Construction - Business Highlights

Hanwha is on a quest to excel and innovate with the spirit of a challenger to broaden expertise in global construction. Hanwha’s construction business is driven to achieve world-class performance
for valued customers.

Business in Focus

Hanwha is expanding its presence as a top global player by winning mega-city projects like Bismayah New City in Iraq, a highly technology and knowledge-intensive undertaking, and various landmarks with superb design and the latest technologies.

  • global construction project - Bismayah New City, Iraq
    Bismayah New City, Iraq 10 Billion USD to build 100,000 houses
  • global construction project - Philippines Arena
    Philippine Arena The Largest domed performance hall
  • Hanwha Engineering & Construction Leading constructor in Korea
Designing the World

Hanwha's construction business aims to enrich the places where life exists and brighten the faces of cities. Hanwha brings joy to everyday lives while remaining at the forefront of industrial advancement.

  • Plants Leading the industry by integrating advanced technologies and extensive experience.
  • Building & Housing Experience and devotion built on technology, creating beautiful and practical spaces.
  • Civil Works Contributing to efficient land development and the balanced growth of society.
Work Reference

Building new worlds across the globe, Hanwha is making history in the construction industry.

Our Global Footprint

Hanwha Construction will continue to expand its overseas businesses through the extensive global network of Hanwha Group and by tapping into the global market beyond its strategic regional foothold, the Middle East and Africa.

Global FootPrint

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