Hanwha Life Financial Services

A Hanwha Life Financial Services customer exploring data and potential options.
Our expertise
  • Insurance agency business
  • Life and general insurance products

Launched in April 2021, Hanwha Life Financial Service was spun off as an insurance sales company from Hanwha Life’s Personal Sales Division. We have more than 500 sales organizations and 10,900 financial planners, positioning us at the time of launch as the nation’s leader in the general agency industry. Our vision is to consistently be “The First & Next Choice for Insurance, Hanwha Life Financial Services Enrich Customers’ Lives.” We are striving to enhance our sales expertise and become the nation’s best insurance sales company. 


We partner with multiple life and general insurers in professional insurance sales. By evaluating coverage, duration and premiums of a range of insurance products, we provide customized services to suit the lifecycles and financial situations of customers. We established rigorous internal control and consumer protection systems that exceed the general level of other corporate insurance agents. By removing misleading and inappropriate sales of financial products, we are taking the lead in protecting the rights and interests of consumers.


For financial planners, drawing on our deep experience and knowledge as the flagship sales channel of South Korea’s first insurance company, we offer excellent sales support systems, including the industry's highest commissions, training processes, expert support and the benefits of our ACE Club, which honors top-ranking planners. We achieved stable performance from our inception and gained momentum by recording average monthly insurance sale of $4.50 million, achieving the top revenue in the general agency industry.


To offer greater convenience to our financial planners, we focused on building a digital platform that links the sales systems of several life and non-life insurers. We expect to facilitate more efficient sales activities by avoiding the need for planners to use each independent system when handling a variety of products. Using these digital platforms, we will create and analyze our own database to further enhance sales competitiveness. We will also continue to develop a customer-centric digital platform to help financial planners and our customers build and maintain friendly relationships.


Hanwha Life Financial Service will increase its financial planners and build new sales channels through the M&A of small- and medium-sized corporate insurance agents. We will continue efforts for qualitative growth by strengthening our hands-on integrated consulting capabilities, expanding our network of experts and providing education programs to meet the changing financial environment. As we maximize corporate value and further hone our competitiveness by raising capital through an IPO, while expanding our business areas, we will become an insurance sales specialist that provides solutions for all the life needs of our customers.