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Hanwha is on a quest to excel and innovate with the spirit of a challenger to broaden expertise in business for leisure and lifestyle. Hanwha's business in leisure and lifestyle is driven to create a richer and more enjoyable life for valued customers.

Business in Focus

Hanwha's goal is to meet and exceed the evolving needs of customers around the globe
through innovative and genuine services that delight and create lasting memories.

  • hanwha hotels & resorts
    Korea’s Largest Resort condominium
  • Hanwha Galleria
    Jeju Aquaplanet Top 10 among indoor aquariums in the world
  • Hanwha Galleria Timeworld
    THE PLAZA Top 25 business hotel in Asia by Smart Travel
Holistic Entertainment in Korea

Hanwha has achieved successful results in the US, Japan and China with its competitive business know-how over decades of a specialized and systematic operation system.

  • Resort As Korea’s premier and largest resort operator, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts operates twelve directly-run condominiums and golf courses, with constant renovation of our facilities for full customer satisfaction.
  • Hotel THE PLAZA is located in the heart of Seoul, and it provides sentimental designs and exquisite services, corresponding to its motto “Stay in Style” as a luxury boutique hotel.
  • Retail Hanwha Galleria provides its customers with an unparalleled shopping experience as Asia’s number one premium retailer.
  • Aquarium Based on 27 years of experience from operating the 63 Seaworld, Aqua Planets in Yeosu, Jeju, and Ilsan were launched, building the largest aquarium belt
    in the nation.
  • Food Culture The Food Culture Division has been providing comprehensive food-related services for various areas. It boasts excellent food resource providing capability and a rigorous food safety and sanitation system, top class in the industry, based on its advanced delivery system and food R&D center.
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Together with IT services, creative advertising and other organizations,
Hanwha has created a new leisure and lifestyle to enrich our customers' lives.

Our Global Footprint

Hanwha’s leisure and lifestyle business plans to continue expanding to become Asia's number one leisure and lifestyle organization through the extensive network of Hanwha Group.

Global FootPrint

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