Step Up and Show Your "Hanwha PROUD."

Hanwha PROUD. share your story and join the celebration of our 66th anniversary. October 26, 2018 ~ November 30, 2018

This year marks the 66th anniversary of Hanwha Group.

From its humble beginnings to the Fortune Global 500, Hanwha Group has had an amazing journey to becoming a global business leader.

We take pride in knowing that our amazing story is made possible by you: the Hanwha Family.

Now, we are asking you to share with us your own story – What makes YOU proud of being a part of Hanwha

Join the Hanwha PROUD. campaign and let us know of a moment
when you felt proud to be a member of the Hanwha Family.

1. Visit 2. Tell us about your Hanwha PROUD moment. 3. Get the chance to be featured at Times Square in NYC
  • All Hanhwa PROUD. campaign
    entries will be compiled into a video that will be screened at Times Square in NYC.

  • 6 submitters to be featured in the Hanwha PROUD. campaign posters that will be displayed throughout our plants and offices next year.

  • The randomly selected 66 entries will receive a Hanwha-themed special gift box.

Now, come and tell us YOUR story.

join the campaign

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