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Headlines for October 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha Life and encouraged financial planners

Chairman Seung Youn Kim is very interested in FPs in sale of Hanwha Life Insurance. After Hanwha acquired HLI in 2002, Chairman Seung Youn Kim showed his interests by visiting the 2003 Annual Awards which took place in the following year. He recently visited the training session of FPs and showed his affection.

On September 8th, Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha life Human Resources Development Center. As soon as he entered the auditorium, about 200 FPs welcomed him with a warm round of applause. He returned his gratitude with a big smile. This surprise visit of Chairman Seung Youn Kim encouraged FPs and listen to the voice of the sales field.

The FPs who met the Chairman at the Annual Awards of HLI in May asked him to come and visit where they work. And he promised to do so and kept his promise this time.

On that day, about 200 FPs from all parts of country gathered for the 2-day training session to learn how to strengthen their capabilities for VIP marketing. The Chairman Kim praised once again the efforts of FPs who played the leading role of reaching 100 trillion won assets and he took time to listen to what they had to say.

Chairman Seung Youn Kim said, “You are the heart of Hanwha”, and expressed his interests and love to them.

“HLI and FPs are playing a key role in the Group, and you are the ones delivering the warm hope to other’s lives. So I believe that FPs have warm hearts more than anyone in this world.”

Also he requested to work with love, respect, consideration, honesty and loyalty at all times.

And he signed the commemorative copper plaque written as ‘You Are The Heart of Hanwha’ and asked FPs to work together to make HLI the best insurance company.

While taking pictures with FPs, Chairman Seung Youn Kim made a heart symbol with his hand and had a casual conversation.

2. [Hanwha Group] Held Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 from September 1st to 4th in Korea

Hanwha Finance Classic 2016, boasting the largest prize in KLPGA was held at Golden Bay Golf & Resort in Chungchung province from September 1st to 4th. It became truly a global scale competition since not only active players in the LPGA Tour but also the players representing the U.S., Korea, and Japan participated. Who has won among those top-class players? Let’s check it out.

The drama that Korean female golf players who have proven their skills at the Rio Olympic Games was reenacted at Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 held in Taean.

As players from five countries including long hitters Lexi Thompson and Jessica Korda participated this year. Hanwha Finance Classic is not only a part of KLPGA Tour but also it is a world class competition. A lot of spectators came to see the best players playing good games at the best golf course.

Hanwha Finance Classic boasts a total of 120 million won prizes and 30 million won prize for the winner which is the biggest prize in KLPGA Tour. As it provides the opportunity to compete with famous international players, it became a competition that many players want to win. Therefore, the competition among the players was fierce until the final round.

Lee Min-young who is a member of Team Hanwha chased the leader until the final round and ranked 3rd with three under the total 285 shots. And Park Sung-hyun who had long drive battles with Lexi Thompson scored six under the total 282 shots and won the winning trophy. Park Sung-hyun started the final round at 10th with four shots behind the leader. She beat Ko Jin-young who ranked the 2nd place with one shot. It was her 7th winning of this season.

Now the special attention goes to this year’s winner Park Sung-hyun because there’s a ‘winning formula’ that Hanwha Finance Classic winner becomes a winner in LPGA Tour. In fact, after winning at Hanwha Finance Classic, the winners got qualified for LPGA Tour and had many winnings since 2011.

The winners of this game, Choi Na-yeon in 2011, Ryu So-yeon in 2012, Kim Se-young in 2013, Kim Hyo-joo in 2014, and the last year’s winner Nomura Haru had the total of 22 winnings in LPGA Tour.

Therefore, the winner of Hanwha Finance Classic can establish a foundation to become a world class player. It’s possible because the game provided an opportunity for KLPGA players to step up by playing with international players at a world class course.

Meanwhile, a pro-am event was held prior to the main game. Chairman Kim Seung-youn visited the course to observe the progress of the preparation and encouraged players and people who participated in the pro-am.

Chairman Kim emphasized in his speech that Hanwha has been contributing to Korean women golf by having the largest golf game in Korea, Hanwha Finance Classic since 2011 after establishing Hanwha Cup Seoul Women's Open in 1990. He also looked around the course and encouraged Hanwha members who worked hard to make the event possible.

