Introduction to Petrochemicals of Hanwha
- Innovative, yet Sustainable Solutions for Businesses and the Next Generation

The most basic things in life often remain unseen.
Just as water in our bodies forms the basis of life,
Petrochemicals are vital foundations that drive our lives and industries.

And for more than half a century, Hanwha has committed itself
to creating these vital foundations for life and industry
and emerged as Korea’s No.1 and one of the world’s top-tier petrochemical companies.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business is armed with sustainable competitiveness.
By realizing economy of scale, Hanwha achieves stable supply
and cost competitiveness in the production of ethylene
and other chemical feedstock.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business encompasses diverse and extensive product lines.
From a diversified feedstock portfolio across refined oil, basic materials,
and synthetic materials to advanced materials, Hanwha offers extensive
choices along a complete value chain.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business is on the cutting edge.
With industry leading technology for petrochemical products,
advanced materials, eco-friendly solar products and even nanotechnology,
we are committed to constant innovation, with bold,
ongoing investments in ground breaking research and development.

Providing vital foundations to build an enriching life and society.
Innovative, yet sustainable solutions for businesses and the next generation.
This is the value of petrochemicals Hanwha creates today.

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