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Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision provides smart surveillance solutions to guarantee safety and privacy.
Our expertise
  • Video surveillance solutions

Established in 1990, Hanwha Vision’s advanced video and analysis technology has propelled it into a global leader in video surveillance. By applying our experience and subject matter expertise to product development, we have created a complete line of security solutions that provide safety and comfort to our customers, from cameras and recorders to storage devices, integrated management software and accessories. Our products are designed to meet every application across a range of areas, including residential, urban, and commercial facilities. 

Hanwha Vision's Network Video Recorder allows for real-time monitoring to ensure the safety and protection of facilities.
NVR (Network Video Recorder) products for real–time monitoring

Along with our proprietary optical technology, we are ready to lead global markets with world-class optical design, manufacturing and image-processing technology, such as superior System on Chip (SoC) chipset technology, intelligent image analysis AI camera technology and cyber security platform technology. We strive to enhance customer-tailored AI solutions capabilities. We are also focusing on developing new technologies and solutions that can spearhead changes in residential and industrial paradigms while meeting customer needs, such as convergence technology for AIoT platforms and edge device technology for open platforms. By banking on our years-long core experience and competencies, we maintain the largest share of the South Korean video surveillance market. Our plants are located in South Korea and Vietnam. With these existing sites as footholds for global sales and marketing, we rank the fifth in worldwide market share (excluding China). 


Moving forward, we will further expand our global market share by focusing on ten strategic markets. We will continue to build a sustainable, high-profit business structure by advancing differentiated edge AI performance. In addition, we are focused on securing our capabilities as a solutions provider by preparing integrated solutions to industry-specific demands, such as from smart retail, smart factory, and smart city, while we expand our business to cloud platform-based subscription services. Our continuous technology development and product innovation optimized for customer needs will guide us to become the world's best vision solutions company.