The Group is going to make Hanwha Finance Classic a renowned international event that represents Korea so that the second generation of Park Se-ri who was the winner of Hanwha Cup can continue to win at international games. Also the Group will continue to invite the world-class players and provide an opportunity to upgrade their mental strength, course-management, and game skills.

3. [Hanwha Q CELLS] Dong Kwan Kim, CCO of Hanwha Q CELLS, had a keynote speech at GGGW2016

Dong Kwan Kim, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS gave a speech as a keynote speaker at the Global Green Growth Week (GGGW) 2016 and he said, “If there was the Industrial Revolution in 18th century, we will be the first generation to experience the energy revolution.” He also mentioned that solar energy would bring the change to the energy industry, and it would change our lives as well.
GGGW 2016, an annual conference of green growth knowledge platform was held at International Convention Center Jeju from September 5th to 9th. It is co-hosted by Global Green Growth Summit (GGGS), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the World Bank, OECD, and Unite Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

On September 7th, Dong Kwan Kim, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS attended the Asian Regional Policy Dialogue as a keynote speaker and he spoke on “Innovation in Battery and Energy Storage Technologies”. During this 10-minute speech, he emphasized that it’s expected that solar energy would be the fastest growing and competitive energy source through reaching 26% market share by 2040.

Especially, he got a lot of attention because he forecasted the fundamental changes in a way we all live. He mentioned the energy revolution that will be introduced by combining solar energy and the Energy Storage System (ESS).

Meanwhile, Hanwha Q CELLS introduced and the monocrystalline solar cell that used their own Q.ANTUM Technology and polycrystalline solar module at the exhibition. The technology in Q.PLUS, a polycrystalline solar module has been recognized as the world’s best by setting the world record of 19.5% efficiency in polycrystalline module.

4. [Hanwha Group] Created the 6th Hanwha Solar Forest in China

The Group has been putting an effort for solving climate changes and environmental issues through creating “Hanwha Solar Forest” by planting trees where desertification is in progress every day. The Group plans to create the 6th eco-friendly forest in China.

On September 1st, a tree planting ceremony was held for “6th Hanwha Solar Forest” in the Maowusu desert located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China. The senior officials including Choi Sun-mok, Senior Executive Vice President of Hanwha Group HQ, Kim Young-rak, Senior Vice President of Hanwha China, and the high-ranking government officials from Ningxia attended the ceremony.

The Group is planning to create a forest by planting about 50,000 trees such as a sand pine, a juniper, and more on the land of over the size of 23 soccer fields. The Group also will use energy that is necessary for saplings and creating the forest by utilizing the solar generating facility the Group donated in 2012.

The Group continues to carry out the eco-friendly social contribution project to prevent the yellow and the fine dust by creating the 2nd Solar Forest in 2013, 5th Solar Forest in 2015, and 6th Solar Forest in this area where the fine yellow dust originates.

The officials from Yinchuan city and National Nature Reserve of Lingwu showed their appreciation to the Group’s continuous anti-desertification social contribution efforts and delivered an appreciation plaque.

The Group has been carrying out the campaign with the social innovation company ‘Tree Planet’ since 2011. The Group has contributed to preventing desertification in Mongolia, China, and Korea by planting the total of 490,000 trees. At the same time, the Group tries to draw the younger generation’s attention to climate changes and environmental issues.

5. [Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Chemical] Opened Hanwha R&D Center specialized in the future technologies

Investments on R&D for the state-of-the-art future technology which will lead the future industry is very important for the Group’s future. Hanwha Corporation and Hanwha Chemical opened Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo specializes in the future technologies. I am very curious too. Shall we go and take a look?

Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo is located in Seongnam. About 200 people including Lee Tae-jong and Kim Youn-chul, CEOs of Hanwha Corporation, Kim Chang-bum, CEO of Hanwha Chemical, Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Techwin, Chang Si-kwon, CEO of Hanwha Thales, and Choi Kwang-ho, CEO of Hanwha E&C gathered to celebrate the new beginning.

About 120 billion won has been invested to build Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo. It covers the total of 34,203 ㎡ floor spaces with 12 floors including 5 underground floors.
The core technology of guided weapons such as a laser and electro-optical sensors, image processing technology, and solar cell manufacturing facility, the factory automation equipment are supposed to be researched at the place.

