Another Year of Contributing to Society
“Going Further Together with Hanwha”

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hanwha works to protect and improve the environment, and to give back to the communities locally and globally. Under the philosophy of ‘Going Further Together,’ Hanwha carried out various social responsibility activities in 2016 including solar donations, environmental campaigns, sports sponsorships and support for FinTech startups.

‘Happy Sunshine Campaign’ Shares Solar Energy

Happy Sunshine Campaign

Hanwha has conducted the 'Happy Sunshine’ campaign which is designed to help at risk areas prepare for the challenges of global warming and climate change. The eco-friendly social contribution program utilizes the know-how and technology of Hanwha's major business—solar business—to provide solar power generation facilities to the disadvantaged for free.

Hanwha has donated solar power generation systems to approximately 146 community welfare centers in South Korea, generating a total of about 1,023 KW of solar energy for five consecutive years since 2011 and provided practical benefits such as expanding eco-friendly energy use and reducing the electricity costs. Additionally, Hanwha operated the program overseas donating 30 KW rooftop photovoltaic equipment to Wujiang Wangzhen elementary school in Wufeng, Hubei 2013 and the Siezhouxiang hope school in Dachung, Qinghai in 2014. Through this program, Hanwha is spreading the importance of the global environment stewardship and contributing to the expansion of social welfare to underprivileged communities.

‘Hanwha Solar Forest’ Turns Deserts into Forests

The Mu Us Desert of Ningxia Autonomous Region, China

Hanwha is working to prevent desertification in an entertaining and engaging way through the ‘Hanwha Solar Forest’ campaign. When video game players of Tree Planet, a United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) certified mobile game, plant virtual trees, Hanwha plants real trees in desert areas to create forest.

Through Tree Planet, Hanwha planted 230,000 trees in the nature conservation area in Tuijin Nars of Mongolia, creating the first Hanwha Solar Forest in 2012. Furthermore, the company created the Solar Forests in elementary schools in Seoul, Korea, and Inchuan, China for the children who have less opportunity to access nature due to fine dust and yellow dust. On September 2016, Hanwha held a tree planting ceremony to celebrate the 6th Hanwha Solar Forest in the Mu Us Desert in the Ningxia Autonomous Region of China and planted 50,000 trees such as desert pine trees and cedar trees
in the region.

Through this program, Hanwha has planted a total of 490,000 trees in Mongolia, China, and Korea in an area covering 1,160,000 square meters so far. The Hanwha Solar Forest not only prevents desertification but also adds more value to the campaign by combating the dangers posed by yellow sand and soil erosion, aiding in water purification, air purification and pest control.

The Iconic ‘Seoul International Fireworks Festival’

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is one of Hanwha's key corporate social responsibility activities that began in 2000. This is a jointly organized event by the Hanwha Group and Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and sponsored by the city of Seoul and the Korea Creative Content Agency. The show has wowed over a million spectators every year, providing an unforgettable autumn evening of memories
for families, couples and friends.

At the ‘Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2016’, representatives from Japan, Spain and Korea participated in the event, firing off 100,000 rounds of fireworks. Over 300 guests including representatives from non-profit organizations and welfare institutions, volunteers were in attendance in addition to guests from at-risk groups. Furthermore, more than 600 Hanwha employees volunteered throughout the festival. After the ceremony, a cleanup campaign was organized to collect litter on site, making the event more enjoyable and meaningful.

Hanwha Supports the ‘Galleria Shooting Team’ and the ‘Team Hanwha’

Hanwha Chairman's Cup National Shooting Competition (left), Hanwha Finance Classic (Right) sponsored by Hanwha

Hanwha is also sponsoring and cooperating with sports sector.

The Hanwha Group has served as the main sponsor of Korea Shooting Federation since June 2002, providing over $10.8 million in funding and taking the lead to boost the interest in shooting sports in Korea. Dae Myung Lee of Hanwha Galleria Shooting Team, who participated in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro for the Korean national team, won the bronze medal in the 50-meter air pistol.

Hanwha has also actively supported golf. The company established the ‘Team Hanwha’ in 2011 and has been nurturing amateur rising stars and working to expand the reach of professional golf industry.
A major golf tournament of KLPGA ‘Hanwha Finance Classic’ first began as the Hanwha Cup Seoul Women’s Open in 1990 and has long been one of the most prominent women’s golf tournaments in Korea. The Hanwha Finance Classic offers more prize money than any other KLPGA event – a lucrative purse of $1.08 million with the 1st prize payout of $270,000. Each year, the tournament attracts the
best talent and is considered an international highlight of women’s golf.

‘DREAMPLUS 63’ Supports FinTech Startups


In October 2016, Hanwha opened the ‘DREAMPLUS 63 Hanwha Life FinTech Center,’ the FinTech incubation center in the landmark 63-Building in Seoul. It will help young entrepreneurs to set up startup companies, create jobs, and at the same time, contribute to a stronger FinTech ecosystem in South Korea.

At the DREAMPLUS 63 center, each startup will be assigned a dedicated support staff to assist the company as it works closely with financial firms, including Hanwha Life, to build close partnerships. The startups will also be partnered with companies that will provide legal, accounting, tax and intellectual property rights consulting. Hanwha Life’s FinTech center also offers the power of its global network to help startups who seek to expand overseas. Startups looking to enter markets in Asia are matched with local partners through Hanwha Group's network. They receive assistance necessary to operate in the local markets including interpretation, legal and regulatory advice. The center also affords investor opportunities for the startups because it attracts them from leading venture capital firms in the United States, Britain, Singapore and Israel.

By continuing its tailored support for startups, Hanwha Life will enable the startups to achieve real breakthroughs and help create a new wave of financial innovation.

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