Hanwha is the seventh largest business enterprise in Korea and a Fortune Global 500 company.

Message From Our Chairman

Hanwha is embracing new challenges to secure
a sustainable future for people and the planet

Hanwha Chairman Seung Youn Kim

Established in 1952, Hanwha shares its history of growth as a global company with the rapid development of the South Korean economy. Driven by our founding philosophy of “fostering social growth and prosperity” and our spirit of upholding “trust and loyalty,” we helped rebuild the nation after the Korean War, playing an integral part in its economic and industrial development. With our expertise in sectors such as aerospace, energy & materials, finance, and retail & services, we have advanced and expanded our business portfolio and invested in innovation and technology to drive sustainable future growth.

Today, our aerospace business represents the leading edge of the experience and innovation we have accumulated over the past seven decades. By participating in the development of engines and key components of Nuri, the KSLV–II (Korea Space Launch Vehicle–II) last year, we demonstrated our unique space transport capabilities to the world. In December 2022, we were appointed the system integrator for the Korea Space Launch Vehicle Program, taking the lead of the technology transfer and overall management of the program. With our relentless commitment to space exploration and bold technological innovation, we aim to establish a comprehensive space value chain, including satellite manufacturing, launch and transportation, and satellite services. Our goal is to become a global leading total solutions provider for the space industry as we secure future space exploration technologies.

In the energy & materials businesses, we continue to work toward creating a sustainable environment through our products and services by accelerating the global energy transition and helping the world achieve carbon neutrality. Building on our solar energy business and its advanced technology and production capacity, we are establishing a green energy value chain, which will aid in the energy transition with the integration of hydrogen, wind power, and LNG. With the launch of Hanwha Ocean, we will enhance synergy across our clean energy businesses to open up new horizons. We are also investing in R&D into critical essential materials for the energy transition and future high value–added industries that will help sustain a cleaner planet.

Hanwha’s financial services are stepping up digital innovation while expanding into global markets by providing customers with novel experiences and solutions that can enrich their lives. Our retail & services businesses are providing customers with the infrastructure and services they need, both on and offline, to help them meet individual needs tailored to their unique lifestyles.

With an unwavering commitment to our customers and communities at our core, Hanwha looks to provide solutions to pressing issues of today through our businesses and technology to help uplift society. Just as we have in the past, we will embrace difficult challenges and continue to overcome them with lasting solutions in order to realize a sustainable future.

Even at this moment, we continue to take bold steps of transformation forward to build a new future. By upholding the spirit of “trust and loyalty” that has informed our business operations since inception, we will continue to provide transformative solutions that sustain people and the planet. By taking on challenges that transcend today’s limits and boundaries, with enduring dedication to our customers, and by leveraging innovative technologies that span activities on the ground and in space, we will forge a shared path toward a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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Seung Youn Kim