It can also create synergy by cooperating among the affiliates with the high-tech research institutes in defense such as Hanwha Techwin R&D Center in Pangyo.

6. [Hanwha Group] Hosted a luncheon for the 2016 Rio Olympics National Shooting Team to congratulate on their outstanding performance at the Olympics

The Hanwha Group has been sponsoring the Korea national shooting team for the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a main sponsor of the Korea Shooting Federation, the Group invited the national shooting team to a luncheon to congratulate them for their outstanding performance at the Olympics and gave them prize money. They performed well at the Olympics and gave us unforgettable memories. Let’s take a look.

On September 20th, the Group, which is the presiding company of the Korea Shooting Federation, hosted the luncheon at The Plaza. This luncheon was held to congratulate the Korea national shooting team which won a gold medal and a silver at the Rio Olympics.

Hwang Yong-deuk, CEO of Hanwha Galleria and the president of Korea Shooting Federation, congratulated the players for gaining recognition from the World once again. He encouraged the players and the coaching staff to work together to continue to increase the status of Korean shooting.

On behalf of the Chairman Kim Seung-youn, CEO Hwang gave a total of 230 million-won prize money to the team. Jin Jong-oh who won a gold medal in the men's 50m pistol received 100 million won and Kim Jong-hyun who won a silver medal in the men's 50m rifle prone received 40 million won. The head coach Park Sang-soon, other coaching staff, and all members of the team received the prize.

The Group has been providing about 12.5 billion won in sponsorship to the Shooting Development Fund to promote Korean Shooting sports. After the Korea Shooting Federation was founded, the Group established the Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Competition which was the first to be organized by a private company, and it became one of five top major shooting competitions in Korea.

I believe that our national shooting team players need our continuous support and encouragement.

Headlines for October 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha Life and encouraged financial planners
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Held Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 from September 1st to 4th in Korea
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS - Dong Kwan Kim, CCO of Hanwha Q CELLS, had a keynote speech at GGGW2016
  4. 4. Hanwha Group - Created the 6th Hanwha Solar Forest in China
  5. 5. Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Chemical - Opened Hanwha R&D Cener specialized in the future technologies
  6. 6. Hanwha Group - Hosted a luncheon for the 2016 Rio Olympics National Shooting Team to congratulate on their outstanding performance at the Olympics

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Headlines for October 2015

Headlines for October 2015


1. Summer Davos 2015

The World Economic Forum also called ‘Summer Davos’ was held in Dalian, China from September 9th to 11th.
Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS attended and represented that Hanwha is contributing to Asia’s energy industry as a global solar company. Especially Hanwha is responding to the global climate changes since solar is a low carbon emission energy source.
China has been hosting ‘Summer Davos Forum’ since 2007. This year’s Forum was held at the International Conference Center in Dalian from September 9th to 11th. It is usually held in Tianjin or Dalian, China in September. This forum is for the future leaders that will become the world’s best in next 10 years and the forum advocates technologies and innovation.

The opening ceremony was followed by a discussion session on ‘Asia’s Energy Option’ on 10th. Na Seung-yeon who is currently a host of Arirang TV and was the spokesperson for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics bid committee conducted the panel discussion. Asia’s major VIPs from Korea, China, India, and Mongolia participated as panels, and they discussed about what policies that Asia is concerning in terms of energy economy fluctuation while the concern for Chinese economy is real.

Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS who participated as a panel to represent Korea expressed that Korea has invested on energy related research and development and can contribute to Asian energy industry through the production innovation.

Moderator : Go to Mr. Kim. Because obviously, the Hanwha Group, a leading presence in solar energy. And also Korea, not a lot of natural resources, hardly any. But major importer of energy and yet also an exporter of energy related technologies. Of course your company is one of them. Could you talk about where Korea stands and where you see the potential maybe?

Kim Dong-kwan : I think as it was well proposed I think Korea has ambitious target of carbon reduction. And I think Korean government just released a very ambitious target of increasing the percentage of renewable to the double digits within a decade or so. I think, especially, Korea, as you mentioned, is very resources constrained. And we have been investing a lot into R&D.
And I think, especially, our strength in semi-conductors and display manufacturing has been transformed into manufacturing know-how for solar panels as well. Also, although Korean market itself is still relatively small compared to China or India. I think, throughout Asia, especially in China and India, we have a lot to contribute in terms of manufacturing innovation and also in bringing solutions. Maybe not only a conventional solutions but with micro grids and smart grids, I think there is a lot of opportunity to by-pass a lot of infrastructure requirements, power transmission requirements that are necessary to bring electricity to remote villages in India.

