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  • Dave Ketcham Dave Ketcham Universal Bearings LLC My name is David C. Ketcham and I’m Vice President – Finance and Administration for Universal Bearings LLC located in Bremen, Indiana, USA. I’ve been employed by Universal Bearings for nearly fifteen years, each of which has been both rewarding and challenging. Hanwha Corporation/Machinery
  • Sophia Jang Sophia Jang Hanwha International LLC Hello, my name is Sophia Jang. I've been with Hanwha for almost 3 years. I'm excited to be selected as a regional reporter to work on the Hanwha Global Newsletter. Hopefully, I will get a chance to get to know more Hanwha people around the world. Hanwha Corporation/Trade
  • Joy Kang Joy Kang Hanwha Techwin America Hello! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joy Kang. I am part of the Administrations Team at Hanwha Techwin America. I have been working here for about 6 months. I believe teamwork is one of the most important factors in a successful company. I love my team and everyone I work with. We strive to help one another and communicate roles for better teamwork. My goal at this company is to establish a more effective and efficient process for the tasks given to me. I strive to be the best in managing the tasks and finding new ways to effectively get them done.
    I am excited to start this new journey with the Hanwha family. It is my pleasure to devote myself to our corporate mission of making people safer and the world more secure. By sharing the experiences of our group, I plan to help build awareness of the successes of our team.
    Hanwha techwin
  • Katie Kim Katie Kim Hanwha Q CELLS USA Hello Everyone!
    My name is Katie and I am part of the marketing team at HQC America. I have been with the company since October of 2013 and have dabbled in both marketing and sales operations.
    Although I was born and raised in the U.S., I am always looking for opportunities to increase my Korean language skills. When I’m not in the office, I like to rock climb, play sports, go to the shooting range, and spend time with friends and family. Nice to meet you and make sure to keep an eye out for future stories from me! Don’t be shy and reach out anytime!
    Hanwha Q Cells
  • Seon Bae Seon Bae Hanwha Advanced Materials America LLC Hello, I am Seon Bae, and I am happy to be selected as a regional reporter for HAUS.
    I look forward to sharing good news from here in America. Good to meet you all!
    Hanwha Advanced Materials
  • Christina Kim Christina Kim Hanwha Azdel Inc. It is a great pleasure to be part of the Hanwha network and to bring Hanwha Azdel news to the global community. I look forward to sharing many exciting news! Hanwha Advanced Materials
  • Scarlet Yang Scarlet Yang Saipan World Resort Hanwha Hotels&Resorts
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  • Karla Martinez Karla Martinez Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico S. De R.L. De C.V. Hanwha Advanced Materials
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  • Chang Bum Shin Chang Bum Shin Hanwha Techwin Europe Ltd. Hanwha Techwin
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  • Joseph Park Joseph Park Hanwha Europe GmbH My name is Joseph Park, and I am a sales assistant in Hanwha Europe GmbH.
    I grew up in Germany and joined Hanwha Europe GmbH in August last year.
    Hanwha Corporation/Trade
  • Jochen Endle Jochen Endle Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH Dear Hanwha colleagues in Korea and around the world
    My name is Jochen Endle. I´m 42 years old, and I´m the head of Communications department at Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH in Germany. I graduated at the University of Leipzig with majors in Philosophy and Communications Science. I joined Q CELLS in 2011, and about a year later, Hanwha acquired Q CELLS in 2012, which was a huge step for everyone here in Germany. Since then, we all have been pushing hard together with the global solar team in order to lead Hanwha´s mission to success.
    I´m thrilled to be part of driving the global energy turnaround towards solar for Hanwha and for the world. Also, I´m glad that through Hanwha´s global newsletter, we now can share some exciting stories with our global colleagues in Hanwha Group.
    Hanwha Q Cells
  • Gabriele Schaefer Gabriele Schaefer Hanwha Advanced Materials Germany GmbH I am very happy to deliver the first short report for HAGE for the Hanwha Newsletter! Hanwha Advanced Materials
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  • Nikol Knybel Nikol Knybel Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe, s.r.o. My name is Nikol Knybel. I am 38 years old and married. I live in Ostrava City, and I am interested in traveling, fashion, skiing and mountain biking.
    I have been working at HAEU with great pleasure since 2008. We grew the workforce from 50 to 365, which was a substantial achievement. Together with the HR team, I have been busy working with my management colleagues to find the most suitable people for HAEU and ensure that we remain as an energetic, innovative and ambitious team.
    We will continue to focus on recruitment, training and development of our employees’ skills and knowledge, and create a working environment where people can build a successful professional career. I am responsible for personnel matters such as developing and managing necessary competencies.
    Hanwha Advanced Materials
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  • Se Yup Lee Se Yup Lee Hanwha E&C Iraq Representative Office Hanwha Engineering&Construction
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  • Kareen, Nogadas Kareen, Nogadas S&P World Networks DMCC I was born in Philippines and spent most of my life there. In 2010, I moved to UAE Dubai. I loved everything about it except for the climate. It is extremely hot and humid that reaches up to 52 degrees during the summer time. I really like swimming, bowling, watching series & dramas, internet browsing, and I’m actually planning to try skydiving one day. I believe that working on what makes you happy is very important since life is all about being happy and enjoying what you do. I have worked for Hanwha Dubai & S&P World Networks for more than 2 years and expect to be here for many more productive years. I am very grateful to be selected as a regional reporter. I really appreciate the opportunity, through which I can learn and gain new experiences. Hanwha Corporation/Trade
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  • Grace Jin Grace Jin Hanwha China I will try my best to deliver the latest updates and breaking news about China to the Hanwha Family around the world. Hanwha Group
  • Huang yi ming Huang yi ming Hanwha TechM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Hello, I am Huang yi ming, representing HTS. I am happy to be selected as a regional reporter to share our company news with the Hanwha family around the globe. Looking forward for your continued interest and support. Hanwha Corporation/Machinery
  • Pinji Lv Pinji Lv Shanghai Hanwha Techwin Corporation Great to meet you guys as a regional reporter of Hanwha Techwin Shanghai. My name is Pinji Lv, a lively and cheerful girl. I would like to share our regional news and interesting stories from Hanwha Techwin Shanghai and would love to hear from you as well. Hanwha Techwin
  • Zhang Shanqing Zhang Shanqing Tianjin Hanwha Techwin Opto-Electronics I am very honored to be a member of the Hanwha Global Newsletter Team.
