Hanwha was founded in 1952 as Korea Explosives Company.

Taking on Challenges Since 1952

Throughout our history, we have continually transformed
and expanded our business portfolio to power
industries and communities and offer new growth drivers


Since 1952, Hanwha Group has transformed industries by delivering innovative, future-ready solutions. We played a pivotal role in the development of Korea’s national economy, and over the past seven decades we’ve evolved into a multinational company with world-leading technological expertise and competitiveness.

At Hanwha, our growth and success can be attributed to the values and spirit of our people. The desire and ambition to take on new challenges and break boundaries is what defines us as a company.

Building on our accomplishments, we are now looking ahead to the future. By challenging limits and pushing boundaries, we will continue to create opportunities and pioneer next-generation clean technologies with purpose and value, for people and the planet.

1952 - 1963

Korea Explosives Company localized South Korea’s first dynamite production and provided related products.
Laying a Foundation
After the Korean War

Locally produced industrial explosives and
contributed to South Korea’s post-war reconstruction

1964 - 1980

Hanwha launched THE PLAZA, Seoul in 1976.
Our Mission

Aggressively invested in key industries and contributed to the acceleration of South Korea’s modernization

1981 - 1995

The company diversified its portfolio by acquiring two petrochemical businesses, Hanyang Chemicals and Dow Chemicals Korea.
New Opportunities

Entered the services & leisure industry while diversifying our business portfolio

1996 - 2006

Hanwha acquired Korea Life Insurance in 2002, a business that has become the second largest life insurance carrier in Korea.
Building Momentum

Sought new opportunities and acquisitions to build momentum to boost growth

2007 - 2014

Hanwha acquired Germany–based Q.CELLS, now part of Hanwha Solutions, in 2012.
Going Global

Expanded global business

2015 - Present

In 2022, Hanwha was appointed system integrator for the Korea Space Launch Vehicle Program.
Discovering New
Growth Drivers

Transforming our global business model
to center on sustainability

Our accomplishments demonstrate our track record
as a future-ready company with a long history of innovation