Hanwha Broadcasting Center On Air

Hanwha Broadcasting Center On Air

Headlines for February 2019


1. [Hanwha Group] Participated in World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019

The Group has participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos for 10 years starting in 2010 and has searched for the direction of change to become an 'Infinite Enterprise' that will prevail in the future. Participants took part in the main sessions and discussions of the Davos Forum on the subject of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and were concerned with the direction of changes in the global economic structure.

At the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q. CELLS, Kim Dong-won, Head of Fintech & Innovation Center of Hanwha Life Insurance, Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Aerospace, and CEO Kim Yong-hyun of Hanwha Asset Management participated in the forum. They were active in exchange and cooperation in over 50 business meetings with the global leaders.

The group also tried to promote the 'Hanwha' and 'Korea' as a brand around Davos during the World Economic Forum.

Through the World Economic Forum, the Group focused on finding ways to move its global business capabilities into an 'Infinite Enterprise' during a period of revolutionary change. As a result, we will support the Group to take the lead in the future in an uncertain global management environment.

2. [Hanwha Defense] Was newly launched by integration of Defense affiliates (Hanwha Land Systems, Hanwha Defense)

The Group’s defense affiliates, Hanwha Land Systems and Hanwha Defense merged and began as a new company ‘Hanwha Defense’. As a result, Hanwha Group’s defense affiliates have been restructured as Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Defense. Hanwha Defense held an unveiling ceremony for 'Integrated CI' aiming to achieve '4 trillion won in sales in 2025 and reach 20th place in global defense companies' ranking.

Through this integration, the company is able to raise their global competitiveness by realizing economies of scale by increasing assets and sales, and expect positive effects in terms of management efficiency and cost reduction.

Hanwha Defense plans to concentrate its core competencies on global competitiveness by actively participating in large-scale global projects. We will support Hanwha Defense, which will continue to grow in the global market by securing product competitiveness from existing weapon systems to future weapons systems.

3. [Hanwha Q CELLS] Ranked 1st in German solar module market share

Germany has secured high economic efficiency with renewable energy compared to coal and gas, and there is a constant demand for high efficiency products mainly in the residential and commercial markets. Hanwha Q. CELLS has achieved the top position in the German market by producing high-efficiency premium solar modules based on Q.ANTUM technology, which improves the output and long-term stability of photo-voltaic products.

Hanwha Q Cells launched Q HOME, a total energy solution for households, which combines all the necessary functions for the home from energy production to storage and management, and Q FLAT, a commercial solar installation solution, to provide customers with a high level of convenience.

In addition, Hanwha Q CELLS expanded its sales network with Q.PARTNER, a specialized partner program, and became a familiar brand to European consumers through marketing at sports events.

Based on the unrivaled technology and the product competitiveness, we are looking forward to Hanwha Q CELLS leading in the domestic market as well as the world market.

4. [Hanwha Total Petrochemical] Invests and expands its Daesan plant, and selected as the safest workplace

Hanwha Total strengthened its core business competitiveness through large-scale investment. The total investment amount is 530 billion won and it is expected to grow in the chemical business market in the future.

Hanwha Total plans to expand the annual production capacity of the Daesan Plant to 400,000 tons of polypropylene, 150,000 tons of ethylene and 40,000 tons of propylene per year. And the expansion construction will proceed with the goal of completion by the end of the year 2020.

First, when the polypropylene plant is completed with an investment of 380 billion won, the annual production capacity of polypropylene will increase to 1.12million tons, which will be ranked number one in the domestic market.
Polypropylene is a plastic material widely used in electric and electronic materials, automobile interior and exterior materials, film and packaging materials, and Hanwha Total will continue to grow in the global market.

Hanwha Total expects that this expansion will maximize the production and operation efficiency of the plant by expanding the production balance and facilities of the Daesan plant as a whole.

Headlines for February 2019
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Participated in World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019
  2. 2. Hanwha Defense - Was newly launched by integration of Defense affiliates (Hanwha Land Systems, Hanwha Defense)
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS - Ranked 1st in German solar module market share
  4. 4. Hanwha Total Petrochemical - Invests and expands its Daesan plant, and selected as the safest workplace

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Headlines for December 2016

Headlines for December 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Chairman Seung Youn Kim met McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia in the U.S.

Chairman Seung Youn Kim began checking businesses in the U.S. as Trump’s reign is coming up. He met with Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, who advocates South Korea on various issues. They discussed important issues such as policy changes and a ripple effect on the environmentally friendly and renewable energy sectors as well as new and renewable energy policy in Virginia.

On November 16th, Chairman Kim Seung-youn met with Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, at the headquarters building.

This meeting was arranged because the governor wanted to visit and express his appreciation since Hanwha has a factory in Virginia. Hanwha Azdel, which is a lightweight composite material subsidiary of Hanwha Advanced Materials, is located in Virginia. The company is supplying products to GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

At the meeting, the chairman and the governor discussed the business partnership between Hanwha and Virginia state. And they exchanged their thoughts on economic cooperation and diplomatic measures between Korea and the U.S.

Besides the topics on business, the chairman asked the governor for advice on issues such as Trump’s pledge to strengthen U.S. protectionism and renegotiation of FTA between Korea and the U.S. since Korea is highly dependent on trade with the U.S.

The chairman Kim said that Hanwha currently has a lot of money invested in Virginia state, and Hanwha is going to make opportunities to grow together through more economic cooperation with Virginia state.

Governor McAuliffe also expressed his appreciation by saying that he is grateful for Hanwha’s investments in Virginia, and the state will continue to provide support for Hanwha. They closed the meeting by confirming each other’s expectations of having a continuous alliance.

2. [Hanwha Group] Held 2016 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha

Hanwha family members, have you ever participated in a marathon? It is a great way to have a sense of accomplishment and make your body strong as you run a long distance. Hanwha is sponsoring a special marathon event to share many positive things about running a marathon with people. Let’s check out where the 2016 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha was held.

The morning with a pleasant autumn breeze at Sejong Lake Park. We can see many people stretching. They are marathoners who will participate in the “2016 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha”. Hanwha employees, their families and people from all over the country including local residents gathered here for the event.

This marathon event was sponsored by Hanwha and hosted by the Daejeon Ilbo. In attendance at the opening ceremony were Kim Shin-youn, CEO of Hanwha Eagles, Lee Sun-suk, CEO of Hanwha Advanced Materials, Choi Sun-mok, the head of the communication team of Hanwha Group, and officials from local governments.

3. [Hanwha Techwin] Opened aviation engine parts plant

Hanwha Techwin held a completion ceremony for their new factory for manufacturing aircraft engine parts at their Changwon #2 plant on November 1st. They are now ready to expand their aircraft engine parts business to the global market. They also celebrated shipping out 8,000 engines for fighter jets, helicopters, and navy vessels at the same time.

At the ceremony, about 180 people including Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Techwin, Brian Yoder, a director of purchasing of GE, officials from Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney (P&W), Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), military personnel, and Hanwha Techwin’s partner companies attended.

The new factory for engine parts covers about 13,752 m2 floor space. Hanwha Techwin is going to provide manufacturing parts for GE’s next generation aircraft engine LEAP in this factory. And the company expects to generate 430 million dollars of revenue in the future.

The CEO Shin said that the company now has a highly efficient manufacturing system for the next generation engine parts and is going to strengthen its manufacturing competence for the engine business. He asked to seek more business opportunities and hoped that the factory will serve as a backbone of business expansion.

Subsequently, they celebrated the shipping of 8,000 gas turbine engines. Hanwha Techwin started the engine manufacturing business in 1979. They have shipped out 8,000 engines over 37 years.

With the ceremony for the new factory and shipping of 8,000 engines, the company plans to become a global engine manufacturing company with leading-edge technologies and the best products.

