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Hanwha Robotics

Cobots can complete repetitive, tedious, and physically demanding tasks in factories.
Our expertise
  • Collaborative robots
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) / Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Hanwha Robotics evolved from two business areas within Hanwha Corporation’s Momentum Division: collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV), which formed a spin-off in October 2023. 


The company introduced Korea’s first collaborative robots, or “cobots,” in 2017 and has continued to advance its products and solutions through the convergence of smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors. Currently, Hanwha is driving progress in the robotics industry by actively deploying unmanned and automated technology in key sectors such as those of rechargeable batteries, solar energy system components, and semiconductors, as well as in the service sector, most notably in food tech. 


With the introduction of the Hanwha Collaborative Robot (HCR) brand, the company continues to develop advanced cobots, which are designed to work hand in hand with people, meeting customer demand for automation in various sectors including shipbuilding, manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. HCR is known for its excellent quality, durability, precision, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. It has also achieved ISO Class 2 cleanroom certification, which validates it for the manufacturing of automated robots that operate in highly controlled, sterile environments such as those in the semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, food, and biotech sectors.


Cobots can work in food service by acting as baristas or cooks.
Hanwha Robotics’ HCR-5A cobot working as a barista at a cafe

The company also offers solutions to automate logistics and transportation through its AGV and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) business. Its AGV and fully autonomous AMR solutions allow for safe transportation, loading, and unloading of shipments. These solutions aim to improve operational efficiency, precision, and productivity by providing turnkey solutions tailored to customer needs from design to customer service.


The company designs and manufactures AGVs optimized for customer worksites, using its diverse and highly reliable location recognition technologies. Hanwha Robotics also prioritizes customer safety, using parts that are certified by Europe’s Conformité Européenne (CE) and UL Solutions in the U.S., all the while adopting a safety controller system that provide emergency shutdown, obstacle recognition, and speed control functions.


To ensure sustainable growth and secure global competitiveness, Hanwha Robotics is taking a multidimensional approach by strengthening its product line and expanding its business in the promising field of food tech automation, while unearthing new opportunities for growth. In addition, Hanwha Robotics will expand its presence overseas and strengthen strategic partnerships to across the globe. On the technology front, the company will continue to advance its autonomous driving, AI, and sensor technologies to continue to drive change in the industry and bolster its competitiveness in robotics technology. Through such efforts, Hanwha Robotics aspires to establish itself as a leading voice in the industry with its diverse product and business offerings, its global approach, and technological innovation.