Hanwha Aerospace and Mechatronics specializes in solutions for aircraft, satellites, communications, and defense technology.

Aerospace & Mechatronics

We pursue technological innovation to enhance connectivity
in the new space era and power industries on Earth

What We Do

At Hanwha, we offer future-ready solutions as we move forward
into the new space era. We innovate technology to create a safer, smarter,
more connected industrial ecosystem in pursuit of sustainability.


As Korea’s aerospace pioneer, we’re enhancing connectivity
on Earth and beyond to power the new space era

As the first private aerospace company heading joint projects to develop innovative proprietary technology,
Hanwha is leading Korea into the global ranks for the next phase of the space era. We aim to build a complete
space value chain, including manufacture of space launch vehicles and satellites, as well as satellite services
to foster connectivity across industries and communities.
Hanwha Aerospace was appointed system integrator for the Korea Space Launch Vehicle Program in December 2022.
Our expertise
  • Space launch vehicle engines and system integration
  • Earth observation satellite solutions and services
  • Design and manufacture of communication satellites and user terminals


As a trusted manufacturer of aircraft engines, components,
and future mobility, our quality and reliability set us apart

We work closely with top global aviation engine companies such as Pratt & Whitney, GE, and Rolls-Royce.
In 2022, we won the Rolls-Royce Trusted to Deliver Excellence Award for our outstanding work.
We also aim to revolutionize commutes and connect communities through future mobility technology.
Engine for KF–21 Boramae, South Korea’s next-generation fighter jet, made by Hanwha Aerospace.
Our expertise
  • Aircraft engines and engine components
  • Aerospace sensors and electronic systems
  • Platform for aviation leasing, trading, and aero-engine and aircraft asset management
  • Aviation and maritime mobility
  • Satellite communication antennas


As a provider of next-generation global total defense solutions,
we’re keeping nations safe

An emerging leader in the global defense industry, Hanwha builds cutting-edge defense systems
for land, air, and sea, while breaking new ground in the fields of cyber and space. Through advanced
electronics and ICT, we ensure the integrity of joint operations between the Army, Navy, and Air Force
with new technologies and innovative solutions.
Hanwhas armored vehicle REDBACK is a future-ready armored vehicle.
Our expertise
  • Land systems
  • Precision guided munition
  • Naval systems
  • Defense electronics system


By integrating AI technology, we offer cutting-edge,
efficient security solutions that can be tailored to any setting

We use AI data analytics to provide safer, more efficient security solutions in areas that range from industry to retail.
By combining AI with world-class optical processing and imaging technologies, as well as system-on-chip (SoC)
chipset technology and cloud technology, we’ve become a leader in video surveillance solutions.
Hanwha Systems is at the forefront of smart technologies with cloud computing and infrastructure management.
Our expertise
  • Advanced video surveillance solutions


We’re creating smarter, better, more effective systems
to power industries and communities

Our industrial machinery and equipment, automated engineering solutions, and innovative secondary battery
technology set us apart. We also offer a variety of advanced manufacturing equipment and robotics solutions.
Hanwha Corporation Momentum Division specializes in cutting-edge factory machinery for engineering solutions.
Our expertise
  • Industrial equipment and engineering solutions
  • Collaborative robots