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Headlines for February 2019


1. [Hanwha Group] Participated in World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019

The Group has participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos for 10 years starting in 2010 and has searched for the direction of change to become an 'Infinite Enterprise' that will prevail in the future. Participants took part in the main sessions and discussions of the Davos Forum on the subject of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and were concerned with the direction of changes in the global economic structure.

At the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q. CELLS, Kim Dong-won, Head of Fintech & Innovation Center of Hanwha Life Insurance, Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Aerospace, and CEO Kim Yong-hyun of Hanwha Asset Management participated in the forum. They were active in exchange and cooperation in over 50 business meetings with the global leaders.

The group also tried to promote the 'Hanwha' and 'Korea' as a brand around Davos during the World Economic Forum.

Through the World Economic Forum, the Group focused on finding ways to move its global business capabilities into an 'Infinite Enterprise' during a period of revolutionary change. As a result, we will support the Group to take the lead in the future in an uncertain global management environment.

2. [Hanwha Defense] Was newly launched by integration of Defense affiliates (Hanwha Land Systems, Hanwha Defense)

The Group’s defense affiliates, Hanwha Land Systems and Hanwha Defense merged and began as a new company ‘Hanwha Defense’. As a result, Hanwha Group’s defense affiliates have been restructured as Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Defense. Hanwha Defense held an unveiling ceremony for 'Integrated CI' aiming to achieve '4 trillion won in sales in 2025 and reach 20th place in global defense companies' ranking.

Through this integration, the company is able to raise their global competitiveness by realizing economies of scale by increasing assets and sales, and expect positive effects in terms of management efficiency and cost reduction.

Hanwha Defense plans to concentrate its core competencies on global competitiveness by actively participating in large-scale global projects. We will support Hanwha Defense, which will continue to grow in the global market by securing product competitiveness from existing weapon systems to future weapons systems.

3. [Hanwha Q CELLS] Ranked 1st in German solar module market share

Germany has secured high economic efficiency with renewable energy compared to coal and gas, and there is a constant demand for high efficiency products mainly in the residential and commercial markets. Hanwha Q. CELLS has achieved the top position in the German market by producing high-efficiency premium solar modules based on Q.ANTUM technology, which improves the output and long-term stability of photo-voltaic products.

Hanwha Q Cells launched Q HOME, a total energy solution for households, which combines all the necessary functions for the home from energy production to storage and management, and Q FLAT, a commercial solar installation solution, to provide customers with a high level of convenience.

In addition, Hanwha Q CELLS expanded its sales network with Q.PARTNER, a specialized partner program, and became a familiar brand to European consumers through marketing at sports events.

Based on the unrivaled technology and the product competitiveness, we are looking forward to Hanwha Q CELLS leading in the domestic market as well as the world market.

4. [Hanwha Total Petrochemical] Invests and expands its Daesan plant, and selected as the safest workplace

Hanwha Total strengthened its core business competitiveness through large-scale investment. The total investment amount is 530 billion won and it is expected to grow in the chemical business market in the future.

Hanwha Total plans to expand the annual production capacity of the Daesan Plant to 400,000 tons of polypropylene, 150,000 tons of ethylene and 40,000 tons of propylene per year. And the expansion construction will proceed with the goal of completion by the end of the year 2020.

First, when the polypropylene plant is completed with an investment of 380 billion won, the annual production capacity of polypropylene will increase to 1.12million tons, which will be ranked number one in the domestic market.
Polypropylene is a plastic material widely used in electric and electronic materials, automobile interior and exterior materials, film and packaging materials, and Hanwha Total will continue to grow in the global market.

Hanwha Total expects that this expansion will maximize the production and operation efficiency of the plant by expanding the production balance and facilities of the Daesan plant as a whole.

Headlines for February 2019
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Participated in World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019
  2. 2. Hanwha Defense - Was newly launched by integration of Defense affiliates (Hanwha Land Systems, Hanwha Defense)
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS - Ranked 1st in German solar module market share
  4. 4. Hanwha Total Petrochemical - Invests and expands its Daesan plant, and selected as the safest workplace

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Headlines for January 2016

Headlines for January 2016


1. Hanwha Group - Signed a strategic MOU with Dianrong China to secure FinTech related core competency

The Group has signed a strategic MOU with a global FinTech Company Dianrong in China in order to secure FinTech related core competency early and to dominate the market through discovering domestic and foreign business opportunities and its applications. Dianrong is a leading lending company based on P2P FinTech technology in China.

Kim Yong-wook, the CEO of Hanwha S&C and Soul Htite, the CEO of Dianrong signed a strategic MOU regarding establishing a joint venture at Walking On The Cloud in 63 Building on November 25th.

At the ceremony, Kim Dong-won, head of Innovation Center of Hanwha Life Insurance and 20 other members from Hanwha Finance Network including Hanwha Investment as well as Hanwha S&C members attended.

This MOU began being discussed in April when Kim Dong-won, head of Innovation Center met Soul Htite at LendIt conference in the U.S. and shared their common interests.

The MOU describes completion of forming the joint venture by the beginning of 2016, launching P2P lending marketplace service during the first half of the next year, and expanding to the global market through utilizing Hanwha Finance Network.

At the signing ceremony, Soul Htite, CEO of Dianrong said the financial industry is changing rapidly in Korea through the government’s regulation reform, and he is pleased to find a partner who shares the same vision, ‘FinTech is the future of finance.

Dianrong was established by Soul Htite who was a co-founder and the CTO of Lending Club which was founded in Shanghai in 2012, and it is the largest online lending marketplace.

Dianrong is one of the top three P2P global FinTech company in China with 26 branches and 1,700 employees.

They have a proven platform technology that handled the total of 15 trillion won during the past nine years in the U.S. and China. And the automatic diversified investment technology, an analysis of sophisticated big data, and the risk management technologies are some of their core competencies.

Kim Yong-wook, CEO of Hanwha S&C, revealed that Hanwha S&C will strengthen the synergy of Hanwha’s expertise in Finance and IT, and they would dominate the local FinTech market through this joint-venture and expand the business internationally.

Through this MOU, the Group will have an opportunity to acquire the operation know-how and the technical capability through the strategic partnership with a global leading company in the fast changing FinTech business environment. And the Group has established a foundation to dominate the market, and will actively discover FinTech business opportunities in Korea and overseas.