In addition, Mr. Kim emphasized that the economic feasibility of new and renewable energy has improved through the development of technology. He also said that if the government’s policies boost the innovation, the market will move dynamically and will lower the price.

Although the price is the most important element in solar and new and renewable energy, his belief that mass production is possible was revalidated through this forum. More demand can be expected if the way to lower the price is found. As a result, it can bring a dramatic change in power system.

Before the forum began, Mr. Kim was interviewed by a global economic channel CNBC. During the interview, he expressed that he was optimistic as clean and sustainable energy was being discussed a lot in China. He said, Chinese solar business is a big opportunity and will continue to grow.

2. Hanwha Finance Classic 2015

The momentum of golf queens, Hanwha Finance Classic 2015 tour was held with the largest prize of KLPGA at Golden Bay Golf & Resort in Taean from September 3rd to 6th. The top players from Korea and other countries played at Golden Bay. This course was designed by Annika Sorenstam who used to be the top LPGA player.

The members of Hanwha Finance Network, Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha General Insurance, and Hanwha Investment & Securities hosted and Team Hanwha conducted Hanwha Finance Classic 2015. It had received much attention because not only many KLPGA star players played but also many players from overseas including USLPGA and JLPGA competed. This mammoth size competition had the total of 1.2 billion won in prizes and 300 million won was for the first place winner.

The player, Bae Seon-woo, had kept the first place for three straight days, but Nomura Haru from the Team Hanwha set the course record by hitting 7 under par 65 shots and made to the 2nd place by hitting one eagle, 8 birdies, and 3 bogeys during the 2nd round.

And during the final round, Nomura and Bae Seon-woo both hit one under par 287 shots and had to play overtime. On the first hole for the overtime, Bae Seon-woo missed 2 meters putt for par. On the other hand, Nomura successfully made her putt for par and came from behind and won the game. Fellow players extended warm congratulations to her. Nomura Haru is known to grow up in Korea when she was little. In this game, she achieved her second winning in her mother’s country.

At the award ceremony, Shim Kyung-seob, the CEO of Hanwha Hotels & Resorts presented the prize for setting the course record. Next, Cha Nam-kyu, the CEO of HLI gave the winning trophy.

Players of the Team Hanwha showed remarkable results and the team spirit. During the overtime, players from the Team Hanwha cheered for Nomura Haru. Along with Nomura, Kim In-kyung made 3rd place, Jenny Shin 10th, Ji Eun-hee 13th place.

Although the weather was not pleasant due to the rain and hot temperature, but Hanwha Finance Classic 2015 closed successfully thanks to much interest and support from galleries, officials, and Hanwha employees.

3. Award Ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’

Since 2011, the group has held ‘Hanwha Science Challenge’ which is targeting high school students and trying to become the most authoritative event in Korea for discovering ‘Korea’s young Nobel prize winners. The award ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’ was held in 63 Building, and this year’s grand prize went to Jukjeon high school students who proposed developing natural predacide to control yellow dust, micro-dust, and desertification.

At the award ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’, about 240 people attended including students and teachers from 30 teams that made to the final round and CEOs from the Group’s manufacturing companies, and they were joined by Kim Seung-hwan, the president of Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (KOFAC), and judges for the competition.

20 experts from each field selected one grand prize winner, 2 gold prizes, 2 silver prizes, 17 bronze prizes and a special prize among 30 teams during the final round on August 27th. The grand prize honor went to CHANG-E team of Jukjeon high school in Yongin and received 40 million won for a college scholarship.

Two students, Hwang Soo-jin and Ahn Soo-yeon and their teacher, Jeon Sun-young, formed the team CHANG-E. Their unique and creative idea of developing natural predacide, which is similar concept to a face mask pack, in order to keep the moisture for a long time after watering in the desert or trees.

Hanwha Science Challenge is unique because it has not only the biggest prize in Korea but also gave away 1 million won to all participated teams made to the final round for supporting their research and development.

