Hanwha Global Communications Workshop Strengthens Global Connections

Hanwha Global Communications Workshop Strengthens Global Connections

Hanwha global reporters from different parts of the world gathered to take part in the 2017 Hanwha Global Communications Workshop held from October 25 to 27 in Korea. Global reporters play a pivotal role in connecting Hanwha across the globe by sharing news from their local establishments through the in-house global communications channel, Hanwha Newsletter.

A group of 34 global reporters from 21 subsidiaries and representing nine companies participated in the three-day workshop to develop an in-depth understanding of the Hanwha Group and its businesses as well as their roles and responsibilities as global reporters in addition to learning measures to strengthen global communication across Hanwha.

Understanding Hanwha: Hanwha Group and Its Businesses

Understanding Hanwha Group and Its Business

The group of global reporters learned about Hanwha's history, core values, and brand management, visiting Hanwha's history Museum to uncover the company's impact, bolstering their pride as members of the Hanwha family. The global reporters took turns introducing their companies and businesses in person, helping colleagues gain a better understanding of Hanwha's global network and business capabilities. Participants also went on a field trip to Hanwha Q CELLS' Eumseong solar module plant for a firsthand experience of Hanwha's top-tier solar technology.

Developing Communication Skills

In addition, participants received training and engaged in activities designed to improve news article writing and the production of visual content. This training also served as an opportunity to establish common ground among the global reporters, preparing them for their roles and responsibilities as well as providing insight into the importance of global communication.

A Forum for Exchange

The workshop also served as the perfect forum for exchange, communication, and mutual understanding between headquarters and subsidiaries while also acting as a platform to strengthen bonds among a diverse group of employees. Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha Advanced Materials, and Hanwha Life Vietnam shared their contributions to the Newsletter, highlighting their active involvement in global and local communication activities over the past year. This was followed by a highly productive and insightful discussion among global reporters on ideas to facilitate the Newsletter and the spreading of Hanwha's core values.

  • Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha Advanced Materials, and Hanwha Life received the Best Activity Award in recognition of their contributions in boosting Group global internal communications over the past year.

  • Hanwha Q CELLS has a well-established cooperation process, and is actively collaborating with the Hanwha Group as a whole on several fronts, including the Hanwha Newsletter.

  • Global reporters of Hanwha Advanced Materials demonstrated active participation in local news submissions, the Hanwha Core Value Essay contest and other related activities, boosting the company's global communication profile.

  • Hanwha Life Vietnam engaged in the most extensive communications activities among all the subsidiaries, setting an example in leveraging its CSR activities to build a strong brand image.

Hanwha Newsletter Brings Global Communication to Another Level

Karla Martines Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico, Katayama Junichi Hanwha Q CELLS Japan

"I was able to learn new, helpful skills that I can bring to my job as a global reporter," said Karla Martines of Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico. Katayama Junichi from the marketing team of Hanwha Q CELLS Japan commented that he "learned about the history and values of Hanwha" and that he is going to "incorporate the new skills in future tasks."

Launched in September 2015 as an in-house communications channel for global employees, Hanwha Newsletter recently celebrated its second anniversary. By sharing local news and business achievements as well as Hanwha's vision and values with the global employees, Hanwha Newsletter serves as a medium to bring Hanwha employees together.

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