4. [Hanwha General Insurance, Hanwha Total Petrochemical, Hanwha Chemical] Received awards at the National Quality Management Convention for contributing to quality management

The importance of quality management, which is about winning customers’ loyalty through improving products and service quality, is being emphasized more than ever before. The National Quality Management Convention is held every year to promote activities for innovating quality control and strengthening industry competence. At this year’s convention, Hanwha General Insurance, Hanwha Total, and Hanwha Chemical were awarded.

On November 23rd, the National Quality Management Convention was held at Coex in order to award the people who have contributed to quality management in manufacturing and service industries. Hanwha General Insurance, Hanwha Total, and Hanwha Chemical were awarded this year.

Park Yun-sik, CEO of Hanwha General Insurance, received a President’s Commendation for national quality management for organizations. The company was awarded because all employees shared the company’s long-term visions, and they created a new shared value for customers by harmonizing the company’s economic and social values.
Yoo Seong-nam, a senior assistant manager from Hanwha Total LLDPE Plant was awarded for a national quality master award. His efforts in leading a construction project and its operation, and his innovation activities for the company were recognized.

There were also awards given to quality control teams. At the National Quality Control Team Competition, Hanwha Total’s Bull team and RPM teams received gold award and the Hwaseong team received a silver award.

And Lee Ki-eun, an assistant manager of Hanwha Chemical, received a Prime Minister’s Commendation for individuals. He put a lot of hard work in quality management activities such as quality improvement, cost reduction, and production improvements.

We congratulate those who received the awards and look forward to seeing their continued efforts in innovation and quality management.

5. [Hanwha Chemical] Successfully issued 20 million yen Samurai bond

Did you know that a global bond has a nickname just like we have nicknames? Along with the Yankee bond in the U.S., the Bulldog bond in the U.K., and the Panda bond in China, the Samurai bond is one of major bonds traded in the international financial markets. The Samurai bond refers to a bond that is issued by a foreign government or a company denominated by Japanese yen in the Japanese bond market. Hanwha Chemical has successfully issued about 20 million yen worth of Samurai bonds.

On November 2nd, Hanwha Chemical successfully issued 20 million yen (220.6 million won) worth of Samurai bonds. This was their first offering of public bonds in a foreign market.

Some public and financial companies have issued them before, but this is the second time a private company issued Samurai bonds since Samsung Electronics in 1996. The bond has a fixed rate of 0.72% and a three-year maturity date.

The successful offering of a bond targeting Japanese investment institutions with conservative tendencies on a large-scale, long-term basis is the result of a positive evaluation of stable performance in the petrochemical industry as well as the constant growth of solar business.

Through issuing the Samurai bonds, Hanwha Chemical expects to see a financial cost reduction as well as a stable cash inflow.

On November 11th, a closing ceremony for a final confirmation of the Samurai bond offering was held at Mandarin Hotel in Tokyo. In attendance were Kim Chang-bum, CEO of Hanwha Chemical, Masahiro Goto, CEO of Nomura Securities and Masami Yabumoto, CEO of Morgan Stanley Securities, the underwriters in Japan. They promised to maintain strong relationships between the companies and closed the ceremony successfully.

6. [Hanwha Corporation/Trade] Held 2017 Overseas Network Sales Strategy Meeting

Hanwha Corporation Trade Division is running their businesses with a global network composed of 10 subsidiaries and 19 overseas branch offices. To create synergy through closer communication, employees who are working in the headquarters and overseas branch offices got together in one place.

On November 24th and 25th, Hanwha Corporation Trade Division held the 2017 Overseas Network Sales Strategy Meeting. About 40 employees who are working in headquarters and overseas branch offices attended the meeting.

Lee Min-seok, CEO of Hanwha Corporation Trade Division took office last October. This was the first strategy meeting since then. Employees from a total of 23 subsidiaries and branch offices gathered in one place. The meeting began with the CEO’s opening speech, and they discussed the company’s 2016 performance, plan for 2017, each subsidiary/branch office’s new business results and their plans, and cooperative business plans among subsidiaries.

In addition, Hanwha’s four defense affiliates also participated in the meeting. They introduced businesses in strategic overseas markets and had an opportunity to deliver important messages to the global sales offices.

At the meeting, CEO Lee Min-seok pointed out the importance of expanding synergy among petrochemical and defense affiliates and leadership in the organization. He promised to lead by example and encouraged those who are working abroad.

Hanwha Corporation Trade Division plans to handle all Hanwha’s trading businesses by becoming a trading expert with actively utilizing their global networks.

Headlines for December 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Chairman Seung Youn Kim met McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia in the U.S.
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Held 2016 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha
  3. 3. Hanwha Techwin - Opened aviation engine parts plant
  4. 4. Hanwha General Insurance, Hanwha Total Petrochemical, Hanwha Chemical - Received awards at the National Quality Management Convention for contributing to quality management
  5. 5. Hanwha Chemical - Successfully issued 20 million yen Samurai bond
  6. 6. Hanwha Corporation/Trade - Held 2017 Overseas Network Sales Strategy Meeting
Headlines for November 2016

Headlines for November 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Chairman Seung Youn Kim invited long-term employees to the 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival to commemorate the 64th anniversary together

October 9th was the 64th Anniversary for Hanwha. A day prior to the anniversary, the 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha was held in Yeouido Hangang Park. Chairman Seung Youn Kim invited employees to the festival who have worked for 30 years and congratulated them for their dedication. They watched the fireworks together.

On the 64th anniversary, the chairman invited employees who have worked 30 years for Hanwha to the event to congratulate them. The event was held on the deck of a cruise ship on the Hangang River.

The chairman said that he was able to try harder because these employees were there with him, and Hanwha was able to become what it is today thanks to all the hard work the employees had performed.

He also asked them to lead their colleagues with their years of experience and examples.

And then the chairman gave medals and plaques to these long-term employees including Kim Shin-youn, CEO of Hanwha Eagles. The chairman took pictures with each of them and congratulated them for their contribution to the development of Hanwha with their trust and loyalty for 30 years.

As soon as the cruise ship with the participants arrived at the event, the fireworks began.

After the Japan and Spain team’s performances, did you know that the Korea team’s fireworks represented by Hanwha Corporation started with the chairman’s command this year? The fireworks representing Hanwha members’ soul illuminated the night sky of Yeouido Hangang Park. The attendees made a wish for the bright future of Hanwha as they watched the fireworks.

2. [Hanwha Group] The 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha was held on October 8th

The 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha was more meaningful and generous because it celebrated the 64th anniversary of Hanwha. Happening only one day a year, the fireworks decorated the night sky around the Hangang River like magic and it was truly amazing. They used new technologies such as Two Step UFO fireworks and a 3D pop-up book video to show the magnificent spectacle. This fireworks festival added energy to people’s lives. Let’s take a look.

On October 8th, Yeouido Hangang Park was filled with people who expected to see the splendid fireworks in the early hours of the day. Over one million people including the winners of the Golden Tickets Event attended. People with blankets and shade canopies all gathered to see the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Since we get to see the festival only once a year, people’s anticipation had grown. Moreover, the company invited global reporters of Hanwha affiliates this year. They enjoyed the fireworks together and developed teamwork.

INT) I’ve never heard (of this) before to be honest, but I am happy that I have an opportunity to come here. Today my colleagues from the HQ told me that it will be a great experience. They are jealous. I am here and they are not. So I am looking forward to a great evening.

The 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha is one of Hanwha’s major social contribution programs which has been active since 2000 and has the slogan, ‘Sharing Of Hope Through Flames.’ This year, Japan, Spain, and Korea participated, and they used over one hundred thousand fireworks to put on an amazing show in the night sky.

Since the festival attracted over one million people, the single most important thing was safety. Hanwha, Seoul city, the police, the fire department, the municipal government, and Hangang Project Headquarters worked together to make the event safe. This year they placed safety personnel in the Ichon area opposite of Yeouido, on the Mapodaegyo Bridge, and the bike trail on the southern part of the Hangang Railway Bridge.

