Hanwha's integrated finance solutions offer unmatched flexibility and accessibility.


We are a trusted finance partner that empowers
individuals and communities with personal finance solutions for life

What We Do

By integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our digital financial solutions
and customizing those solutions for various lifestyles,
we empower individuals and help societies attain sustainable growth.

Insurance Services

As a leading insurance provider, we harness the power of
digital innovation to offer reliable, convenient solutions

We offer a suite of diversified financial and life-care solutions that are safe, accessible, and convenient. Our offerings
range from Hanwha Life — Korea’s first life insurance company with assets valued at more than $100.06 billion in 2022 —
to Hanwha General Insurance. With a strong foundation and expertise in traditional insurance, we’ve invested in fintech
to leverage the full benefits of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and digitalization. We were the first in the industry to
offer live video chat services, bridging the digital divide with more user-friendly technology and increasing access to
people living in remote areas. We continue to expand our services through digital platforms such as LIFEPLUS TRIBES,
As a leading insurance provider, Hanwha offers reliable, convenient solutions through digitial innovation.
Our expertise
  • Insurance product planning and development
  • Life and general insurance products
  • Digital transformation services
  • Investment services
  • Digital insurance carrier

LIFEPLUS & Global Talent

As believers in connectivity, sharing, and collaboration,
we empower people

Hanwha’s financial companies jointly operate LIFEPLUS to empower customers with reliable digital solutions that
promote healthy lifestyles and holistic wellness. In line with our core values of connectivity, sharing, and collaboration,
we create growth opportunities for new businesses and entrepreneurs. We operate global programs that support emerging talent and
provide opportunities around the world. We help talented individuals develop their future careers and nurture personal growth through global internship and
mentorship camps and events, with conferences like LIFEPLUS NY featuring distinguished speakers.
Events like Hanwha's Lifeplus NY help foster the next generation of talent in the finance industry.
Our expertise
  • Development and sales of non-life insurance products
  • New digital business development
  • Open innovation platforms
  • Startup accelerator

Digital Finance

Advancing digital finance to enhance accessibility and inclusive growth

Hanwha provides seamless customer experiences in digital finance and generates sustainable growth through artificial intelligence (AI)
and big data technologies. To enhance customer convenience and broaden access to our services, we’re continuing to
develop digital platforms that cater to customers at every stage their journey in finance. As well as reinforcing our expertise in traditional
financial services, we are expanding into areas such as fractional share trading, alternative investments, and health care.
By consistently incorporating the latest advances in digital finance, we plan to make asset management for investors even
smarter and more convenient going forward.
Hanwha's PINE app is a platform for direct sales of funds for individual investors, recognized for its user-friendly interface.
Our expertise
  • General agency solutions and future sales platforms
  • Mortgage, commercial, and personal loans
  • Trusts, funds, and retirement pensions
  • Collective investment funds
  • Discretionary investment
  • Securities brokerage and underwriting
  • Asset management

Global Business

As a rapidly expanding financial services provider,
we’re driving global growth

We’re expanding our presence in Asia at a rapid pace thanks to our digital platforms with bases in Vietnam, China,
Indonesia, and Singapore. By providing a variety of cutting-edge digital solutions, we’re driving growth there and aim
to emerge as a global financial services leader across the region. We’re also strengthening our presence in the U.S.
Hanwha is a rapidly expanding financial services provider with bases In Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.
Our expertise
  • Life and general insurance products
  • Domestic and overseas stock and bond management
  • Global alternative investments and new business identification
  • Brokerage and securities acquisition
  • Asset management services