Hanwha General Insurance

Established in 1946, Hanwha General Insurance is the first Korean insurance company to begin business solely funded by domestic capital. We have since grown into an insurer with USD 3.6 billion in direct premiums written and total assets of USD 9 billion. We have played a pivotal role in developing the domestic general insurance industry and strive to deliver a comprehensive product portfolio spanning from longterm insurance to auto and property insurance, using advanced services to enhance
customer value.

Hanwha General Insurance

Taking the initiative to improve customer value and minimize customer inconvenience, we created the Consumer Protection Charter. All job processes are now standardized and focused on the customer.
We have established detailed quality criteria to achieve customer-centric management that focuses
on enhancing service quality. Our efforts have been recognized with service quality certificates: CCM certification, Call Center Service KS Certification, and the Certificate of Excellent Service Quality.

In addition, we have introduced digital devices into our services to build efficient, customer oriented sales channels. Hanwha General Insurance introduced an electronic signature system for the first time in the industry, making it easier for customers to complete transactions from their mobile devices. We are also leveraging a state-of-the-art system to ensure that customers are well informed about their services and not inconvenienced.

The company is making great strides to expand blue-chip profitability, building a risk-based management structure, advancing the compensation process to create contracts consistently, and further strengthening the management system in each business area. We are also mitigating the current low interest rate environment by seeking diverse overseas and alternative investments. This helps us manage assets for our clients in a stable manner. Accordingly, we have been acknowledged for our financial stability and growth potential, and have received a credit rating of B++ from A.M. Best, and an A+ rating in Korea, based on settlement capability.

Hanwha General Insurance is promoting a corporate culture that emphasizes daily innovations and inspired thinking from our employees as the best path toward enhanced organizational efficiency and productivity. This will give us the momentum to meet our performance and efficiency goals and evolve into an insurance company with superior profitability in 2016, when the second phase of the Quality Growth 2020 roadmap is complete.

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