The sun finally set around seven in the evening. The people who gathered in the Yeouido Hangang Park were filled with excitement. On the deck of Paradise where the official event was held, Cha Nam-gyu, CEO of Hanwha Life Insurance, Choi Yang-soo, CEO of Hanwha Corporation Explosive Division, Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul city were present.

The splendid fireworks began with a countdown.

This year, the Hanwha Corporation team, Tamaya Kitahara from Japan, and Pirotecnia Ingual team from Spain participated.

The first fireworks were displayed by the Japanese team that has won many awards and fascinated people around the world. Their fireworks showed Japanese style remarkable colors with the theme “Turn Your Magic On”. They were especially powerful and meticulously done with master craftsmanship.

The second fireworks were displayed by the Spain team which was invited for the first time. They put the fireworks together for the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. So many people were interested in their performance. Their theme was “Magic Light Dreams”. They expressed unique passion and intensity and their fireworks appeared to be dancing to the beat of the music.

The Korea team performed the finale. They upgraded their show by integrating fireworks and storytelling. With the theme “Magical Fireworks”, a story of a fireworks magician who came to fulfill wishes and deliver fireworks as gifts was told and it touched everyone’s heart.

What do you see?

It’s amazing to see what they can do with fireworks. They blew everyone’s mind by displaying exciting and amazing fireworks such as Two Step UFO, tower, and volcano fireworks.
Moreover, a barge was set up a between Mapodaegyo and Wonhyodaegyo Bridge to display fireworks on a grand scale in the Yeouido area. They have proved once again that the festival is one of the major annual events in Korea.

While the festival was going on, about 650 Hanwha employee volunteers carried out various tasks. They cleaned up the Park working until after midnight. Their effort made the festival more successful.

The 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha ended successfully again. It was memorable for everyone.

3. [Hanwha Corporation/Machinery] Signed aircraft control system development for KF-X contract

Hanwha Corporation Machinery Division has signed a contract to develop the main parts for aircraft control system, Flight Control Integrated Servo Actuator (FCISA) and Leading Edge Flap Actuation Systems (LEFAS), for the Korean fighter jet KF-X with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and held a kick off meeting.

On October 19th, Hanwha Corporation Machinery Division held a kick off meeting for KF-X FCISA/FEFAS at the Asan #1 plant. Park Sang-joon, a head of Hanwha Corporation Aerospace R&D Center, team members, and officials from KAI attended the meeting.

The cutting edge technology parts (FCISA/LEFAS) are installed on the front of the wings and precisely control the movement of an aircraft as they are getting signals from the flight control system.

The company is expected to have a total of 628.5 billion won revenue through this contract from the production, export opportunities, and supplying of other parts, and it includes 52.5 billion won for R&D costs. Including the landing gear contract signed last April, the accumulated contracted amount is 92 billion won, and about one trillion won revenue is expected all together.

Hanwha Corporation Machinery Division now has an opportunity to design, develop, and manufacture the two core aircraft control systems along with the landing gear for KF-X. They plan to develop the system successfully within the development period and assist with the testing flights so that they can establish the total defense support systems which is needed to operate the fighter jets.

4. [Hanwha Life] Opened DREAMPLUS 63, a FinTech startup incubator

Hanwha Life Insurance opened a fintech center for the first time among life insurance companies in Korea. 11 fintech start-ups have moved in to the center, and they are going to develop various business models so that synergy with financial companies in asset management, financial product trade, and security can be effectively utilized.

HLI held an opening ceremony for DREAMPLUS 63, which is a business development center for fintech. They are going to provide an office space for start-ups and support forming business partnerships. The fintech center is a new model of HLI’s social contribution program to revitalize the fintech eco-system and youth employment.

At the opening ceremony, about 200 people, including Cha Nam-gyu, CEO of HLI, Park Yun-sik, CEO of Hanwha General Insurance, Yeo Seung-joo, CEO of Hanwha Investment, and other CEOs of the affiliates attended to congratulate DREAMPLUS 63 on its new beginning.

HLI Fintech Center is the largest fintech center in Korea, using about 3,000 square meters of the entire 4th floor of 63 Building. There are independent office spaces for 11 start-ups, a multi-purpose event hall that can hold over 150 people, two large conference rooms, and six small conference rooms.

Moreover, HLI has assigned supporting teams for each start-up, and they will support the formation of business partnerships with financial companies.

For those start-ups interested in expanding in the Asian market, HLI will introduce Hanwha’s local partners using their global networks. They will also provide the necessary support for localization, such as an interpretation and legal document reviewing services.

5. [Hanwha Group] The Hanwha Global Communications Workshop was held on October 10th

The total number of employees and the global network have both increased since Hanwha expanded to the global market. Hanwha Global Reporters are responsible for the communication channels among the affiliates overseas. These reporters from around the world who are responsible for Hanwha Newsletters got together in one place. Let’s check it out.

It’s looks like a familiar place, but it’s a little strange. This is the HQ building in Janggyo-dong where the Hanwha Global Communication Workshop was held on October 10th. This workshop was held for four days. 25 Hanwha Global Reporters from nine affiliates and 25 overseas branch offices, including Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Techwin, Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha Life Insurance, etc., and 13 local reporters from Korea were invited.

As globalization of Hanwha accelerates, the effective communication with 226 global networks and 14,577 overseas employees, which account for 27% of the total employees, became more important. Hanwha Global Newsletter is serving as a communication channel. Through this, employees working overseas can get the latest Hanwha news, and they can feel a sense of belonging and pride.

This Hanwha Global Communication Workshop started early in the morning. Shall we follow them?
First of all, as a part of the Get To Know Hanwha Program, they learned the history of Hanwha, the core values, and the major businesses. They also learned about Hanwha brand management and had on-the-job training since they are the hands-on staff of the newsletter.

The reporters were most interested in sharing successful cases and in a discussion session. Four global newsletter reporters from Hanwha Techwin America, HLI Vietnam, World Resort Saipan, and Hanwha Q CELLS were selected as outstanding reporters. They shared their cases and know-how with other reporters.
During the free discussion time, they came up with solutions to some of difficulties they had faced.

Can you see the energy in the eyes of the reporters who are representing their own branch offices overseas?

They also visited Hanwha Historical Museum where they learned the beginning of Hanwha and its history. They paid attention to the stories, and they were proud to be a part of history.

I was able to learn a lot at this Hanwha Museum where Hanwha started. I was also able to see the first chairman’s hard work and his efforts as well as the employees who had worked with him.

(But) seeing the museum and the peacefulness of it, it gives you much better impression of Hanwha. It really helps to understand how the company originated and really what it has achieved in its life time. So it’s very impressive and it’s a place I’d like to come back and visit again.

They also visited business sites of Hanwha affiliates. They looked around Aqua Planet 63 and Galleria Duty Free and saw Hanwha’s various business areas. Later, they had an opportunity to visit the headquarter offices of each of their own companies and met with their counterparts whom they had previously communicated only by telephone.

The global reporters from Hanwha Q CELLS had a special chance to meet with other groups that attended Hanwha Q CELLS Marketing and Communication Workshop from different overseas branch offices. They were busy discussing future plans with other members.

Meanwhile, they also had an opportunity to experience Korean traditional culture. On October 8th, they saw the fireworks that decorated the night sky. It was an unforgettable first-hand experience to see the native explosive business of Hanwha through 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha. Also, through visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace at night, they made lasting memories of Korea.

The driving force in increasing the competence and the fundamentals that accomplished One Hanwha was the eloquent communication among all members of the company.

Through the Global Communication Workshop, these global reporters will share the news of their own branch offices overseas more actively. We look forward to seeing sharing of our global culture.