2. Hanwha Group - Launched a New Commercial - Flame Tree

At the beginning of this year, the Group began the “I am the flame” campaign that expressed the diverse symbolism to warm sensibility. Since then, they have strengthened the identity that Hanwha is the flame, and used this campaign to the actual advertising material where friendly image is present such as Eagles and the fireworks festival. The second half of this year’s new commercial has been aired. In addition, the digital campaign sending the actual flame tree cards with encouragement and supporting messages to soldiers was also carried out.

This delivers the positive meaning of the flame through soldiers who are carrying the trust of the nation and society based on family love. It contains the meaning of year-end by delivering warm stories that promote public interest.

The military service is a duty for every able man in Korea. And it is a pan-national topic that everyone can have empathy on considering their families, their loved ones and friends. Hence, the Group is supporting the flame, deep inside of young Korean men who are fulfilling their duties through the commercial.

Since this commercial uses a military subject, it was made with the Army headquarter’s approval and their support. In fact, soldiers from Army 9th infantry division Baekma unit which has established sisterhood relationship since 1976 with the Group were selected after high competition, and they participated making this digital film.

Meanwhile, they ran the digital campaign sending flame tree cards with support and cheering messages to the soldiers. The flame tree cards are one of a kind cards sent by families, love ones, friends, and the acquaintance. This was the campaign that would mail out the photos and the messages once they were uploaded in the campaign microsite by December 23rd.

The Group has formed a broader social consensus through this commercial than ‘I am the flame’ campaign. Meanwhile, they expect that this commercial will help raising the status of Hanwha as the representative defense company in Korea and improving the company’s image as warm and serving public interest.

3. Hanwha Group - Participated in "Creative Korea 2015" and introduced the vision of making the new future through solar energy

‘Creative Korea 2015’ was held from November 26th to 29th at Coex in Seoul. This event introduced the successful cases and results of Creative Economy Initiatives that the government and private sectors pulled together to promote participation of citizens and share common understanding. Our Group along with Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center participated in the event and introduced the vision of making the new future through solar energy which is infinite new renewable energy.

‘Creative Korea 2015,’ which showcased the results of the past three years of Creative Economy Initiative, was held.

The Creative Economy convention is an event that the ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the government departments of Creative Economy committee, and 11 economy organizations hosted and private companies participated.

Under the slogan ‘Create Tomorrow,’ they celebrated the 3rd anniversary with the most number of participants. About 1,100 domestic and overseas organizations and companies including our Group, Facebook, and Google introduced the new technology to innovate the existing industries.

Our Group participated with the name and introduced the future that Hanwha and Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center make the new future through the Sun.

They presented the importance of the solar industry for the future energy source by displaying a miniature plant and a video that showed the entire value chain of the solar industry. They provided an opportunity to meet the future energy solution by displaying the replica of ‘Jukdo’ which is an eco-friendly and energy self-sustaining island. This 100% energy self-sustaining standard model has been getting attention since it started being operated only by renewable energy.

Moreover, products developed by small and medium sized companies to upgrade the problems discovered from our day-to-day life were introduced. And co-developed with Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center, products that are improving the quality of life such as solar powered drone, and solar healing shelter prototype were also introduced.

In addition, attendees were able to feel and experience “the future energy” and “Creation of Tomorrow” through various activities provided by the Group such as a caricature eco-bottle and Tree Planet with Hanwha.

4. Hanwha Q CELLS - Announced a plan to construct the largest solar power plant in Turkey

The Group’s leading solar business company Hanwha Q CELLS is writing a turnaround story. In the 3rd quarter of 2015, record revenue was set after four years of continuous loss. Hanwha Q CELLS has accomplished the goal of 109.5MW of solar downstream result by announcing the plan to build a largest solar power plant in one of world’s emerging markets, Turkey, on December 2nd.

Hanwha Q CELLS is currently running downstream business in England, Turkey, Chile, the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jordan, Japan and China. And the total installed capacity has reached 109.5MW after combining the completed projects in 2015 and the ones in progress.

Through the plan to build the largest solar power plant in Turkey, entering to the market in Turkey became official. They are going to build solar power plants generating the total of 18.3MW through 2 stages in Burdur province which is in the southwest of Turkey by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016. This plant is supposed to generate 13,467MWh of electricity and supply it to Burdur area. This is the same amount of electricity that 2,700 households can use for a year.

This plant is going to be the largest in Turkey. It is a proof that not only Hanwha Q CELLS’ solar technology but also their building ability are being acknowledged in Turkey. They are going to actively carry forward their solar business in Turkey.

5. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts - Held groundbreaking ceremony of Geogadaegyo Bridge tourist site

Hanwha Hotels & Resorts is building the new concept luxury ocean resort in Geoje, Gyeongnam province with an exclusive marina facility. The groundbreaking ceremony of building Geogadaegyo Bridge tourist site with Geoje city was held on December 4th. This project is the city’s core business for establishing a stay type tourism infrastructure with the vision proposing a marine tourism resort city. It is scheduled for opening in July 2018.

Over 600 people attended the ceremony including employees of the resort business support division, the condo business division, and the business development division of Hanwha H&R, congressmen, and local citizens.

Hanwha H&R’s 13th premium class Geoje resort is going to be built on approximately 112,400 square meters land located in Nongso-ri Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongnam. The total of about 200 billion won would be invested to build 424 rooms in the new concept luxury ocean marina resort complex. This will be the new famous attraction in the south coast area.

The resort will have a private and a convenient access to the black pearl Mongdol beach which is very famous in Geoje area, and the nature friendly features such as a coastal trails, an infinity pool with an ocean view, and spa facilities will be introduced. Especially, the resort is going to be built as a luxury resort complex with an exclusive marina to experience the Hallyeohaesang National Park.

Once the building of the resort is complete, about 10,000 jobs, 80.2 billion won revenue, and 155.8 billion won worth of added value are expected during 20 years of operation. It is going to raise the status of the area as the international marine tourist attraction as well as bringing a balance to the local area’s development through the tourism infrastructure in northern part of Geoje city.

6. Hanwha Corporation/Defense - Held ‘Techno Conference 2015’ to compliment workers in R&D and engineers for their passion and dedication

Hanwha Corporation defense division held ‘Techno Conference 2015’ to compliment workers in R&D and engineers for their passion and dedication.

Hanwha Corporation defense division held ‘Techno Conference 2015’ at the grand ballroom of The Plaza on December 18th. Lee Tae-jong, the CEO of Hanwha Corporation defense division, Cho Hang-ju, the director of Hanwha Corporation Research and Development Center and 70 other people attended the conference.

