Award Winners Discuss Hanwha Core Values

Osama Ayad, Hanwha E&C, Bismayah, Iraq

Our Group is composed of 249 global networks worldwide, and our overseas employees now make up 25.4% (as of 2017) of all Group employees. Hanwha Group initiated the "Hanwha Core Value Essay Contest" to boost pride and foster a sense of belonging among our employees overseas.

The first-place winner will receive the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch as part of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay, and today's story comes from the top-prize winner, Osama Ayad, who works for the Hanwha Engineering & Construction PC Construction Team in Bismayah, Iraq.

Let's find out together what the value of dedication means for our multinational group of engineers working together on the construction site.

My name is Osama. I'm 25 years old. And I'm civil engineer who's working for Hanwha Engineering & Construction for Bismayah New City Project branch in Baghdad, Iraq.

Mr. Ayad says that joining Hanwha was the greatest opportunity of his life. That's because Hanwha Engineering & Construction carries out the largest housing construction project in the entire Middle East.

Before joining Hanwha Engineering & Construction, I worked in local company. The work was like following orders and manage work just like a robot. But when I joined Hanwha Engineering & Construction, it was completely different in work.

In a team made up of engineers from different nationalities, including Korea, Iraq, and Bangladesh, the biggest hurdle was to understand the traditions and religious beliefs of each country.

The Korean managers appreciated and showed respect for diversity. The perseverance and efforts of the Korean employees in working to surmount various challenges imparted important lessons on the value of passion and dedication.

When I joined Hanwha Engineering & Construction, we were faced by a lot of challenges. And we try always to overcome all these challenges by a lot of hard work and share all practical experience and by a lot of dedication.

Mr. Ayad began to understand the value of organization and abandoned his former tendency to rely on lucky coincidences when he witnessed the Korean employees dedicating themselves to their jobs to achieve the highest level of process perfection.

In this company, I learned about Hanwha core values, Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity. And I learned how to be self-confident and don't afraid of challenge. And face challenge by lot of hard work and lot of dedication.

He learned the importance of good planning, hard work, and unyielding patience. Most of all, he gained faith in his own ability to overcome life's barriers and hardships.

Joining Hanwha was a very life-changing experience for me. Joining Hanwha Core Value Essay Contest was a great and distinguished opportunity for me. And I want to show my appreciation to all people in BNCP who helped me to accomplish this accomplishment.

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Global Core Value Story Content Hanwha Europe, Sino-Korea Life

Today, we would like to share the stories of Viktoria Eizenhöfer from the solar energy team of Hanwha Europe, and Wancy Chou from the planning team of Sino-Korea Life Co., in China. Here are their stories of experiencing the value of Integrity in Germany, and drawing on a strong and youthful pioneering spirit, Challenge, in China.

Hello, my name is Viktoria. For the past year, my job has been providing operational support for the solar energy division of Hanwha Europe in Eschborn, Germany. The biggest challenge that I personally faced in my life was finding my cultural identity. My mother is from the Philippines, and my father is German. Although I grew up in Germany, there were times when I wasn’t judged for "who I truly am", because I didn’t have the typical blue eyes or light-colored hair of many native Germans.

Viktoria would sometimes even be mistaken for a tourist. She would occasionally joke, in her flawless German, "I'm from Hawaii but got tired of the easy life lying on the beach under palm trees," and they would believe her.

She was filled with anxiety when she first joined Hanwha. She didn't know how she'd be treated, and doubted whether she'd be able to fit in with the rest of the team.

I was actually taken aback by the unprejudiced and warm welcome I was given by my team members when I first came to HanwhaEurope, one year ago.

Personality and individuality were the values held dearest by Hanwha's employees. This was the source of the team's unity. It was like a mosaic of different people creating natural harmony, which allowed each member of the Hanwha Europe family to thrive and have his or her own unique color.

I try to extend the same warm welcome that I received to any new employee that joins our company. This creates a culture of "unity", and this value of unity enables us to adroitly solve any issue that arises in our organization no matter what approach we take in addressing these challenges.

Herein lies Hanwha's core value of Integrity: the power to assist people who excel in their diverse fields overcome their personal challenges and achieve their dreams and hopes.


Hello, my name is Wancy Chou from Sino-Korea Life planning team. I would like to introduce a colleague who I think is the epitome of Challenge, one of Hanwha's core values: Xie Lingyi of the Ningbo office of Sino-Korea Life, the star of my Core Value Essay.

Xie Lingyi, Ningbo office, Sino-Korea Life
· 3rd highest APE in China
· Winner of the Team Enhanced Pioneer Award in 2016
· 3rd highest in overall sales among all equivalent life insurance JVs in Ningbo in 2016

Behind these stunning achievements is a remarkably young (average age 28) team of financial planners. At the core of the team is the head of the Ningbao office, Xie Lingyi.

Young financial planners often lack field experience, and may struggle in their efforts to collect information. Xie Lingyi's team accumulated information through rigorous market research.

In the early days of the company when we first took our young team into the market, we faced considerable difficulties in management, marketing and many other areas. But we were united with one mind and one spirit, and we had our eyes on the goal, and we powered our way through together.

One of the highlights of these efforts was the lectures given at travel agencies. The team had identified that people in the industry had little information on accident coverage and held lectures to provide this knowledge. After the lecture, numerous travel agents signed up for insurance plans on the spot.

The team also created an SNS channel for clients and FPs to communicate with each other, through which they shared insurance information as well as helpful contents that families need, such as topics on children's education, helping build strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.

A youthful pioneering spirit undaunted by challenges combined with a new culture and new technologies had paid off.

We hope this will be an opportunity to arm ourselves with Challenge, , the core value of Hanwha, and bring prosperity and growth to our community, our Ningbo office and the entire Sino-Korea Life.

I believe innovation is the power to change the past. "Challenge" is a life-long value for me. I hope that every member of our Hanwha family can draw strength from this spirit and grow together.

How are Hanwha's core values -- Challenge, Dedication and Integrity -- integrated into the lives of Hanwha's employees across the world?

The Hanwha Core Value Essay Contest was held in order to provide an opportunity for employees around the world to share their stories about how they live out Hanwha's core values. The winners' stories were recently shared through the company's internal broadcasting channel, Channel H. Let's take a look at the winners’ thoughts on the importance of Hanwha's core values as well as their excitement at winning the contest.

  • Osama Ayad, Hanwha Engineering & Construction BNCP

    After joining Hanwha, I learned about Hanwha's core values, challenge, dedication, and integrity. I also learned how to be self-confident and how to take on challenges without fear. Facing challenges through hard work and dedication while maintaining my sense of integrity in everything I do has become central to my way of life.

  • Viktoria Eizenhofer, Hanwha Europe GmbH

    Hanwha's core values motivate talented people from diverse areas to work in harmony, achieve their dreams and overcome challenges.

  • Zhou Wen Juan, Sino-Korea Life

    For me, Hanwha's 'challenge' value has helped me determine what ventures I can and should pursue. It inspires me to proactively take on challenges, trying my best at all times. Meeting different challenges every day requires a positive attitude. Because it is necessary for both my professional and personal dignity, I strive to deeply internalize Hanwha's values at all times.

  • Xie Lingyi, Sino-Korea Life

    My entire team is dedicated to outlining goals and meeting them. As part of Hanwha's belief in the importance
    of challenging ourselves, I hope that my local Ningbo branch will play an important role in helping Sino-Korea Life to prosper.

What do challenge, dedication and integrity mean to you in your daily life? We hope that all members of the Hanwha family are able to understand the meaning of these core values, integrating them at work as well as in their lives to create their own meaningful stories.

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