What Does the Hanwha Tricircle Symbol Represent?

Hanwha’s symbol mark, the “tricircle,” is the combination of the dynamic circles in 3 different color tones. The “tricircle” is an essential element of Hanwha’s corporate branding designed to clearly express and symbolically visualize our corporate brand identity. In addition, by conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth” through a dynamic energy, Hanwha acquires its visual equity in an effective way.

It is composed of three circles limitlessly evolving and growing through constant changes and innovations.
Through a creative combination, the three circles represent our core values, visions and businesses. They also visualize Hanwha evolving into a world-class corporation that contributes towards the balanced development of customers, society and mankind.
It harmoniously expresses an image where a dynamic energy of tricircles expands and grows limitlessly.

The Progression of Hanwha's CI

The CI is represented by a circular gear, expressing the company's management will that is founded upon a national key industry.
The sphere in the lower part of the image symbolizes the Earth. The flame represents the will of Korea Explosives Corporation to serve as the guiding light for peace and future prosperity for the entire world. The hammers on either side represent the diligent and hard-working employees of the company who dedicate themselves with a spirit of craftsmanship.
The letters "KEC" represent the initials for "Korea Explosives Corporation."

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The central "K" combines the images of Korea Explosives Corporation and the Korea Explosives Group; the raised diamond
motif points up to represent the company's upward drive. The four sides and corners of the diamond shape represent
an eager willingness to take the business to any and all parts of the globe.

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Visually, the new Group CI consists of an orange oval symbolizing the universe, emblazoned with a dynamic representation of the
Group name's initials to reflect its high-tech aspirations, displaying the Group's mission to become a world-leading enterprise.
Philosophically, the CI integrates all the elements representing the foundation of the Group, the present
and the future within the circle of the universe, the origin of all life. The design thus reflects the Group's contribution to
the evolution and development of human civilization and its dynamism that links the present day with future.

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The Hanwha tricircle is formed by three rings that evolve, expand and grow boundlessly towards the deepest reaches of space
through continuous change and innovation. Each circle embodies Hanwha's management principles, Group vision and core business
that interact in a creative encounter, and display the Group's limitless growth into a world-class enterprise while contributing to
the harmonious development of customers, societies and humankind.

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