A Techno Conference has been held every year since 2013 by Hanwha Corporation defense division. This event is to compliment workers in research and development field and to instill passion and energy of engineers who are the fundamental force of manufacturing.

At this year’s conference, technical awards, best thesis award, and new Hanwha awards were given. The grand prize of technical awards were given to Lee Jae-cheul, the executive director of the Inertial Technologies And Navigation Systems and four others. The New Hanwha awards were given to Lee Jung-ho, the Senior Manager of Rocket Systems and 48 others. Furthermore, this year’s best researcher’s awards were given to Chae Hoon, the chief researcher and Jung Se-yong, the chief researcher

Hanwha Corporation defense division will continue to strengthen its R&D manpower and fostering them for the business innovation which is based on the technical skills. They are also going to execute a various independent research and development to lead the advanced technical skills in the defense field.

Headlines for January 2016
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Signed a strategic MOU with Dianrong China to secure FinTech competency
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Launched a New Commercial - Flame Tree
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Participated in "Creative Korea 2015" and introduced the vision of making the new future through solar energy
  4. 4. Hanwha Q CELLS - Announced a plan to construct the largest solar power plant in Turkey
  5. 5. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts - Held groundbreaking ceremony of Geogadaegyo Bridge tourist site
  6. 6. Hanwha Corporation/Defense - Held ‘Techno Conference 2015’
Headlines for December 2015

Headlines for December 2015


1. Seoul ADEX 2015

The 10th Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2015 was held at the Air Force base in Seoul Airport from October 20th to 25th. Hanwha Corporation Defense division, Hanwha Techwin, and Hanwha Systems had an opportunity to present that they are the leaders in defense industry by introducing the next generation portfolio that enables to ‘see first, make a quick decision, and strike with a pinpoint accuracy’ which is suitable to the battle field.

Seoul ADEX 2015 has integrated aerospace and defense industry exhibition since 2009. It is the largest aerospace and defense exhibition in Asia Pacific area. In this year, 32 countries and 386 companies participated, and it was the largest event ever held.

Hanwha Corporation Defense division introduced guided weapon systems: the 230mm multiple rocket launcher, Cheonmu and precision ammunition systems: a 155mm extended range sub caliber, a 81mm guided mortar, and a 2.75 inches Korean rocket. Also key components of flight control systems, hydraulic systems, and fuel systems for Korean helicopter, Surion and Korean jet trainer and light attack aircraft T/FA-50 was introduced as well as unmanned systems: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for underwater search and a tactical robot.

Furthermore, Hanwha Techwin displayed various gas turbine engines such as a KUH engine that is being used in Korean T/FA-50. They also showed the world’s top class 155mm K-9 self-propelled artillery and a K10 robotic field artillery ammunition support vehicle. Last December, Hanwha Techwin signed 310 million dollars exporting contract of these weapons.

In addition, visitors were able to see the synergy of the Hanwha Group defense division as well as an aerospace, an integrated monitoring, radar, guided weapon at Hanwha Systems booth. They presented the advanced technology of Hanwha Systems to the minister of National Defense, the minister of DAPA, the president of Agency for Defense Development, government VIPs and other visitors and received positive responses from them.

Seoul ADEX 2015 provided an opportunity to show the ability of the Group’s defense sector and the synergy of three defense companies. They will continue to expand their presence in defense market through the aggressive market exploration and customer relationship marketing.

2. 2015 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha

The government complex was filled with healthy runners in province under the autumn sunlight.
The Group sponsored and hosted ‘2015 Marathon with Hanwha’ and it was successfully held on November 1st at lake park.

‘2015 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha’ was held for the second time since Sejong city was established.

At the opening ceremony, Kim Shin-yeon, the CEO of Hanwha Eagles, Lee Sun-suk, the CEO of Hanwha Advanced Materials, and Choi Sun-mok, a senior executive president and Head of the communication team of the Group attended, and they showed their support with other Hanwha members from the affiliates and the local government officials in Chuncheong area.

The citizen in Chungcheong area, workers from the Sejong government complex, marathon club members and their family members from the Hanwha affiliates, and marathoners from all over the country have joined this year’s event. There were 5km, 10km, a half course and a full course.

Participants set off with a whistle blow.

The 5km course was set up to go around the Sejong city’s representative attraction, the lake park, while enjoying autumn leaves and beautiful lake scenery. Participants were able to relax and enjoy autumn weather.

Those who participated in the half and the full course had to catch their breath and run their best to the finish line with passion, the challenging spirit, and their willpower.

Kim Soo-yong who finished the full course in 2 hours and 40 minutes in the male category came in first to the finish line. The marathon club members of Hanwha affiliates cheered up each other and enjoyed each others’ company at the finish line.

Participants wanted to ‘test the limit’ and run ‘with colleagues and families’ rather than setting the record. ‘2015 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha’ was an opportunity to introduce the Group’s image as a healthy, sharing, and energetic company to the people in Chungcheong province through strengthening health and harmony.

3. Korea Energy Show 2015

The largest comprehensive energy exhibition ‘Korea Energy Show 2015’ was sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry And Energy and hosted by the Korea Energy Agency. It is the ‘Energy festival’ where the present and the future of the energy sector meet. Hanwha Q Cells and Hanwha S&C set up a booth together and introduced the blueprint of the future of the new and renewable energy industry.

On November 17th, Korea Energy Show 2015 was held. Kim Yong-wook, the CEO of Hanwha S&C, Lee Byeong-woo, the president of Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center and presidents of other participating companies have attended the tape cutting ceremony, and they looked around the booths.

Hanwha Q Cells-Hanwha S&C booth were located in the new and renewable energy section and they were set up with a theme of ‘Hanwha Energy Archive.’ And they introduced the Group’s ability in solar business by showing the materials to the plant facilities through successfully achieving a vertical business model. They also proposed the environment-friendly energy consumption flow and their effective models.

Hanwha Q Cells has launched Q.PLUS series and HSL series that adopted Q.ANTUM cell technology at this event. Q.PLUS series has won the Module Manufacturing Innovation Award 2015 hosted by Germany Solar International event.

And Hanwha S&C introduced the micro grid business ability based on IT technology during the show. They also displayed various energy solutions such as a nonstop power supply system and a portable energy storage unit. Hanwha S&C presented the vision that they want to take a new step into becoming a market leader of the global energy convergence.

