results. The outlook data also includes information on forecasts that may be affected by risks, market conditions, uncertainties, or changes in circumstances. In addition, the actual results may differ from the published or suggested content herein, and may change without prior notice due to shifts in market conditions and change in strategies. This data was generated for reference purposes only. The Hanwha Group has no obligation to set or change expectations and forecasts for the future contained herein. The data contained herein must not be used for investment purposes. The Hanwha Group does not provide any guarantee for the data and its contents, and has no liability or responsibility for the outcome of investments made based on this data.
  4. * Sales are converted into US dollars at the average exchange rate of USD 1= KRW 1,131.49 in 2015, and KRW 1,053.21 in 2014.
  5. * Assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity amounts are converted into US dollars at the December 31 closing exchange rate of USD 1= KRW 1,172.00 in 2015, and KRW 1,088.50 in 2014.
  6. * The 2016 expectancy data was converted based on Hanwha Group’s internal exchange rate of USD 1=KRW 1,165.
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