Headlines for November 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Chairman Seung Youn Kim invited long-term employees to the 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival to commemorate the 64th anniversary together
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - The 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha was held on October 8th
  3. 3. Hanwha Corporation/Machinery - Signed aircraft control system development for KF-X contract
  4. 4. Hanwha Life - Opened DREAMPLUS 63, a FinTech startup incubator
  5. 5. Hanwha Group - The Hanwha Global Communications Workshop was held on October 10th
Headlines for October 2016

Headlines for October 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha Life and encouraged financial planners

Chairman Seung Youn Kim is very interested in FPs in sale of Hanwha Life Insurance. After Hanwha acquired HLI in 2002, Chairman Seung Youn Kim showed his interests by visiting the 2003 Annual Awards which took place in the following year. He recently visited the training session of FPs and showed his affection.

On September 8th, Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha life Human Resources Development Center. As soon as he entered the auditorium, about 200 FPs welcomed him with a warm round of applause. He returned his gratitude with a big smile. This surprise visit of Chairman Seung Youn Kim encouraged FPs and listen to the voice of the sales field.

The FPs who met the Chairman at the Annual Awards of HLI in May asked him to come and visit where they work. And he promised to do so and kept his promise this time.

On that day, about 200 FPs from all parts of country gathered for the 2-day training session to learn how to strengthen their capabilities for VIP marketing. The Chairman Kim praised once again the efforts of FPs who played the leading role of reaching 100 trillion won assets and he took time to listen to what they had to say.

Chairman Seung Youn Kim said, “You are the heart of Hanwha”, and expressed his interests and love to them.

“HLI and FPs are playing a key role in the Group, and you are the ones delivering the warm hope to other’s lives. So I believe that FPs have warm hearts more than anyone in this world.”

Also he requested to work with love, respect, consideration, honesty and loyalty at all times.

And he signed the commemorative copper plaque written as ‘You Are The Heart of Hanwha’ and asked FPs to work together to make HLI the best insurance company.

While taking pictures with FPs, Chairman Seung Youn Kim made a heart symbol with his hand and had a casual conversation.

2. [Hanwha Group] Held Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 from September 1st to 4th in Korea

Hanwha Finance Classic 2016, boasting the largest prize in KLPGA was held at Golden Bay Golf & Resort in Chungchung province from September 1st to 4th. It became truly a global scale competition since not only active players in the LPGA Tour but also the players representing the U.S., Korea, and Japan participated. Who has won among those top-class players? Let’s check it out.

The drama that Korean female golf players who have proven their skills at the Rio Olympic Games was reenacted at Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 held in Taean.

As players from five countries including long hitters Lexi Thompson and Jessica Korda participated this year. Hanwha Finance Classic is not only a part of KLPGA Tour but also it is a world class competition. A lot of spectators came to see the best players playing good games at the best golf course.

Hanwha Finance Classic boasts a total of 120 million won prizes and 30 million won prize for the winner which is the biggest prize in KLPGA Tour. As it provides the opportunity to compete with famous international players, it became a competition that many players want to win. Therefore, the competition among the players was fierce until the final round.

Lee Min-young who is a member of Team Hanwha chased the leader until the final round and ranked 3rd with three under the total 285 shots. And Park Sung-hyun who had long drive battles with Lexi Thompson scored six under the total 282 shots and won the winning trophy. Park Sung-hyun started the final round at 10th with four shots behind the leader. She beat Ko Jin-young who ranked the 2nd place with one shot. It was her 7th winning of this season.

Now the special attention goes to this year’s winner Park Sung-hyun because there’s a ‘winning formula’ that Hanwha Finance Classic winner becomes a winner in LPGA Tour. In fact, after winning at Hanwha Finance Classic, the winners got qualified for LPGA Tour and had many winnings since 2011.

The winners of this game, Choi Na-yeon in 2011, Ryu So-yeon in 2012, Kim Se-young in 2013, Kim Hyo-joo in 2014, and the last year’s winner Nomura Haru had the total of 22 winnings in LPGA Tour.

Therefore, the winner of Hanwha Finance Classic can establish a foundation to become a world class player. It’s possible because the game provided an opportunity for KLPGA players to step up by playing with international players at a world class course.

Meanwhile, a pro-am event was held prior to the main game. Chairman Kim Seung-youn visited the course to observe the progress of the preparation and encouraged players and people who participated in the pro-am.

Chairman Kim emphasized in his speech that Hanwha has been contributing to Korean women golf by having the largest golf game in Korea, Hanwha Finance Classic since 2011 after establishing Hanwha Cup Seoul Women's Open in 1990. He also looked around the course and encouraged Hanwha members who worked hard to make the event possible.

The Group is going to make Hanwha Finance Classic a renowned international event that represents Korea so that the second generation of Park Se-ri who was the winner of Hanwha Cup can continue to win at international games. Also the Group will continue to invite the world-class players and provide an opportunity to upgrade their mental strength, course-management, and game skills.

3. [Hanwha Q CELLS] Dong Kwan Kim, CCO of Hanwha Q CELLS, had a keynote speech at GGGW2016

Dong Kwan Kim, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS gave a speech as a keynote speaker at the Global Green Growth Week (GGGW) 2016 and he said, “If there was the Industrial Revolution in 18th century, we will be the first generation to experience the energy revolution.” He also mentioned that solar energy would bring the change to the energy industry, and it would change our lives as well.
GGGW 2016, an annual conference of green growth knowledge platform was held at International Convention Center Jeju from September 5th to 9th. It is co-hosted by Global Green Growth Summit (GGGS), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the World Bank, OECD, and Unite Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

On September 7th, Dong Kwan Kim, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS attended the Asian Regional Policy Dialogue as a keynote speaker and he spoke on “Innovation in Battery and Energy Storage Technologies”. During this 10-minute speech, he emphasized that it’s expected that solar energy would be the fastest growing and competitive energy source through reaching 26% market share by 2040.

Especially, he got a lot of attention because he forecasted the fundamental changes in a way we all live. He mentioned the energy revolution that will be introduced by combining solar energy and the Energy Storage System (ESS).

Meanwhile, Hanwha Q CELLS introduced and the monocrystalline solar cell that used their own Q.ANTUM Technology and polycrystalline solar module at the exhibition. The technology in Q.PLUS, a polycrystalline solar module has been recognized as the world’s best by setting the world record of 19.5% efficiency in polycrystalline module.

4. [Hanwha Group] Created the 6th Hanwha Solar Forest in China

The Group has been putting an effort for solving climate changes and environmental issues through creating “Hanwha Solar Forest” by planting trees where desertification is in progress every day. The Group plans to create the 6th eco-friendly forest in China.

On September 1st, a tree planting ceremony was held for “6th Hanwha Solar Forest” in the Maowusu desert located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China. The senior officials including Choi Sun-mok, Senior Executive Vice President of Hanwha Group HQ, Kim Young-rak, Senior Vice President of Hanwha China, and the high-ranking government officials from Ningxia attended the ceremony.

The Group is planning to create a forest by planting about 50,000 trees such as a sand pine, a juniper, and more on the land of over the size of 23 soccer fields. The Group also will use energy that is necessary for saplings and creating the forest by utilizing the solar generating facility the Group donated in 2012.

The Group continues to carry out the eco-friendly social contribution project to prevent the yellow and the fine dust by creating the 2nd Solar Forest in 2013, 5th Solar Forest in 2015, and 6th Solar Forest in this area where the fine yellow dust originates.

The officials from Yinchuan city and National Nature Reserve of Lingwu showed their appreciation to the Group’s continuous anti-desertification social contribution efforts and delivered an appreciation plaque.

The Group has been carrying out the campaign with the social innovation company ‘Tree Planet’ since 2011. The Group has contributed to preventing desertification in Mongolia, China, and Korea by planting the total of 490,000 trees. At the same time, the Group tries to draw the younger generation’s attention to climate changes and environmental issues.