4. The 2nd Hanwha WITH Conference

In order to create an environment where female leaders can grow, the Group that is trying to prevent female career discontinuity and help finding work and family balance held the ‘Hanwha WITH Conference 2015.’ Hanwha WITH conference was held last year for the first time to propose a vision to the female employees in the Group and provide an opportunity for increasing self-motivation. This year’s conference added more suggestions and meaningful time.

The Group’s major CEOs and 250 employees from the affiliates attended the ‘Hanwha WITH Conference 2015.’ At the opening remarks, Cha Nam-gyu, the CEO of Hanwha Life Insurance, emphasized that the Group will continue to support and expand the company’s understanding and interest in female employees to broaden their abilities.

Furthermore, Kim Nam-ok, a managing director of Hanwha General Insurance Gyeongin Regional Organization, and Cho Seong-yeon, Head of Hanwha Hotels & Resorts Marketing division gave lectures to their junior colleagues on ‘Success case as a female leader,’ and Song Chang-hee, the senior engineer of Hanwha Techwin spoke on ‘How to be successful at work as a working mom.’

Those who attended the conference were divided into 34 teams during 6 weeks. They executed a project nurtures female human resources and develops the organization culture. They discussed and shared their opinions through on-line and SNS as a team and came up with various conclusions.

One or two male members had to participate in each team. And they all agreed that the support to eliminate discrimination and to enhance communication between male and female is needed.

Especially, there were many teams that had empathy for building the working environment not only for ‘working moms’ but also for ‘working parents’ and suggested a system and measures for it.

The team from Hanwha Advanced Materials that proposed adopting the ‘family time annual leave’ has won the ‘Challenge award.’ Hanwha Galleria 3 team composed by all male employees proposed ‘Hanwha Group’s career discontinued females for reemployment’ has won the ‘Dedication award.’ The team from Hanwha Total that proposed the ‘Operation of Hanwha care service center and organizing female committee’ has won the ‘Integrity award’ and many special awards were presented.

5. Provide solar equipment to welfare facilities

The Group had its 5th ‘Happy Sunshine’ campaign that provides free solar power equipment to welfare facilities throughout the nation. From this year, the Group not only provides solar equipment but also holds a ‘Happy Sunshine Class’ where elementary students can experience the importance of eco-friendly energy.

The Group held a donation ceremony with the World Vision after the completion of 12kW solar power-generating facility at the foster home, Cheonyangwon, located in Daejeon on October 28th.

Park Seon-kyu, the plant manager of Hanwha Corporation Daejeon Plant attended the ceremony and expressed in his welcoming speech that ‘Happy Sunshine campaign is Hanwha’s main social contribution activity that reflects nationwide hot subjects: eco-friendly and social welfare. And he said that he wishes this assistance of the solar facility establishes the foundation of making our society warmer and improving the social recognition of environment-friendly issues.

After Cheonyangwon, the Group is going to install 216 kW solar power-generating facilities at 28 social welfare places for free by the end of this year.

Happy Sunshine campaign that began in 2011 has provided the total of 807 kW of solar power-generating facilities in 118 welfare groups in last 4 years. By the time this year’s campaign completes, there will be a total of 146 facilities.

The Group has created a virtuous cycle that more welfare services are provided to the local people. In last 5 years, these social welfare groups have widened their limited resources by saving money on their power bills.

Furthermore, the Group took a step further from this year that they hold a ‘Happy Sunshine Class’ where elementary students can experience the importance of eco-friendly energy.

The class is going to compose many programs that elementary students can understand the environment friendly solar energy through making solar lanterns and playing games after experiencing the energy poverty situation.

Headlines for December 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Corporation/Defence, Hanwha Techwin, Hanwha Systems - 2015 Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibitinon
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - 2015 Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha S&C - Exhibits presented during "Korea Energy Show 2015," offering a blueprint of the companies' renewable energy business, for the four-day event from November 17
  4. 4. Hanwha Group - Held the 2nd Women In Tomorrow Hanwha Conference
  5. 5. Hanwha Group - Provide solar equipment to welfare facilities
Headlines for November 2015

Headlines for November 2015


1. 2015 Seoul International Fireworks Festival, together with Hanwha

Korea’s renowned festival ‘2015 Seoul International Fireworks Festival, together with Hanwha’ was held for 13th time this year. It began in 2000 as our Group’s main social contribution activity. Three pyrotechnic teams from the United States, the Philippines, and Korea have participated this year, and over 100,000 amazing fireworks illuminated in the autumn’s night sky.

‘2015 Seoul International Fireworks Festival, together with Hanwha’ was held at Hangang river Park in front of 63 Building. The festival was sponsored by Seoul City and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and hosted by the Group and SBS.

Over a million tourists visit this event every year. Many people who have waited a year for this festival, and they showed up to the park in the early hours. By the time the festival began, the Hangang river Park was filled with a lot of people.

The official ceremony of the festival was held on the Paradise cruise. Cha Nam-gyu, the CEO of Hanwha Life Insurance and Choi Yang-soo, the CEO of Hanwha Corporation, Park Yun-sik, the CEO of Hanwha General Insurance, and Kim Chang-bum, the CEO of Hanwha Chemical have attended the ceremony along with the officials of Seoul city and KOCCA. After the counting down, the show began.

America’s Melrose, the Philippines’ Dragon Fireworks, and Explosive fireworks team of Hanwha Corporation participated in this year’s fireworks festival.

Melrose Pyrotechnics from the United States presented their show first. They recently won the competitions held in Japan and in Vietnam. Their show was under the slogan ‘Love is magical.’ It was expressing sweet sensibility. Classical and modern music synchronized the strong musical fireworks.

The second show was presented by Dragon Fireworks from the Philippines. They used the passionate music that combined the Philippines’ hidden pop and world’s popular electric dance music to present splendid and extreme musical fireworks.

The finale was performed by Korean team which was represented by Hanwha with the theme ‘Flames like a magic.’ They created forgotten flames in our hearts through four images, Joy, Energy, Love, and Hope.

Unlike previous years, there were opening performances on a special stage for the audiences with 4 different themes. They presented the upgraded storytelling fireworks which they delivered messages to the audience through a large screen during the show.

Also, they placed a barge between Wonhyu and Mapo bridges this year to perform wider shows in Yeoido area. Colorful flames decorated the night sky with Hangang river’s night view.