Moreover, for winners above silver prize will have an opportunity to visit the prestigious foreign science organizations. And for winners above bronze prize will be exempted from the paper screening process if they would apply for a job or an internship at Hanwha.

Kim Chang-bum, the CEO of Hanwha Chemical said in his welcoming remarks “I hope you grow to become a world scale scientist to improve happiness for humanity with the experience you have gained during this Hanwha Science Challenge.”

During last 5 years of Hanwha Science Challenge, 3,400 teams and 7,300 high school students have participated with very interesting research topics. Among the past winners, over 60% got into foreign prestigious colleges, SNU, KAIST, POSTEC, and many other excellent schools.

The Group is planning to continue supporting Hanwha Science Challenge so that it becomes a world-class science competition.

4. Winning medals at World Skills Competition 2015

Two Hanwha Techwin employees have participated in World Skills Competition 2015 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Both of them have won the medals and showed superiority of Hanwha Techwin’s skills to the world.

Hanwha Techwin employees who participated in World Skills Competition 2015 achieved good results.
At the award ceremony held on 16th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Park Jun- Oh has won a silver medal in Polymechanics category, and Kim Eun-young has won a bronze medal in web design.
Both of them went through hard training to prepare for this competition in order to demonstrate their best performances.
They are scheduled to return home after finishing local factory visits.

5. Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) Mass production commencement meeting

Hanwha Systems had a meeting for starting the mass production of Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) with officials from Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), Defense Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ), and Agency for Defense Development (ADD) have attended. Hanwha Systems is the only company that has a command, control and communication system in Korea. Hanwha Systems’ Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN) took 15 years to develop from 2001, and it was the largest defense information technology business with over 5 trillion won investments.

The mass production commencement meeting of Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN) was hosted by Defense Agency for Technology and Quality(DTaQ) and 50 other officials have attended the meeting including Kim Young-ho, Gumi business site executive of Hanwha Systems.
They discussed about the status of preparation for the initial production of TICN and the plan for the quality assurance. Hanwha Systems presented their plan for the quality assurance program. They also shared their commitment to the success of this government program through continuous cooperation.

The TICN optimizes the integrated combat ability for the network oriented future battles. This system can transmit large amount of data through wired or wireless at high speed for a long distance. Once the TICN is implemented, the military can synchronize 50 different weapon systems into one, and it can transmit voice and video in real time. Even if the wireless communication line is destroyed during wartime, the military communication line will be maintained to strengthen the military forces.

Hanwha Systems is expected to generate over 2 trillion won in revenue through the production of the TICN by 2022 with about 350 sub-contractors.

6. 2015 Hanwha Group Oversea Value Course began

Hanwha HRD Center is hosting ‘2015 Hanwha Value Course.’ This program is not only running in Korea but also in overseas now. Let’s take a look how the Value Courses are carried out in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and China.

2015 Hanwha Value Course ran in Bismayah construction site in Iraq where ‘Going Further Together’ is being fulfilled quietly under the scorching hot weather with well over 50 degrees Celsius.

From August 29th, 7 sessions ran every day for 276 employees in Bismayah. After that, 97 people in Saudi Arabia, 19 in Dubai, 81 people from 8 different cities in China. The courses ran until September 22nd and covered the total of 473 people.

Since they are working in overseas and representing Hanwha Group and each of their own affiliates, the course taught them how to act with ‘Trust and Loyalty’, ‘Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity’. They are becoming better Hanwha employees through using various trainings such as sharing core values and successful cases and telling history and self-confidence.

Headlines for October 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Summer Davos 2015
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Hanwha Finance Classic 2015
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Award Ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’
  4. 4. Hanwha Techwin - Winning medals at World Skills Competition 2015
  5. 5. Hanwha Systems - Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) Mass production commencement meeting
  6. 6. Hanwha Group - 2015 Hanwha Group Oversea Value Course began
Headlines for September 2015

Headlines for September 2015


1. Creating large scale jobs by 2017

In order to help revitalization of national economy through solving youth unemployment problem and the Group’s future investment, the Group is planning to double its hiring in the second half of this year. And the Group will continue to hire up to 17,569 newbies by 2017. Also all affiliates allowed their employees to take an unofficial day-off on August 14th, 70th National Liberation Day Eve, to help revitalization of the local economy.