5. [Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Chemical] Opened Hanwha R&D Center specialized in the future technologies

Investments on R&D for the state-of-the-art future technology which will lead the future industry is very important for the Group’s future. Hanwha Corporation and Hanwha Chemical opened Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo specializes in the future technologies. I am very curious too. Shall we go and take a look?

Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo is located in Seongnam. About 200 people including Lee Tae-jong and Kim Youn-chul, CEOs of Hanwha Corporation, Kim Chang-bum, CEO of Hanwha Chemical, Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Techwin, Chang Si-kwon, CEO of Hanwha Thales, and Choi Kwang-ho, CEO of Hanwha E&C gathered to celebrate the new beginning.

About 120 billion won has been invested to build Hanwha R&D Center Pangyo. It covers the total of 34,203 ㎡ floor spaces with 12 floors including 5 underground floors.
The core technology of guided weapons such as a laser and electro-optical sensors, image processing technology, and solar cell manufacturing facility, the factory automation equipment are supposed to be researched at the place.

It can also create synergy by cooperating among the affiliates with the high-tech research institutes in defense such as Hanwha Techwin R&D Center in Pangyo.

6. [Hanwha Group] Hosted a luncheon for the 2016 Rio Olympics National Shooting Team to congratulate on their outstanding performance at the Olympics

The Hanwha Group has been sponsoring the Korea national shooting team for the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a main sponsor of the Korea Shooting Federation, the Group invited the national shooting team to a luncheon to congratulate them for their outstanding performance at the Olympics and gave them prize money. They performed well at the Olympics and gave us unforgettable memories. Let’s take a look.

On September 20th, the Group, which is the presiding company of the Korea Shooting Federation, hosted the luncheon at The Plaza. This luncheon was held to congratulate the Korea national shooting team which won a gold medal and a silver at the Rio Olympics.

Hwang Yong-deuk, CEO of Hanwha Galleria and the president of Korea Shooting Federation, congratulated the players for gaining recognition from the World once again. He encouraged the players and the coaching staff to work together to continue to increase the status of Korean shooting.

On behalf of the Chairman Kim Seung-youn, CEO Hwang gave a total of 230 million-won prize money to the team. Jin Jong-oh who won a gold medal in the men's 50m pistol received 100 million won and Kim Jong-hyun who won a silver medal in the men's 50m rifle prone received 40 million won. The head coach Park Sang-soon, other coaching staff, and all members of the team received the prize.

The Group has been providing about 12.5 billion won in sponsorship to the Shooting Development Fund to promote Korean Shooting sports. After the Korea Shooting Federation was founded, the Group established the Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Competition which was the first to be organized by a private company, and it became one of five top major shooting competitions in Korea.

I believe that our national shooting team players need our continuous support and encouragement.

Headlines for October 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Hanwha Life and encouraged financial planners
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Held Hanwha Finance Classic 2016 from September 1st to 4th in Korea
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS - Dong Kwan Kim, CCO of Hanwha Q CELLS, had a keynote speech at GGGW2016
  4. 4. Hanwha Group - Created the 6th Hanwha Solar Forest in China
  5. 5. Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Chemical - Opened Hanwha R&D Cener specialized in the future technologies
  6. 6. Hanwha Group - Hosted a luncheon for the 2016 Rio Olympics National Shooting Team to congratulate on their outstanding performance at the Olympics
Headlines for September 2016

Headlines for September 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Set to Support 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games

The Group has started sponsoring for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games for its success. Back in 1988, the Group had sponsored for Seoul Olympics. Now the Group is going to provide a total of 25 billion won worth of fireworks for the opening and the closing ceremony and the Olympic torches for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

The Group and the Organizing Committee for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics had an agreement ceremony for an official Olympic sponsorship on July 28th. Choi Yang-soo, CEO of Hanwha Corporation Explosive division and Lee Hee-beom, the president of the Committee attended the ceremony.

The Group is going to provide fireworks for seven events including the opening and the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. And they are going to provide 8,000 Olympic torches which will be used from 100 days prior to the opening ceremony. The total of 25 billion won will be provided.

Prior to the ceremony, Chairman Kim Seung-youn promised that Hanwha will provide full support for the successful Pyeongchang Winter Olympics during his conversation with Mr. Lee.

Lee Hee-beom, the president of the Organizing Committee for the Pyeongchang Olympics said Hanwha’s participation as an official Olympic sponsor is going to help attracting more domestic sponsors and accelerate the preparation for the Olympic Games.

2. [Hanwha Group] Launched the Group TV ad campaign

A new brand campaign of 2016 ‘I am the flame’ is introduced to the public. After the campaign ‘I am the flame’ was launched last year, the Group has been successfully imprinting the value, ‘Hanwha is the flame’ to consumers. And this year’s campaign contains the stories of us who live in this generation. The Group made two ads, and . These ads tell stories of people who found their own flames in the harsh and competitive society and exhausting reality of life but tried to walk their own path.

This year’s campaign contains two ads, and . There are two main characters in the ads. First one is a young man who is told that he has to study and work even harder after graduating from college, be good enough for the societal standards and prepare to get a "successful job" as the world demands. Another one is a working mom who is forced to fulfill her three different roles as a mom, a wife, and an employee.

These main characters in the ads are representing each one of us in our society. The Group is trying to give the courage and will to live our ‘lives like a hot flame’ through telling the stories about people who try to be free from an oppressive reality and to walk the path of their own in silence.

The ads start in the small and cramped screen frame of 0.7:1 ratio which has never been used in other ads. This represents the life of people whose lives are trapped in a small screen of a smartphone. Later on, the frame opens up gradually and this represents a willingness to get out of the small world and then walk the path of their own.

Through this year’s ‘I am the flame’ campaign, the Group is expecting to encourage our neighbors’ to live their life with passionate and contribute to form a positive image of the Group as going together with the community.

3. [Hanwha Group] Fosters global internal communication through ‘Hanwha Newsletter’

The Group is expanding not only in Korea but also in overseas market. We have been accelerating the global businesses as we compete with other global companies. We now have nearly 15,000 employees who work in overseas. Therefore, it is important that we have an effective communication tool in order to feel more bonded among the offices in overseas and Korea. The global newsletter is taking this role as a communication channel.

Are you worried that you may not be able to get the Group’s news because you are working at an overseas branch? You don’t have to worry about it. As a member of Hanwha, there’s a communication channel to get information about the Group regularly. It’s Group’s global newsletter “Hanwha Newsletter”.
Hanwha Newsletter was launched as an internal communication channel for the employees working in overseas in September, 2015, it is now celebrating its one year anniversary

As the Group expands to the global market, the number of branch offices and their employees also have increased. As of July 1st, 2016, there was a total of 14,928 people. This is 26.3% of the total of 56,700 employees. Therefore, the internal communication became important in order to make those Hanwha employees stationed abroad, working globally, feel more included and enhance a sense of belonging. So the Hanwha Newsletter was created as a need of sending out contents routinely to those employees became important.

The Hanwha Newsletter is targeting the locally hired employees as well as the employees sent from Korea. There would be a monthly issue as well as a press release. They are being issued in English, Chinese, German, and Japanese and posted on the newsletter page in the Group’s global website as well as sent via emails.

The main contents have the Group column including CEOs’ related news, Group’s history and the spirit, vision, values, and etc., major businesses and press releases, Ch. H. English news, and interviews of locally hired employees and branch offices.

In fact, employees working overseas don’t miss any updates because they can feel a sense of belonging and pride through the newsletter by learning about the Group’s latest news.

It’s been really good to be informed and get updates on what Hanwha is doing worldwide. Also it is great to be part of global organization who is innovated and collaborated with Top Fortune 500 companies. I can’t wait to receive my next issue.