The ‘2015 Seoul International Fireworks Festival, together with Hanwha’ delivered unforgettable memories and touched the hearts of the audience through magical flames. We are already looking forward to the next year’s ‘Fireworks Festival.’

2. Relay Volunteer Service for 63rd Foundation Day

The Group has carried out a relay volunteer service program on every foundation day to fulfill the idea of serving the country through the business. This year was not an exception.

Hanwha members had gathered in the multi-room on 12th floor of the headquarter building on October 6th to donate blood.

About 150 Hanwha members from Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Chemical, Hanwha Techwin, Hanwha Q CELLS, and Hanwha S&C joined the blood donation campaign as a part of Foundation day volunteer service.

They decided to help the sick through company-wide blood donation campaign. According to the research, the shortage of blood supply is at a serious level due to MERS, and the outflow of foreign currency is increasing because of importing blood.

Oct. 9th was the 63rd Foundation Day of the Group, and Hanwha members spent October to ruminate the meaning of the foundation day by fulfilling the company’s social responsibility through the relay volunteer services.

Local employees from 20 affiliates and 50 plants participated in volunteer services such as donating blood and helping local farms and vulnerable social group in October.

3. Youth 200,000 + Creative Job Fair

Bridging job seekers and the companies, ‘Youth 200,000 + Creative Job Fair’ was held on October 14th at World Cup Stadium. 13 affiliates and 20 partner companies participated from the Group and set up a booth to provide employment information and job opportunities to the youth in province.

The largest ‘Youth 200,000 + Creative Job Fair’ in Chungcheong province was held successfully. The government and the Creative Economy Innovation Center as well as SK, LG, and our Group hosted this fair.

This fair was a part of the government’s Youth Unemployment Relief Comprehensive Plan announced in July which is supposed to create over 200,000 jobs for youth by 2017. And it was held in Daejeon to relieve the youth unemployment problem of Chungnam and Chungbuk areas.

At the opening ceremony, Lee Ki-kweon, the minister of Employment and Labor, Nam Seong-woo, the CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS, and Ryoo Du Hyoung, the CEO of Hanwha Energy were joined by the officials from other participating companies and local governments. They announced that they are going to pull the energy together to create jobs for the youth and looked around the booths to encourage participating companies.

There were large corporations including our Group and their partner companies and 192 local hidden champion companies and medium sized companies participated, and over 8,000 young job seekers visited the fair and had interviews.

The Group set up a booth to represent 13 affiliates including Hanwha S&C, Hanwha Energy, Hanwha Q CELLS, and Hanwha Techwin and 20 partner companies. They held spot interviews and information sessions.
Especially, Hanwha companies received positive responses at the fair because they offered about 750 jobs.
Hanwha Q CELLS accepted job applications at the fair for over 500 production jobs and they attracted many job seekers.

The Group voluntarily joined the job creation plan that the government is pushing forward. The group will continue the youth job creation plan until 2017 with the belief that creating jobs for youth is an essential investment for the Group’s future.

4. Won Kuwait refinery plant contract

Hanwha E&C signed the contract which was ordered by the Kuwait National Oil Company KNPC to build the first package of refinery plant of 5 packages. Also E&C, SK E&C, and Hyundai Heavy Industry are going to participate #2, 3, 5 NRP packages. It is more meaningful that Korean construction companies have won over 46 billion dollars worth of oversea project in total.

The signing ceremony was held at KNPC headquarter located in Kuwait city, the capital of Kuwait. Lee Seung taek, the plant division director of Hanwha E&C and the representatives of companies that have won NRP packages attended the ceremony and Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi, the CEO of KNPC and the officials joined also.

This project is the first NRP ordered by Kuwait government. Hanwha E&C has won this 1st package construction by forming a consortium with Tecnicas Reunidas in Spain and Sinopec in China.

1st package site is 90 km southeast from Kuwait city called Al Zour. This project is building facilities for atmospheric distillation which is the first oil refining process and for hydrodesulfurization. It is conducted as an EPC method that includes design, procurement, and construction. The total construction cost is 42.3 billion dollars, and the 10% of the total cost, 4.23 billion dollars, are allocated for Hanwha’s project. The estimated construction time is about 45 months, and it is supposed to complete by the end of 2019.

5. Changan Automobile Tech Day

Hanwha Advanced Materials is trying to become a global number one company that manufacturing light composite materials for cars as they continue to expand their oversea manufacturing facilities. As a part of this plan, Hanwha Advanced Materials held an exhibition ‘Changan Automobile Tech Day’ and presented their products at Changan Automobile R&D Center located in Chongqing, China on October 13th and 14th.

Changan Automobile Company was established in 1892. It is number one state owned local automobile manufacturing company with about 80,000 employees. Hanwha Advanced Materials held a Tech Day event at Changan Automobile R&D Center in order to have a successful kick off of the Chongqing branch office which is their 8th oversea branch and 3rd in China.

At the event, the company displayed 22 storyboards introducing light composite materials for cars that Hanwha Advanced Materials manufactures and introduced 5 parts and 38 products.

Changan Automobile officials showed a lot of interests in various products, such as bumper beams, under covers, headliners, and wheel arch liners, made of the world’s number one market share products StrongLite and SuperLite and BuffLite which is light and environmental friendly material, IntermLite used for car seats and interior materials.

“Through this exhibition and technical information sessions, I had an opportunity to obtain information about various light composite materials that Hanwha Advanced Materials manufactures such as GMT, SMC. I hope that Hanwha Advanced Materials and Changan Automobile Company take this opportunity to begin putting efforts in developing light composite materials and products for cars through this Tech Day event.”

Besides the exhibition, they had 6 different technical information sessions to explain about high-strength and ultralight materials for cars that Hanwha Advanced Materials is currently manufacturing. Also the company had opportunities to explain about molding technology and design capability in order to actively inform their strength in R&D of advanced materials.

Chongqing where Changan Automobile is located is one of the top 4 main cities in China along with Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin. The city has accomplished 10.9% economic growth last year, and it was the number one growth rate in China. It is located in central China where over 33,000,000 people reside.

Through this Changan Tech Day event, Hanwha Advanced Materials is going to build their client base in Chongqing area where Chinese automobile industry is clustered around Changan Automobile. Also they are going to secure global automobile manufacturers from this office.