The Group decided to create 5,729 new jobs for young people during the remaining of the year by increasing 1,497 more new recruits from 4,232 as planned. This is about twice more than the first half of this year’s recruits which was 2,958 people.

In 2016, the Group is going to expand the investment on solar plant in Eumseong and Jincheon in Chungcheongbukdo Province and increase the hires dramatically. 5,140 new jobs for young people would be created.

The Group also plans to hire 6,700 jobs for young people in 2017. Over a trillion won would be invested on developing a large scale resort complex in Geojedo Island and a few other prospective locations. And the investment is going to expedite the completion of the developments within 2017. There would be about 1,400 new jobs created in these areas alone.

The Group believes that this youth unemployment problem that causes a social problem cannot be solved quickly. Therefore, they are going to continue its job creation policy until they create 17,569 jobs by 2017.

This decision is a voluntary participation to the government’s job creation initiatives, and the result of belief that creating jobs for young people is an essential investment for the future of the Group.

The Chairman Kim Seung-youn said in his New Year’s address that, “We must rearm with embodied Hanwha philosophy over a long history, inherit and develop the founding principles of serving the country through the business.”

Therefore, the Group executes a large-scale young people’s job creation plan in order to help solving youth unemployment problem that currently exists in our society. The Group wants to fulfill again the founding principles of serving the country through the business by contributing to the national economy.

Meanwhile, the Group announced an unofficial day-off on National Liberation Day Eve to ruminate the meaning of independence and patriotism and to boost the local economy.

The Group was the first among the major conglomerates deciding to take a day-off. And the decision was made three days before the government’s announcement. It was to create celebration mood of 70th National Liberation Day and to participate local economy revitalization while employees have a chance to refresh.

2. Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader

Hanwha Techwin held a proclamation ceremony to announce the new vision “Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader.” Hanwha Techwin is concentrating on machinery and defense business as one of four major growth axis of the Group. They have proposed a plan to grow into a leader that plays a main role for leading Group’s global manufacturing business after 2020.

Hanwha Techwin held the new vision proclamation ceremony in 63 Building on July 27th. The CEO Kim Cheol-Kyo and about 800 employees have attended the ceremony.

The new vision “Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader’ was announced. And the CEO Kim Cheol-kyo said “Hanwha Techwin is going to become a main company in machinery and defense business of the Group which is a core growth engine of the Group.” He also revealed his aspiration that “Let’s become a globally recognized company through achieving this medium and long term goal.”

The CEO of Hanwha Corporation defense division, Lee Tae-jong said in his speech, “I expect Hanwha Techwin to become a new main player in the Group by achieving the new vision.

With this new vision, Hanwha Techwin proposed to achieve 5 trillion won revenue by 2020, and to become a global company with 10 trillion won revenue by 2025.

Moreover, the top management had an opportunity to strengthen empathy for the organization through a Q&A session.

Lastly, 30 people who represent employees and CEOs of partner companies participated in the vision slogan unveiling ceremony and pledged to fulfill the vision ‘become a core of the Group as a leading player.’

3. ‘A fireworks festival of Hope’ for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day

The Group sponsored magnificent fireworks at Yeoido Hangang Park in Seoul and 4 other major cities to celebrate 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day. Over 300,000 fireworks that hope to boost citizen’s confidence and to revitalize the local tour industry and the economy decorated the sky of summer night.

The Group sponsored ‘70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, High Spirits Festival’ held on August 14th and 15th in Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Seoul.

On 14th, it was held in Busan and Daegu. And on 15th, it was held in Seoul and Gwangju to give unforgettable and fantastic memory with over 300,000 fireworks to the exhausted citizen from summer heat wave.

Especially, the fireworks on 15th was held on the riverside of Hangang River next to 63 Building which recently won a duty-free store license. It was a great opportunity to introduce Yeoido area to foreign travelers and promote the new special tourist zone that linking tourism, culture, and shopping.

Before the fireworks, there were indie bands and K-POP concert to escalate the mood. The Group sponsored fireworks began with 20 minutes long DJ show mingled with laser, and the special video of 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day with a storytelling and the beautiful multi-media fireworks decorated the finale.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) sponsored developing fireworks products called ‘Goblin fire’, ’Sangmo’, ’Tear’ and a flying ‘fire bird.’ The 40 minutes long fireworks with these products displayed the world class quality fireworks.