What I think about Hanwha newsletters is that it’s a pretty good tool for all employees to know of be aware of and what’s going on in other companies around the world.

The newsletter is providing useful information that can help understanding the growth of Hanwha.

I can quickly figure out the latest trends of the Group through the newsletter. Through sharing this information, not only myself but also my colleagues are learning about Hanwha corporate culture.

Meanwhile, the Hanwha Newsletter’s two-way information sharing function has been improved since this April. In order to have more involvements of employees in overseas, they have organized the Hanwha Newsletter Team with regional reporters. There are the total of 48 members from nine affiliates. They are very enthusiastic about their roles of sharing the local news. There would be a workshop held for these regional reporters in October.

The Hanwha Newsletter is delivering the latest news of the companies and the Group’s outstanding performances throughout the world. It’s sharing the message that we are all members of global Hanwha.

4. [Hanwha Life] Held the World Youth Go Championship on July 28th

Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil is going to begin on August 5th. Last Thursday, ‘16th Hanwha Life Insurance World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship’ was held at 63 Building, and we were able to feel the Olympic games there. Let’s see who has won this year’s tournament.

HLI held the final match of ‘16th World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship’ on July 28th at the grand ballroom of 63 Building. After the opening speech of Cha Nam-gyu, CEO of HLI, 240 children began their games.

As soon as the matches began, the grand ballroom was filled with the sound of Go stones, and children’s faces turned serious. They placed each stone with unwavering hands.

This year was the 16th year of HLI World Youth Go Championship’s From June 4th through July 10th, over 10,000 children from 24 areas participated in the qualifying match. And 240 of them made to the final round. Since this is a world class Go championship, many Asian and European children who have won at the international leagues also participated in this championship.

In 2001, it started as HLI Youth Go Championship. But in 2006, the name of the event was changed to Word Youth Go Championship. Since then, children from all over the world participated, and it became truly the world’s largest Go event for youth. It is held in became the largest size in the world.
The Go legend Cho Hun-hyun has been visiting the event for 15 years and has expressed his special love toward ‘HLI World Youth Go Championship’.

The children who have participated in this event will grow big and play leading roles in our society. And they will increase the popularity of Go as well as contribute to the long-term plan for the future generations. This event is very special because it invited people from outside of Korea and made this event global.

‘HLI World Youth Go Championship’ has been a very important gateway for becoming a professional Go player. Out of 15 champions in the past tournaments, 12 of them became professional players. And Lee Dong-hoon 8 dan, Shin Min-jun 5 dan, Na Hyun 6 dan, and Shin Jin-seo 6 dan have won at the major tournaments.

Finally, two players were decided for the final match. Han Woo-jin and Jung Woo-jin. They have the same name and are the same age. They played with all their might with every stone. And at the end, Han Woo-jin has won the match.

I am happy that I won the game because I have prepared a lot. I want to become a professional Go player like a master Lee Dong-hoon 8 dan.

In this year, there have been many special events for parents who came to cheer for their children. Park Jung-sang 9 dan and Kim Yeo-won caster who became famous during the Alpha Go Match shared their experiences of becoming professional Go players through a ‘talk concert.’ Many parents with children who play Go showed great interests in their stories. The legendary Go master in Korea, Yoo Chang-hyuk 9 dan visited the event for the first time and had a signing event. He also played one-to-many games with young players and gave them unforgettable experiences.

HLI is committed providing supports to children who love Go and fostering the next Lee Se-dol.

5. [Hanwha Techwin] Opened the brand demo room, ‘Wisenet Experience Center’

Do you know Wisenet which is a representative brand of Hanwha Techwin’s Security Division? Hanwha Techwin has opened Wisenet Experience Center where customers can experience Wisenet products and the technology being used. Let’s take a look.

You can visit the Wisenet Experience Center at Hanwha Techwin in Pangyo R&D Center. To celebrate the opening of the center, Kim Cheol-kyo, CEO of Hanwha Techwin and employees had visited the center.

Hanwha Techwin’s security business is number one in Korea with no other significant competitors. It’s certainly a global company with about 5,000 partners in 120 countries. Starting from this year, they are introducing their high quality security products under Wisenet brand name.

Wisenet Experience Center is the first of its kind in security industry in Korea. People can experience the security brand in four different zones.

First, there’s the Introduction Zone where people can see Hanwha Techwin’s business history and the stats of the major performances.

In the Product Zone, the products’ introductory video of each series are played on the magic mirror mounted on three sides. After that, the real products are shown to the visitors.

In the Core Tech Zone, optical & image processing techniques and an intelligent image analysis technology are introduced. Visitors can see the quality assurance process such as waterproof and heat resistance tests.

Lastly, in the Solution Zone, visitors can see how the products are used in rail, city surveillance, retail stores, and home security through the simulated space where they made each application almost like real.

We are excited to see Hanwha Techwin leading the security industry as it strengthens its own brand power.

6. [Hanwha Group] Held Hanwha Science Challenge 2016

Sweltering heat! Cloudy sky covered with dust! The earth is getting warmer.
The future young Nobel Prize winners gathered in one place for a special mission of saving the earth. The special project to save the earth with whimsical ideas and imaginations. Let’s go and take a look.

There are students waiting for their turns with a face full of tension. Why are they gathered in here? This is the place where Hanwha Science Challenge 2016, a youth science fair, is held.

Did you know Hanwha Science Challenge that is started since 2011, and it has been representing the Group’s main social contribution and donation for education programs for 6 years?

The theme of this year was ‘Saving the Earth’ and the students had prepared for the contest for 6 months since March with topics on global issues such as energy, bio, climate changes, water, etc.

The qualified 30 teams of students and the judges made of their teachers, professors from universities and researchers from the Group’s manufacturing affiliates attended the final event.

The students presented the result of their study and had a discussion with a Q&A session. It was possible to feel their passion for scientific research through their confidence toward whimsical ideas and professional level of topic which exceeded everyone’s expectation.

As I implement what I have learned at school through experiments, I have learned that knowing just theories are not enough/ I also learned that I can do endless research from listening other people’s ideas.

My dream is working at Hanwha Chemical. While I was searching about Hanwha, I learned that I can participate in Hanwha Science Challenge as a high school student so I signed up.

Last six years, a total of 4,122 teams, more than 8,200 high school students had participated. And this year, a total of 280 million won was contributed as prize money. I am proud that Hanwha Science Challenge is now the largest program for the gifted youth in Korea.

On August 26th, the award ceremony for Hanwha Science Challenge 2016 was held at 63 Building and the CEOs of Hanwha manufacturing affiliates attended to congratulate the winners. Everyone looks full of worry and anticipation. The winner is, Team CH!

Team CH from Changwon Science High School won the grand prize with 40 million won of a scholarship and an opportunity to explore international programs. I wonder how happy they are at this moment. The students shed tears of happiness that have their effort and passion.

Team CH, Park Cheong-hun and Choi Yi-hyun earned the grand prize with the unique research topic in bio area ‘development of eco-friendly pest control methods for willow trees in Upo swamp’

Thanks to Hanwha Science Challenge, I was able to learn more about chemistry. And with this winning experience, I would like to try for Nobel Prize.

I wonder how high school students can think creatively like this? They are certainly the future Nobel Prize winners. Hanwha Science Challenge identifies and nurtures young gifted talents who will lead the future science of Korea. We hope that they grow to become the young future Nobel Prize winners and we will give support for their energy.