Headlines for November 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - 2015 Seoul International Fireworks Festival, together with Hanwha
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Relay Volunteer Service for 63rd Foundation Day
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Youth 200,000+ Creative Job Fair
  4. 4. Hanwha Engineering & Construction - Won Kuwait refinery plant contract
  5. 5. Hanwha Advanced Materials - Changan Automobile Tech Day
Headlines for October 2015

Headlines for October 2015


1. Summer Davos 2015

The World Economic Forum also called ‘Summer Davos’ was held in Dalian, China from September 9th to 11th.
Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS attended and represented that Hanwha is contributing to Asia’s energy industry as a global solar company. Especially Hanwha is responding to the global climate changes since solar is a low carbon emission energy source.
China has been hosting ‘Summer Davos Forum’ since 2007. This year’s Forum was held at the International Conference Center in Dalian from September 9th to 11th. It is usually held in Tianjin or Dalian, China in September. This forum is for the future leaders that will become the world’s best in next 10 years and the forum advocates technologies and innovation.

The opening ceremony was followed by a discussion session on ‘Asia’s Energy Option’ on 10th. Na Seung-yeon who is currently a host of Arirang TV and was the spokesperson for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics bid committee conducted the panel discussion. Asia’s major VIPs from Korea, China, India, and Mongolia participated as panels, and they discussed about what policies that Asia is concerning in terms of energy economy fluctuation while the concern for Chinese economy is real.

Kim Dong-kwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Q CELLS who participated as a panel to represent Korea expressed that Korea has invested on energy related research and development and can contribute to Asian energy industry through the production innovation.

Moderator : Go to Mr. Kim. Because obviously, the Hanwha Group, a leading presence in solar energy. And also Korea, not a lot of natural resources, hardly any. But major importer of energy and yet also an exporter of energy related technologies. Of course your company is one of them. Could you talk about where Korea stands and where you see the potential maybe?

Kim Dong-kwan : I think as it was well proposed I think Korea has ambitious target of carbon reduction. And I think Korean government just released a very ambitious target of increasing the percentage of renewable to the double digits within a decade or so. I think, especially, Korea, as you mentioned, is very resources constrained. And we have been investing a lot into R&D.
And I think, especially, our strength in semi-conductors and display manufacturing has been transformed into manufacturing know-how for solar panels as well. Also, although Korean market itself is still relatively small compared to China or India. I think, throughout Asia, especially in China and India, we have a lot to contribute in terms of manufacturing innovation and also in bringing solutions. Maybe not only a conventional solutions but with micro grids and smart grids, I think there is a lot of opportunity to by-pass a lot of infrastructure requirements, power transmission requirements that are necessary to bring electricity to remote villages in India.

In addition, Mr. Kim emphasized that the economic feasibility of new and renewable energy has improved through the development of technology. He also said that if the government’s policies boost the innovation, the market will move dynamically and will lower the price.

Although the price is the most important element in solar and new and renewable energy, his belief that mass production is possible was revalidated through this forum. More demand can be expected if the way to lower the price is found. As a result, it can bring a dramatic change in power system.

Before the forum began, Mr. Kim was interviewed by a global economic channel CNBC. During the interview, he expressed that he was optimistic as clean and sustainable energy was being discussed a lot in China. He said, Chinese solar business is a big opportunity and will continue to grow.

2. Hanwha Finance Classic 2015

The momentum of golf queens, Hanwha Finance Classic 2015 tour was held with the largest prize of KLPGA at Golden Bay Golf & Resort in Taean from September 3rd to 6th. The top players from Korea and other countries played at Golden Bay. This course was designed by Annika Sorenstam who used to be the top LPGA player.

The members of Hanwha Finance Network, Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha General Insurance, and Hanwha Investment & Securities hosted and Team Hanwha conducted Hanwha Finance Classic 2015. It had received much attention because not only many KLPGA star players played but also many players from overseas including USLPGA and JLPGA competed. This mammoth size competition had the total of 1.2 billion won in prizes and 300 million won was for the first place winner.

The player, Bae Seon-woo, had kept the first place for three straight days, but Nomura Haru from the Team Hanwha set the course record by hitting 7 under par 65 shots and made to the 2nd place by hitting one eagle, 8 birdies, and 3 bogeys during the 2nd round.

And during the final round, Nomura and Bae Seon-woo both hit one under par 287 shots and had to play overtime. On the first hole for the overtime, Bae Seon-woo missed 2 meters putt for par. On the other hand, Nomura successfully made her putt for par and came from behind and won the game. Fellow players extended warm congratulations to her. Nomura Haru is known to grow up in Korea when she was little. In this game, she achieved her second winning in her mother’s country.

At the award ceremony, Shim Kyung-seob, the CEO of Hanwha Hotels & Resorts presented the prize for setting the course record. Next, Cha Nam-kyu, the CEO of HLI gave the winning trophy.

Players of the Team Hanwha showed remarkable results and the team spirit. During the overtime, players from the Team Hanwha cheered for Nomura Haru. Along with Nomura, Kim In-kyung made 3rd place, Jenny Shin 10th, Ji Eun-hee 13th place.

Although the weather was not pleasant due to the rain and hot temperature, but Hanwha Finance Classic 2015 closed successfully thanks to much interest and support from galleries, officials, and Hanwha employees.

3. Award Ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’

Since 2011, the group has held ‘Hanwha Science Challenge’ which is targeting high school students and trying to become the most authoritative event in Korea for discovering ‘Korea’s young Nobel prize winners. The award ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’ was held in 63 Building, and this year’s grand prize went to Jukjeon high school students who proposed developing natural predacide to control yellow dust, micro-dust, and desertification.

At the award ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’, about 240 people attended including students and teachers from 30 teams that made to the final round and CEOs from the Group’s manufacturing companies, and they were joined by Kim Seung-hwan, the president of Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (KOFAC), and judges for the competition.

20 experts from each field selected one grand prize winner, 2 gold prizes, 2 silver prizes, 17 bronze prizes and a special prize among 30 teams during the final round on August 27th. The grand prize honor went to CHANG-E team of Jukjeon high school in Yongin and received 40 million won for a college scholarship.

Two students, Hwang Soo-jin and Ahn Soo-yeon and their teacher, Jeon Sun-young, formed the team CHANG-E. Their unique and creative idea of developing natural predacide, which is similar concept to a face mask pack, in order to keep the moisture for a long time after watering in the desert or trees.

Hanwha Science Challenge is unique because it has not only the biggest prize in Korea but also gave away 1 million won to all participated teams made to the final round for supporting their research and development.

