Business in Focus

Since the early 2000s, Hanwha has expanded in the global market by establishing five branches overseas, with a focus in developing and manufacturing a variety of automotive parts for major carmakers and cutting-edge industrial materials for solar energy and electronics.

  • GMT, LWRT No. 1 in the global market
  • Global manufacturing plants 5 in the USA, China, Czech Republic
  • A History 50 Years since founding the company in 1965
Materials for the Future

Hanwha Advanced Materials has transformed itself into a “global high-tech materials maker” by concentrating its capacities on the material industry. In particular, the company has expanded its core business areas into composite materials for lightweight cars, electronics and solar energy, where it is able to compete effectively.

  • Automotive Materials Since 1986 when it made inroads into the auto parts business, the company has been providing a variety of high-strength and lightweight composite materials such as GMT, LWRT, and EPP based on its technological prowess in this area. By establishing overseas branches and manufacturing plants
    in Alabama and Virginia in the US, Beijing and Shanghai in China, and in Czech, the company has raised its company awareness as a global auto parts manufacturer and supplier. In 2007, the company set up the global network, by acquiring Azdel, a US-based thermoplastic composite maker.
  • Electronics Materials Since 2003 when it made inroads into the area
    of FCCL, a core material for mobile phones,
    the company has contributed to developing related technologies, as well as domestically producing products in that area. It has also significantly raised the competitiveness of the domestic electronics industry. In 2012, the company expanded its business area into the TSP by successfully developing and manufacturing ITO films, a core material for TSP.
  • Solar Materials In 2010, the company succeeded in domestically manufacturing EVA sheets, which protect solar cells and thereby took a significant role in the solar energy business, the Group’s strategic business. The company aims to expand its production capacity
    to 100,000 tons by 2020 with the goal of raising its standing among the global top three players.
Work Reference

Establishing a global network through which Hanwha can provide the best products for industry leaders in automotive, solar energy and electronics.

  • Globally Ranked No.1
    in the GMT Market
    Having started mass production
    in 1995, the company has been number one in the global GMT market since 2009
  • Globally Expanding
    Manufacturing Plants
    By globally expanding its manufacturing plants, including the expansion of its US-based auto parts material manufacturing plants, the company is becoming a global leader in that area.
  • Providing Electronics Materials
    for Samsung Electronics
    The company has been providing Samsung Electronics with materials for the LCD, Sub PBA, camera modules and touch screen used in Samsung’s flagship smartphones.
  • Providing SolarOne and Q CELLS
    with Materials for Solar Cells
    After succeeding in developing EVA sheets, the core parts of solar cells, the company started manufacturing it in full swing and has been providing
    it for SolarOne and Q CELLS, two
    of the top global solar power-related companies.
Key Affiliates

By creating the best solutions through ceaseless technological innovation, Hanwha Advanced Materials provide greater value while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Our Global Footprint

Hanwha Advanced Materials will continue to pioneer into new markets and
expand our global network to strengthen our leadership.

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