Headlines for September 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Set to Support 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Launched the Group TV ad campaign
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Fosters global internal communication through ‘Hanwha Newsletter’
  4. 4. Hanwha Life - Held the World Youth Go Championship on July 28th
  5. 5. Hanwha Techwin - Opened the brand demo room, ‘Wisenet Experience Center’
  6. 6. Hanwha Group - Held Hanwha Science Challenge 2016
Headlines for August 2016

Headlines for August 2016


1. [Hanwha Group] Chairman Seung Youn Kim visits Hanwha Q CELLS Jinchoen solar cell plant

“Hanwha members, you are my sun.”
This is the phrase written on a mini module by Chairman Seung Youn Kim during his recent visit to Jincheon plant of Hanwha Q CELLS as he encourages the employee. This affectionate phrase towards the employees shows his strong will to develop the solar business as the future industry of Korea. Chairman toured around the production facilities and had luncheon with the production employees and encouraged them.

Chairman Kim Seung-youn recently visited Hanwha Q CELLS’ solar cell factory built in Jincheon industrial complex in Chungbuk province on July 5th. Nam Seong-woo, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS explained about the factory and the Chairman looked around the production facility and encouraged the employees.

Chairman Kim Seung-youn said, “Over the last 5 years, the Group has strived to concentrate on solar projects with an extraordinary commitment. We have considered the solar projects as the future business that we should develop with a long-term vision for the future of our humanity. And we have been fulfilling a great vision to foster it as another future industry that represents Korea.”

Moreover, he mentioned “We have changed the factory location from Malaysia where has lower manufacturing cost to Korea to fulfill our duty for increasing jobs and the strategic growth of solar industry in Korea.”, and “For this, we have invested 600 billion won to Chungcheong province area so far and created about 1,300 jobs.”

He emphasized that despite the current difficult economic situations the company is bringing the energy to the local economy by fulfilling ‘Going Further Together’ with the communities and contributing to the further development of the national economy.

On that day, Nam Seong-woo, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS presented a memorial tablet made with the first solar battery cell that was produced in Hanwha Q CELLS’ Jincheon plant to the Chairman. And Chairman Kim Seung-youn signed and gave the mini module with the phrase “Hanwha members, you are my sun.”

During lunch, the Chairman visited a company cafeteria to encourage employees and shook their hands. He also had lunch with them and had a conversation while they were eating Seolleongtang together.

Hanwha Q CELLS’ Jincheon plant is built on 180,000m2 land. And it can produce cells for the total of 1.4 GW. So the total production capacity is now over 5.2 GW throughout Korea, Malaysia, and China. Hanwha Q CELLS became even more firmly the global No. 1 in solar cell production.

2. [Hanwha Group] 2016 Hanwha Chairman's Cup National Shooting Competition sponsored by Hanwha Group was held

Prior to visiting the factory in Jincheon, Chairman Seung Youn Kim visited Cheongju General Shooting Gallery in Chungbuk province where the opening ceremony of Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Competition 2016 was held. This competition is the last official event before the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Chairman Kim cheered the players to do their best to raise the status of Korean shooting team and to show the potential of Korean players at the Olympic Games Rio.

Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Competition 2016 was held at Cheongju General Shooting Gallery in Chungbuk province on July 5th. The event was to reenact the glory of the London Olympic in Rio and is a pre-game for the final testing of the national shooting team.

This event is one of five major shooting competitions in Korea. And this year marked its 9th event. Chairman Kim Seung-youn has founded this event in 2008 to promote unpopular shooting sport and to expand its popularity. And it has become the top national competition and the first and the only shooting competition organized by a private company.

Especially, all of conditions such as the stadium facilities, indoor environment, and the rules are prepared as same as the local conditions in Rio to increase the players’ performances.

Chairman Kim Seung-youn said, “Since getting the unprecedented results in shooting sport with the best performance ever in 2012 London Olympic, the status of Korean shooting team has been changed.” And he asked to put souls on every bullet to the challenge for the higher goals in Rio Olympic.
“A Shooting is the sport that requires a high degree of mentality and concentration. The moment you draw a line that you think you cannot do, you will face the limitation. But the moment you believe you can do it, a miracle will begin. I expect that you bring another big surprise once again. And we want to hear a good news from you in Rio.”

Since June 2002, the Group has been serving as the president of the Korea Shooting Federal. And the Group has been providing a full support for the development of the shooting sport in Korea by providing about 12.5 billion won to the shooting development fund.

Particularly, through establishing Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Competition in 2008, the Group has helped to promote unpopular shooting sport. The competition improved players’ performances substantially. As a result, Korea became one of the greatest sporting nations through the best performances at the international competitions such as the Olympic and Asian Games.

3. [Hanwha Corportaion] Ranked 277th on Fortune “Global 500” List

I am sure you’ve heard about Fortune Global 500 before. US Fortune magazine has published the global brand index since 1990. The annual revenues of the top global corporations are measured for this index. 15 Korean companies have been ranked. And out of 500 corporations in the world, Hanwha has listed on 277th.

Hanwha Corporation has made a great progress among the Global 500 Companies by Fortune magazine. This year, Hanwha ranked 277th from 329th last year by climbing 52 steps. Many people paid the attention to this change because it is the greatest improvement among Korean companies ranked in Global 500. It is very fulfilling. Revenues have increased from 37.5 trillion won in 2015 to 41.4 trillion won in 2016. This figure is comparable to the global companies.

The reason for this rapid growth was credited to the four new affiliates that joined Hanwha through M&As last year. These four companies, Hanwha Total Petrochemical, Hanwha General Chemical, Hanwha Techwin, and Hanwha Systems had improved their performances last year.
In addition, Hanwha Defense Systems joined the Group as the newest member of Hanwha. We expect to see a higher ranking in 2017 through the synergy of the defense companies.
There is one more thing that we can’t overlook. Hanwha Q CELLS contributed to the new ranking. And Hanwha Life Insurance that reached the total assets of 100 trillion won in the earlier this year also helped increasing the ranking. We look forward to seeing further improvements of Hanwha next year.

4. [Hanwha Galleria] The grand opening of Galleria Duty Free 63

Galleria Duty Free 63 finally had its grand opening on July 15th. Since the pre-opening on Dec 28th 2015, every department such as tourism, marketing, and MD has been improved gradually. The ultimate plan is running the duty free business as one-stop for shopping and tour that connecting to the observatory and the aquarium in 63 Building.

Galleria Duty Free 63 is now fully opened in 63 Building. And its one-stop tour & shop of 63 Building is fully operating. They are going to focus on tourism products. And customers visiting Galleria Duty Free 63 will enjoy tour courses like remodeled Aqua Planet 63, 63 Art, and the observatory while shopping.

Galleria Duty Free 63 has about 540 brands and shops at the grand opening. And they are improving the MD organization. They added three exclusive luxury brands that opened only in Galleria Duty Free 63. Their luxury MD was strengthened by having four exclusive luxury brands such as Stefano Ricci opened in April, Golden Goose, Launer London, and Corneliani. In early August, Chanel Cosmetic will be launched for the first time among duty free shops in Seoul. In September, the brands of Kering Group such as Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, etc. will be launched one by one. And it will help to strengthen the business.

Also Galleria Duty Free 63 signed a marketing partnership agreement with Wanda Group, the largest distributor in China to improve marketing contents. Galleria Duty Free 63 plans to attract Chinese tourists through 120 million members of Wanda Group. They are going to create the mileage partnership and promotional events by connecting two online shopping malls, Feifan of Wanda Group and Galleria duty free online shop.
“Feifan is the platform financially supported by Wanda Group providing online services for off-line distribution/service businesses. Signing the MOU with Hanwha Galleria has a meaning that it is the first collaboration with a foreign company, one of Korean off-line distribution companies as the first overseas expansion.
On the grand opening day, the ceremony was held while the participants including Hwang Yong-deug, CEO of Hanwha Galleria, employees of Duty-free business headquarter, and parties of Duty-free industry attended.

A day before the grand opening, Chairman Kim Seung-youn visited 63 Building to see the newly developed contents such as Galleria Duty Free 63 and Aqua Planet 63. He also encouraged employees who have worked very hard. Chairman also said that Galleria should contribute to the tourism industry of Korea by providing differentiated duty-free business despite the difficult distribution business environment and should continue serving the country through the business.