Moreover, for winners above silver prize will have an opportunity to visit the prestigious foreign science organizations. And for winners above bronze prize will be exempted from the paper screening process if they would apply for a job or an internship at Hanwha.

Kim Chang-bum, the CEO of Hanwha Chemical said in his welcoming remarks “I hope you grow to become a world scale scientist to improve happiness for humanity with the experience you have gained during this Hanwha Science Challenge.”

During last 5 years of Hanwha Science Challenge, 3,400 teams and 7,300 high school students have participated with very interesting research topics. Among the past winners, over 60% got into foreign prestigious colleges, SNU, KAIST, POSTEC, and many other excellent schools.

The Group is planning to continue supporting Hanwha Science Challenge so that it becomes a world-class science competition.

4. Winning medals at World Skills Competition 2015

Two Hanwha Techwin employees have participated in World Skills Competition 2015 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Both of them have won the medals and showed superiority of Hanwha Techwin’s skills to the world.

Hanwha Techwin employees who participated in World Skills Competition 2015 achieved good results.
At the award ceremony held on 16th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Park Jun- Oh has won a silver medal in Polymechanics category, and Kim Eun-young has won a bronze medal in web design.
Both of them went through hard training to prepare for this competition in order to demonstrate their best performances.
They are scheduled to return home after finishing local factory visits.

5. Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) Mass production commencement meeting

Hanwha Systems had a meeting for starting the mass production of Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) with officials from Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), Defense Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ), and Agency for Defense Development (ADD) have attended. Hanwha Systems is the only company that has a command, control and communication system in Korea. Hanwha Systems’ Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN) took 15 years to develop from 2001, and it was the largest defense information technology business with over 5 trillion won investments.

The mass production commencement meeting of Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN) was hosted by Defense Agency for Technology and Quality(DTaQ) and 50 other officials have attended the meeting including Kim Young-ho, Gumi business site executive of Hanwha Systems.
They discussed about the status of preparation for the initial production of TICN and the plan for the quality assurance. Hanwha Systems presented their plan for the quality assurance program. They also shared their commitment to the success of this government program through continuous cooperation.

The TICN optimizes the integrated combat ability for the network oriented future battles. This system can transmit large amount of data through wired or wireless at high speed for a long distance. Once the TICN is implemented, the military can synchronize 50 different weapon systems into one, and it can transmit voice and video in real time. Even if the wireless communication line is destroyed during wartime, the military communication line will be maintained to strengthen the military forces.

Hanwha Systems is expected to generate over 2 trillion won in revenue through the production of the TICN by 2022 with about 350 sub-contractors.

6. 2015 Hanwha Group Oversea Value Course began

Hanwha HRD Center is hosting ‘2015 Hanwha Value Course.’ This program is not only running in Korea but also in overseas now. Let’s take a look how the Value Courses are carried out in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and China.

2015 Hanwha Value Course ran in Bismayah construction site in Iraq where ‘Going Further Together’ is being fulfilled quietly under the scorching hot weather with well over 50 degrees Celsius.

From August 29th, 7 sessions ran every day for 276 employees in Bismayah. After that, 97 people in Saudi Arabia, 19 in Dubai, 81 people from 8 different cities in China. The courses ran until September 22nd and covered the total of 473 people.

Since they are working in overseas and representing Hanwha Group and each of their own affiliates, the course taught them how to act with ‘Trust and Loyalty’, ‘Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity’. They are becoming better Hanwha employees through using various trainings such as sharing core values and successful cases and telling history and self-confidence.

Headlines for October 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Summer Davos 2015
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Hanwha Finance Classic 2015
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Award Ceremony of ‘Hanwha Science Challenge 2015’
  4. 4. Hanwha Techwin - Winning medals at World Skills Competition 2015
  5. 5. Hanwha Systems - Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) Mass production commencement meeting
  6. 6. Hanwha Group - 2015 Hanwha Group Oversea Value Course began
Headlines for September 2015

Headlines for September 2015


1. Creating large scale jobs by 2017

In order to help revitalization of national economy through solving youth unemployment problem and the Group’s future investment, the Group is planning to double its hiring in the second half of this year. And the Group will continue to hire up to 17,569 newbies by 2017. Also all affiliates allowed their employees to take an unofficial day-off on August 14th, 70th National Liberation Day Eve, to help revitalization of the local economy.

The Group decided to create 5,729 new jobs for young people during the remaining of the year by increasing 1,497 more new recruits from 4,232 as planned. This is about twice more than the first half of this year’s recruits which was 2,958 people.

In 2016, the Group is going to expand the investment on solar plant in Eumseong and Jincheon in Chungcheongbukdo Province and increase the hires dramatically. 5,140 new jobs for young people would be created.

The Group also plans to hire 6,700 jobs for young people in 2017. Over a trillion won would be invested on developing a large scale resort complex in Geojedo Island and a few other prospective locations. And the investment is going to expedite the completion of the developments within 2017. There would be about 1,400 new jobs created in these areas alone.

The Group believes that this youth unemployment problem that causes a social problem cannot be solved quickly. Therefore, they are going to continue its job creation policy until they create 17,569 jobs by 2017.

This decision is a voluntary participation to the government’s job creation initiatives, and the result of belief that creating jobs for young people is an essential investment for the future of the Group.

The Chairman Kim Seung-youn said in his New Year’s address that, “We must rearm with embodied Hanwha philosophy over a long history, inherit and develop the founding principles of serving the country through the business.”

Therefore, the Group executes a large-scale young people’s job creation plan in order to help solving youth unemployment problem that currently exists in our society. The Group wants to fulfill again the founding principles of serving the country through the business by contributing to the national economy.

Meanwhile, the Group announced an unofficial day-off on National Liberation Day Eve to ruminate the meaning of independence and patriotism and to boost the local economy.

The Group was the first among the major conglomerates deciding to take a day-off. And the decision was made three days before the government’s announcement. It was to create celebration mood of 70th National Liberation Day and to participate local economy revitalization while employees have a chance to refresh.

2. Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader

Hanwha Techwin held a proclamation ceremony to announce the new vision “Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader.” Hanwha Techwin is concentrating on machinery and defense business as one of four major growth axis of the Group. They have proposed a plan to grow into a leader that plays a main role for leading Group’s global manufacturing business after 2020.

Hanwha Techwin held the new vision proclamation ceremony in 63 Building on July 27th. The CEO Kim Cheol-Kyo and about 800 employees have attended the ceremony.

