Truly Global Partner,
Hanwha Advanced Materials

Since 1986, Hanwha Advanced Materials has manufactured a wide range of market-leading automobile components using high-strength, ultra-lightweight materials, helping to pioneer today’s global trends in eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles.

By expanding its network worldwide, Hanwha Advanced Materials further enhances its stature as the world’s leading automotive components and materials companies.

Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico at the heart of the automobile production base

In late 2015, Hanwha Advanced Materials completed the construction of a high-tech production line at the Monterey Technical Park in Mexico. The plant has been producing lightweight components for the Kia Forte since May of 2016.

Here in Mexico, Hanwha Advanced Materials is playing an integral part in bringing world-class quality to the new cars rolling off the lines at the newest center of global automobile production.

High-strength, ultra-lightweight materials from Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico

The high-strength, ultra-lightweight materials for automobiles by Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico boast their world-leading quality.

First manufactured in 1995, StrongLite has dominated the global GMT market since 2009 with a 70% market share thanks to its advanced technology and high quality. StrongLite is strong as steel but 20 to 25% lighter, while boasting outstanding bonding properties.

It is used to replace steel in shock-absorbing bumper beams and seatback frames.

SuperLite, applied to headliners, sun visors and underbody shields, is a market-leading composite material that has high strength as well as excellent noise-absorbing and trimming properties.

BuffLife is another Hanwha’s high-tech material.

These cutting-edge products are just a part of Hanwha Advanced Materials’ extensive product line.

Hanwha Advanced Materials Extending Its Global Reach

Besides its Mexican base, Hanwha Advanced Materials has a diversified manufacturing and R&D network spanning the United States, China, Korea, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Based on its extensive global network and specialized proprietary technologies, Hanwha Advanced Materials is committed to achieve its vision to become “the global leader in lightweight composite materials and components for automobiles.”

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