Aerospace & Mechatronics

Hanwha Momentum

Hanwha Momentum provides key equipment for the secondary battery production process.
Our expertise
  • Rechargeable battery production equipment
  • Display manufacturing and clean logistics equipment
  • Logistics
  • Renewable energy

Hanwha Momentum, established in 1953, leads the global machinery and equipment industry with rich experience and cutting-edge technology. We specialize in thermal technology and logistics and are continuously discovering new growth engines by converging these with the latest technologies. We produce high value-added machinery and equipment while exploring new business opportunities that focus on heat treatment, vacuum deposition processing, and ICT.


Hanwha Momentum provides market-proven turnkey solutions ranging from materials, electrodes, and assembly to formation processes and module packs, based on outstanding technological capabilities in the rechargeable battery industry. Based on years of accumulated experience, performance, and future-ready technology development, we are supplying high-quality equipment to companies domestically and overseas, solidifying our position as a leading technology company.

Hanwha Momentum specializes in cutting-edge factory machinery for engineering solutions.

In display manufacturing equipment, through continuous research and development ranging from PDP, LCD, and OLED, we produce and deliver heat treatment equipment such as infrared heating ovens and furnaces, and logistics equipment for displays such as glass cassettes, stockers, and lifters. Our infrared heating ovens for LCD/OLED display manufacturing equipment maintain the world's No. 1 market share with differentiated technology. Additionally, based on particle control and high-speed, low-vibration design technology specialized for clean manufacturing processes, we plan to expand clean automation total solutions optimized for customer requirements in the semiconductor industry.


We are also prominent in the logistics and renewable energy business sectors. In logistics, we provide automation solutions such as establishing a logistics automation system for the entire tire production process. In renewable energy, we are leading domestic renewable energy plant construction with advanced construction and operational services capabilities.


Hanwha Momentum’s extensive experience, expertise, and technological leadership contribute to creating customer value in a variety of areas beyond the existing machinery and equipment business. Moving forward, we will establish ourselves as a leading company in the mechatronics industry with sustainable technological innovation and differentiated engineering capabilities.