The new vision “Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader’ was announced. And the CEO Kim Cheol-kyo said “Hanwha Techwin is going to become a main company in machinery and defense business of the Group which is a core growth engine of the Group.” He also revealed his aspiration that “Let’s become a globally recognized company through achieving this medium and long term goal.”

The CEO of Hanwha Corporation defense division, Lee Tae-jong said in his speech, “I expect Hanwha Techwin to become a new main player in the Group by achieving the new vision.

With this new vision, Hanwha Techwin proposed to achieve 5 trillion won revenue by 2020, and to become a global company with 10 trillion won revenue by 2025.

Moreover, the top management had an opportunity to strengthen empathy for the organization through a Q&A session.

Lastly, 30 people who represent employees and CEOs of partner companies participated in the vision slogan unveiling ceremony and pledged to fulfill the vision ‘become a core of the Group as a leading player.’

3. ‘A fireworks festival of Hope’ for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day

The Group sponsored magnificent fireworks at Yeoido Hangang Park in Seoul and 4 other major cities to celebrate 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day. Over 300,000 fireworks that hope to boost citizen’s confidence and to revitalize the local tour industry and the economy decorated the sky of summer night.

The Group sponsored ‘70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, High Spirits Festival’ held on August 14th and 15th in Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Seoul.

On 14th, it was held in Busan and Daegu. And on 15th, it was held in Seoul and Gwangju to give unforgettable and fantastic memory with over 300,000 fireworks to the exhausted citizen from summer heat wave.

Especially, the fireworks on 15th was held on the riverside of Hangang River next to 63 Building which recently won a duty-free store license. It was a great opportunity to introduce Yeoido area to foreign travelers and promote the new special tourist zone that linking tourism, culture, and shopping.

Before the fireworks, there were indie bands and K-POP concert to escalate the mood. The Group sponsored fireworks began with 20 minutes long DJ show mingled with laser, and the special video of 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day with a storytelling and the beautiful multi-media fireworks decorated the finale.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) sponsored developing fireworks products called ‘Goblin fire’, ’Sangmo’, ’Tear’ and a flying ‘fire bird.’ The 40 minutes long fireworks with these products displayed the world class quality fireworks.

The Group has presented joy and affection to the citizens through ‘Seoul International Fireworks Festival’ in every October since 2000. But the meaning of this fireworks that held for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day was different. It contained the meaning of reformation of Korea, sharing of joy of 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, and overcoming the depressed social atmosphere such as the economic downturn and the youth unemployment problem.

A huge crowd who gathered at the event revitalized the local market. The domestic consumption that struggled after MERS was improved thanks to many foreign travelers who flowed in because the festival dates were overlapped with Korea Grand Sales period.

4. Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is completed

Hanwha E&C successfully completed Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal with many convenient facilities and attended the completion ceremony.

Choi Kwang-ho, CEO of Hanwha E&C and Won Hee-ryong, the governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and 300 local citizen and the officials attended the Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal completion ceremony.

Hanwha E&C was awarded a minister award and an appreciation plaque for their faithful performance. In addition, the CEO Choi Kwang-ho congratulated the successful completion of the terminal and expressed his appreciation to the officials who supported the project.

The two story Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is built on 86,637 m2 land, and the total floor area of the terminal is 9,697 m2. And there are parking lots for 200 cars and trucks, waiting rooms, Immigration and Customs areas, duty-free stores and many other convenient facilities.

Hanwha E&C plans to secure their competitiveness in building tourist and cultural facilities through this successful completion of Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal.

5. Hanwha Life Insurance World Youth Baduk Championship

The world’s largest Baduk contest, HLI Youth Baduk Championship tournament was held. About 10,000 youth went through qualifying rounds from 24 areas and 256 of them made to the final rounds.

The 15th HLI World Youth Baduk Championship was held in 63 Building grand ballroom on August 6th. Children from all over the country passed qualification rounds from each area, also children from China, Germany, Romania, and 6 other countries competed at the tournament. Moon Min-jong, Okum Elementary School 6 grade has won the championship title this year.

There were many fun events held for players and their families. A communication expert, Professor Kim Chang ok from Seoul Women University gave a lecture on ‘Pleasant communication with children.’ All family members enjoyed various programs such as ‘Challenge! Baduk Golden Bell’, ’Digital Caricature’, ’Walk to 63.’

The living witness of Baduk history, the champion Cho Hoon-hyun visited the tournament again this year and had autograph event and played one to many matches with young players.

Cha Nam-gyu, CEO of HLI said in his speech that HLI World Youth Baduk Championship has contributed to build a foundation for teaching children and to develop Korea’s Baduk for 15 years. HLI will continue giving their support to children who love Baduk.

6. ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ brand proclamation ceremony

Hanwha Advanced Materials held a brand proclamation ceremony on August 13th, and released a brand strategy, a new slogan, and each product’s brand name. They decided the new brand slogan ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’

At Hanwha Advanced Materials brand proclamation ceremony, the CEO Lee Sun –suk and each business division head and the headquarter employees have attended. The ceremony began with the video introducing the importance of brand management.

The new slogan ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ means that the company will perform a fundamental role in order to improve customers’ product values and qualities with the future technologies through the company’s long experiences and know-hows, constant challenges, and innovation and will fulfill the sustainable future.

Each product’s brand name is intuitive, technical, and optimizing products’ strength and their characteristics.

Moreover, they made a brochure and a video that can promote the company’s differentiated brand identity as an advanced material manufacturing firm. They are also going to use a newly opened official blog to strength communication with local and global customers.

The CEO Lee Sun-suk said that the brand is not built overnight, but it is built for a long periods of time through the process that delivers a consistent message repeatedly. He asked all employees to have an interest in brand management and participate in building a brand image that corresponding to the company’s vision through continuous and consistent brand management activities.

Hanwha Advanced Materials plans to continuously execute various activities that promote company’s differentiated brand identity as an advanced material firm.

Headlines for September 2015
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Creating large scale jobs by 2017
  2. 2. Hanwha Techwin - Global military aviation and cutting edge technology equipment solution leader
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - ‘A fireworks festival of Hope’ for 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day
  4. 4. Hanwha Engineering & Construction - Jeju harbor International Passenger Terminal is completed
  5. 5. Hanwha Life Insurance - Hanwha Life Insurance World Youth Baduk Championship
  6. 6. Hanwha Advanced Materials - ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ brand proclamation ceremony
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