Those at Hanwha have a challenger mindset, embracing change and redefining what is possible.


Talent is our most important asset

How We Work

We at Hanwha have a challenger mindset.
Instead of settling for
“good enough,” we embrace change and redefine
what is possible.
We actively develop our skills, keep our minds open,
and set high goals.
With creative thinking and
an “I can do it”spirit, nothing is impossible
  • Challenge iconChallenge

    We never shy away from a challenge

    We thrive on challenges and relentlessly innovate to create next-level achievements.
    We transcend the boundaries within each field of business and cultivate exceptional points of distinction
    while taking full ownership of our work . Armed with this challenger mindset, we are quick
    to take on the status quo and seize opportunities, setting and achieving ambitious goals that foster both personal and organizational growth.

  • Dedication iconDedication

    With dedication, anything is possible

    We believe in working for the common good, building strong relationships,
    and keeping our promises to customers and colleagues.
    Together, inspired by a teamworking spirit, we trust each other’s skills and contribute to each other’s achievements.

  • Integrity iconIntegrity

    Integrity is everything

    At Hanwha, everyone is treated with respect. Integrity, fairness, and principles come before personal gain or
    subjective feelings. We all work together to support mutual success and take pride in the changes we make, committing to honest practices and transparent relationships.