5. [Hanwha City Development] Held a ground-breaking ceremony for the Youngin Techno Valley

Hanwha City Development has been developing the industrial complex for high-tech in Daejeon, Asan, Seosan, Kimhae, and Hwasung. Through their experiences in the past and know-hows from successful cases, they had a groundbreaking ceremony of Yongin Techno Valley which is their 6th industrial complex for high-tech.

Yongin Techno Valley is built on 840,000m2 land in Deokseong-ri, Idong-myeon, Cheoin-gu. And it is the first industrial complex developed in Yongin city. Hanwha City Development, Hanwha E&C, and Yongin city have invested together for this project as a public-private partnership.

Park Dong-il, COO of Hanwha City Development said in his speech that they are going to try their best to attract companies with outstanding performances that can contribute to the development of the local economy as well as making Yongin as a self-sufficient city.

Yongin Techno Valley has received a lot of positive feedbacks from companies because of its convenient location and the appropriate selling prices. There have been 76 companies signed the contract during the presale last year. This is 72% of the entire selling units. And many companies continue to show their interests.

Yongin Techno Valley project scheduled to complete in 2018. It is expected to create over 6,000 jobs and have about 890 billion won worth of ripple effect to the economy.

6. Hanwha Q CELLS - Completed Hanwha Seosan Solar Venture Complex

As the needs of a new clean energy is rising, solar energy is getting more attentions as a solution to the air quality problem. The Group completed the Hanwha Seosan Solar Venture Complex with Chungnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. This solar venture complex is built to support small and medium sized solar companies for incubating, research activities, developing new products, and commercializing.

A forward operating base of the solar industry Hanwha Seosan Solar Venture Complex has been launched. It would be in charge of nurturing small solar energy companies, developing solar energy business, and commercializing.

The complex is a 4 story building with total floor area of 8.474 ㎡ and built on 16,734 ㎡ land in Seosan, Chungnam province. The construction started at the end of September 2015 and completed at the end of June.

When the Chungnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation was launched in May 2015, the Group announced to create a solar business cluster in Chungcheong province area based on the global number one solar business of the Group through combining solar business commercialization hub in Chungnam province area, solar energy production plants in Chungbuk province, and solar R&D function of Daedeok Science Complex in Daejeon.

The Group has invested 20 billion won in Hanwha Seosan Solar Venture Complex, and they are planning to support about 3 billion won every year for the operation.

About 100 people including Nam Seong-woo, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS, Lee Byung-woo, Director of Chungnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Lee Wan-seop, Mayor of Seosan City attended the ceremony on July 22nd.

Nam Seong-woo, the CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS said in his speech that the company is going to fulfill ‘Going Further Together’ through the completion of the solar venture complex. He also said that he expects to see more jobs created and the fulfillment of creative economy by providing opportunities to expand domestically and globally through financial supports and excellent products.

Currently, there are total of nine solar research companies specializing in solar midstream, downstream sectors, and solar applications have moved in the complex. 22 more companies are scheduled to move in by the end of 2016.

We’ve developed a solar charger for cellphones and moved in to the complex to grow with Hanwha Group. We are going to make more solar application products that can be widely used by consumers with Hanwha QCELLS.

Chungnam province has the second largest amount of sunshine in Korea, and it also has lakes and the massive reclaimed land. It is the ideal location for our floating solar farm business. It is a chance to make a connection with Hanwha, and I am pleased for this opportunity to move in to the complex.

The special benefits and supports are provided to the companies moved in the complex. They are offered free-rent for the first two years and an outdoor test bed space for testing products. They are also provided a cell module test facility cooperating with Hanwha Group’ affiliates and certification authorities.
In addition, these companies are going to receive other supports in various forms such as the new regeneration energy innovation investment fund.

7. [Hanwha Hotels & Resorts] 63 Sea World has reopened with the new name, Aqua Planet 63

Do you know which aquarium first opened in 1985? Yes, it is 63 Sea World. 63 Sea World has reopened with the new name, Aqua Planet 63, after finishing remodeling which took about one year. It used to be the first aquarium in Korea but now it has started the new history as the first new concept multi-cultural aquarium.

Many employees including Moon Seok, President & CEO of Hanwha Hotels & Resorts gathered together to celebrate the opening ceremony of new aquarium.

Aqua Planet 63 was designed with a storyline that taking a trip to Aqua Planet 63 where many kinds of marine animals live after a wormhole was discovered underground of 63 Building.

You will get attracted to Aqua Planet 63 while enjoying various fish tanks which is combined the new digital technology like a projection mapping and the longest coral reef fish tank. There are performances that added arts and visual elements. You can see the new concept multi-cultural aquarium through various cultural contents.

8. [Hanwha Defense Systems] Held a new vision proclamation ceremony

There are three land weapon manufacturers in Korea. They are Hanwha Techwin, Hyundai Rotem Company, and Hanwha Defense Systems. Doosan DST changed its name to Hanwha Defense Systems by becoming a member of Hanwha on May 31st. Hanwha Defense Systems announced the new company vision and the new start of becoming a leader in the global defense industry.

Hanwha Defense Systems held a proclamation ceremony of new vision at Pullman Hotel in Changwon, Gyeongnam province on July 20th. About 350 people including Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Defense Systems, employees, and the members of partner companies attended.

The new vision is becoming a leader of the global defense industry that provides the trustful defense solutions. The CEO Shin said in his speech that Hanwha Defense Systems is the main company of Hanwha Group’s defense business which is the core growth engine of Hanwha Group. And he also mentioned that the company will play a pivotal role in helping the Group to grow as a ‘top-tier of the global defense.’ He encouraged the employees to do their best to accomplish the new vision with passion and pride.

Hanwha Defense Systems is a representative company of Korean defense, specializing in manufacturing armored vehicles, anti-aircraft weapons, guided missiles, launchers, etc. It achieved the total revenue of 693.2 billion won, 40.9 billion won operating profit, and 5.9% of the operating margin. They proposed the goals to reach the revenue of 1.2 trillion won by 2020 through the new vision and to grow as a leader of the global defense industry with the revenue of 2.3 trillion won in 2025. In order to accomplish these, each business unit is going to set ‘Three Top Strategies’ and focus on executing them. First, they are planning to improve Hanwha Defense Systems’ own stand-alone value by expanding the size of current projects. The next plan is expanding the business areas by maximizing the synergies of three defense companies of the Group. They are going to increase the exports with the co-marketing to the global market. The last one is leading the future weapon systems by using the core technologies and building the foundation for sustainable growth. The employees who attended the ceremony expressed that they are expecting to see the company grows as the newest member of Hanwha Group which is concentrating on the defense industry. And they have gained energy to run towards the new goals.

The industry is paying attending to Hanwha Defense Systems because they will expand their business areas through the collaboration between three defense companies of the Group, Hanwha corporation, Hanwha Techwin, and Hanwha Systems. The People are also expecting to see Hanwha Defense Systems plays an important role for growth of the defense industry.
We hope Hanwha Defense Systems to achieve their vision.

Headlines for August 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Chairman Seung Youn Kim visits Hanwha Q CELLS Jinchoen solar cell plant
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - 2016 Hanwha Chairman's Cup National Shooting Competition sponsored by Hanwha Group was held
  3. 3. Hanwha Corportaion - Ranked 277th on Fortune “Global 500” List
  4. 4. Hanwha Galleria - The grand opening of Galleria Duty Free 63
  5. 5. Hanwha City Development - Held a ground-breaking ceremony for the Youngin Techno Valley
  6. 6. Hanwha Q CELLS - Completed Hanwha Seosan Solar Venture Complex
  7. 7. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts - 63 Sea World has reopened with the new name, Aqua Planet 63
  8. 8. Hanwha Defense Systems - Held a new vision proclamation ceremony
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