Hanwha Q CELLS PV Flat Roof System on Danish Retirement House Is One of the Country’s Largest
  • - 56% of annual consumption covered with clean energy
  • - The plant received net metering approval from Danish authorities
  • - New business models become more attractive as FiT will continuously expire in the country
    and beyond
Hanwha Q CELLS PV Flat Roof System  on Danish Retirement House Is One of the Country’s Largest

[Birkerød, Denmark / Thalheim, Germany, 16 April, 2014] German-headquartered PV specialist Hanwha Q CELLS has announced the completion of one of the largest flat roof systems in Denmark. The 345 kW flat-roof solution on a Danish retirement home of Lions Park Birkerød near Copenhagen has received net metering approval from Danish authorities and has been connected to the grid. Hanwha Q CELLS has been responsible for base frame delivery and agreed to supply Denmark-based installer Isol Aps with around 1300 monocrystalline Q.PEAK BLK-G3 265 W modules and corresponding state-of-the-art Q.FLAT solution. The 345 kW solution generates 292.000 kWh of electricity which approximates 60 household’s annual power demand, offsetting 146 tonnes of carbon dioxide; equal to 243 flights from Copenhagen to New York per year over its minimum 25-year lifetime. In Denmark the PV company again provides state-of-the-art Q CELLS rooftop solutions to cut commercial and industrial customer’s electricity bills. In times of climbing energy prices industry and commerce are particularly interested in potentials for energy cost reduction through PV self-consumption solutions.

Mr. Bjarne Johnsen, Administrator at the Lions Park Birkerød retirement house said the PV system will help provide power for the house’s 100 apartments and the care center. “We are very pleased to profit from the installation. 56% of our annual consumption will be covered by the plant’s yearly yield. Thus we have chosen Q CELLS to get reliable high energy harvest,” said Mr. Bjarne Johnsen, adding that electricity price hikes will allow the retirement house to cut operating costs by producing their energy through
the Q.FLAT PV solution.

“Subsidies for large plants will be reduced bit by bit and annually in Denmark. Therefore, net metering and self-consumption will become again more attractive for customers“, said Jonathan Goose, Sales Director UK, Ireland and Scandinavia at Hanwha Q CELLS. The country had introduced new laws in the past in order to stabilize its yearly PV rise. The Danish installed PV capacity had increased by around 200 MW in 2012 from about 17 MW in 2011. The Scandinavian country is aiming to achieve 800 MW by 2020.

"We chose Q CELLS because it is German quality. In a market with many east Asian manufacturers, it is crucial for us and our clients that the Q CELLS modules are made in EU,” said Finn Rasmussen, Managing Director at Isol Aps. “Our clients value highest quality. Therefore we combine Q CELLS products “Engineered in Germany” and Danish optical design during installation”. Compared with a space consuming 30° mounting system with a southern orientation the 10° flat-roof system Q.FLAT-G3 with an east-west orientation doubles the performance density of 67 Wp/m² to up to 134 Wp/m² and as such maximizes the yields based on the available roof surface. This makes Q.FLAT-G3 the best solution for flat roofs. Not having to drill into the roof protects the building surface (non-penetrative installation).

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In February 2015 Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:HQCL) emerged as a new global solar power leader from combining two of the world´s most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers, Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Q CELLS. The combined company is listed on NASDAQ under the trading symbol of HQCL.
It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, (Global Executive Headquarters) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation Headquarters) and is the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer as well as one of the largest photovoltaic module manufacturers. Due to its diverse international footprint including facilities in China, Malaysia, and South Korea, Hanwha Q CELLS is in a unique position to flexibly address all global markets, even ones with import tariffs, such as the United States and the European Union. Based on its well respected “Engineered in Germany” technology, innovation and quality,
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