The Group has presented joy and affection to the citizens through ‘Seoul International Fireworks Festival’ in every October since 2000. But the meaning of this fireworks that held for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day was different. It contained the meaning of reformation of Korea, sharing of joy of 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, and overcoming the depressed social atmosphere such as the economic downturn and the youth unemployment problem.

A huge crowd who gathered at the event revitalized the local market. The domestic consumption that struggled after MERS was improved thanks to many foreign travelers who flowed in because the festival dates were overlapped with Korea Grand Sales period.

4. Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is completed

Hanwha E&C successfully completed Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal with many convenient facilities and attended the completion ceremony.

Choi Kwang-ho, CEO of Hanwha E&C and Won Hee-ryong, the governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and 300 local citizen and the officials attended the Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal completion ceremony.

Hanwha E&C was awarded a minister award and an appreciation plaque for their faithful performance. In addition, the CEO Choi Kwang-ho congratulated the successful completion of the terminal and expressed his appreciation to the officials who supported the project.

The two story Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is built on 86,637 m2 land, and the total floor area of the terminal is 9,697 m2. And there are parking lots for 200 cars and trucks, waiting rooms, Immigration and Customs areas, duty-free stores and many other convenient facilities.

Hanwha E&C plans to secure their competitiveness in building tourist and cultural facilities through this successful completion of Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal.

5. Hanwha Life Insurance World Youth Baduk Championship

The world’s largest Baduk contest, HLI Youth Baduk Championship tournament was held. About 10,000 youth went through qualifying rounds from 24 areas and 256 of them made to the final rounds.

The 15th HLI World Youth Baduk Championship was held in 63 Building grand ballroom on August 6th. Children from all over the country passed qualification rounds from each area, also children from China, Germany, Romania, and 6 other countries competed at the tournament. Moon Min-jong, Okum Elementary School 6 grade has won the championship title this year.

There were many fun events held for players and their families. A communication expert, Professor Kim Chang ok from Seoul Women University gave a lecture on ‘Pleasant communication with children.’ All family members enjoyed various programs such as ‘Challenge! Baduk Golden Bell’, ’Digital Caricature’, ’Walk to 63.’

The living witness of Baduk history, the champion Cho Hoon-hyun visited the tournament again this year and had autograph event and played one to many matches with young players.

Cha Nam-gyu, CEO of HLI said in his speech that HLI World Youth Baduk Championship has contributed to build a foundation for teaching children and to develop Korea’s Baduk for 15 years. HLI will continue giving their support to children who love Baduk.

6. ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ brand proclamation ceremony

Hanwha Advanced Materials held a brand proclamation ceremony on August 13th, and released a brand strategy, a new slogan, and each product’s brand name. They decided the new brand slogan ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’

At Hanwha Advanced Materials brand proclamation ceremony, the CEO Lee Sun –suk and each business division head and the headquarter employees have attended. The ceremony began with the video introducing the importance of brand management.

The new slogan ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ means that the company will perform a fundamental role in order to improve customers’ product values and qualities with the future technologies through the company’s long experiences and know-hows, constant challenges, and innovation and will fulfill the sustainable future.

Each product’s brand name is intuitive, technical, and optimizing products’ strength and their characteristics.

Moreover, they made a brochure and a video that can promote the company’s differentiated brand identity as an advanced material manufacturing firm. They are also going to use a newly opened official blog to strength communication with local and global customers.

The CEO Lee Sun-suk said that the brand is not built overnight, but it is built for a long periods of time through the process that delivers a consistent message repeatedly. He asked all employees to have an interest in brand management and participate in building a brand image that corresponding to the company’s vision through continuous and consistent brand management activities.

Hanwha Advanced Materials plans to continuously execute various activities that promote company’s differentiated brand identity as an advanced material firm.

Headlines for September 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Creating large scale jobs by 2017
  2. 2. Hanwha Techwin - Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - ‘A fireworks festival of Hope’ for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day
  4. 4. Hanwha Engineering & Construction - Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is completed
  5. 5. Hanwha Life Insurance - Hanwha Life Insurance World Youth Baduk Championship
  6. 6. Hanwha Advanced Materials - ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ brand proclamation ceremony
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