    I will do my best to do a good job as a journalist, enhancing the understanding of the group as a whole, as well as sharing achievements and happy news.
    Hanwha Techwin
  • Li Ting Li Ting Hanwha Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. I am honored to become a regional reporter, and I will report the latest breaking news as quickly as possible. Hanwha Chemical
  • Wangyi Wangyi Hanwha Chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Hello! I am Wangyi, a regional reporter representing HNC. I am proud of to be one of Hanwha members who always do their best at their at work. Hanwha Chemical
  • Samuel Piao Samuel Piao Hanwha Total Petrochemical Trading (Shanghai) Samuel Piao Dongguan Hanwha Total Engineering Plastic Hanwha Total Petrochemicals
  • JingJing Xie JingJing Xie Hanwha SolarOne (Qidong) Co., Ltd. I graduated in year 2011 and I have worked here since then. My first job here was an operator in Cell Department for almost three months, and then I transferred to Admin Department . I love my job and culture here and also my colleagues. Every day is a brand new start, and I enjoy it. Hanwha Q Cells
  • Binna Choi Binna Choi Hanwha SolarOne Technology Co., Ltd. I’m Binna Choi from Korea and I have joined Hanwha group since December 2015. I am now working in China at Hanwha Q CELLS, and I am in charge of managing costs in the planning department. I feel really proud of my work here at LYG. Since we have overcome numerous crises and changes from merging and combining, we improved the capacity and created a profit last year.
    I will be reporting on Business achievements of LYG, special events to celebrate, breaking news from LYG and hopefully an occasional story on an interesting all Hanwha Q CELLS. I excited about joining the reporting staff of Hanwha newsletter. Hopefully my background in communication and journalism would be helpful in reporting regional news. Please feel free to contact me for any of your requirements or queries related to LYG news.
    Hanwha Q Cells
  • Zheng Zhen Hui Zheng Zhen Hui Hanwha Advanced Materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd. HABJ is the first overseas corporation of Hanwha Advanced Materials and an automobile part manufacturer which has overcome a series of hardships to grow into an influential business, and it continues to compete with global leaders such as BMW and BENZ, in order to become a world-class automobile part manufacturer. HABJ is making continuous efforts to join the ranks of top 10 China-made car part manufacturers and achieve the Quality Growth 2020. When our hard efforts bear fruits, we would like to share the joy with all the members of Hanwha Family. Hanwha Advanced Maerials
  • Lu Wang Lu Wang Hanwha Advanced Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hanwha Advanced Maerials
  • Su Meng Su Meng Sino-Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hanwha Life
  • xxxxx Jinlang Ying Foodist Food Culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Foodist Food Culture is providing services for Hanwha Family and customers to help Hanwha Group grow its businesses in China under its core values of Challenge, Dedication and Integrity.
    Foodist FC will continue to support Hanwha for the success of its businesses in China and a brighter future.
    I am honored to be selected as a global reporter representing Foodist FC and I will devote my passion and energy to bringing the latest news and updates.
    Hanwha Hotels&Resorts
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  • Kunkrit Witthayakornkomol Kunkrit Witthayakornkomol Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We hope our selected topics represent our real and updated situations for all Hanwha global networks as together we are one. Hanwha Chemical
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  • Siti Nadira binti Mohamed Zin Siti Nadira binti Mohamed Zin Hanwha Q CELLS Malaysia My first job upon completing my degree was with Golden Hope Plantations Berhad (GHPB). I worked at the Human Resources & Admin Department in charge of administration for 5 years. After that, I worked for Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad in charge of recruitment and scholarship for 2 years. In 2008, I moved to UK for my husband’s doctorial degree at Nottingham. I stayed there for 4 years.
    I started working for Hanwha Q CELLS Malaysia in January 2012. Currently I am in charge of learning & development and corporate communication & service.
    Hanwha Q Cells
  • KhorKhor Hooi Hean KhorKhor Hooi Hean Hanwha Q CELLS Malaysia Hanwha Q Cells
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  • Tang Hoang Quoc Thai Tang Hoang Quoc Thai Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam Ltd. Hello Hanwha Family members, I am Hanwha Life Vietnam has approximately 250 staffs in 55 offices and has become more and more familiar to Vietnamese people. I joined Hanwha Life Vietnam in 2009, and I am proud of being part of Hanwha Life Vietnam’s successful business. Somebody said “Communication is the key for any global business”, therefore, I think internal communication is very important these days. Communication is not only to provide information but also to foster strengthening relationships, improving teamwork and building trust. Hanwha Life
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  • Charina Pratenta Bangun Charina Pratenta Bangun PT. Hanwha Life Insurance Indonesia Hanwha Life
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  • Takahashi Aiko Takahashi Aiko Hanwha Q CELLS Japan Co., Ltd. I joined Hanwha in 2009. I studied in Busan, Korea for 5 years, and I want to visit Korea someday again. Hanwha Q Cells
  • Lee Su Kyung Lee Su Kyung Acropark Golf Corp.(Ocean Palace Golf Club & Resort) Hanwha Hotels&Resorts
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