Hussein Haythem Abdulreda
Hanwha Engineering & Construction Iraq Iraq Construction Unit

Building a 'Dream City' in Iraq for Future Generations


"We are building a dream city, the best ever in my country, so that later generations can dream even bigger"

Hussein Haythem Abdulreda is an engineer in the Iraq Construction Unit of Hanwha Engineering & Construction. He is currently overseeing the rapid progress of the Bismayah New City Project, the largest and most ambitious civil infrastructure project in the country that symbolizes hope and optimism for millions of displaced Iraqis.


Located in the southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, the project aptly dubbed “Dream City” is an urban rebuilding project that will eventually provide modern infrastructure and livable homes for over one million Iraqi households.

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For Hussein, being a part of Hanwha E&C means more than just a job. After graduating in 2017, he beat out seven other aspiring architecture engineers for the chance to directly contribute to the monumental task of rebuilding a country ravaged by wars over the years.

When Hussein first joined, he was understandably nervous given the magnitude and significance of the project. However, his colleagues immediately made him feel welcomed and put him at ease. He was then able to quickly channel his motivation and energy into his work, contributing effectively to the overall progress of the poject. Also, it is through working at Hanwha E&C that Hussein embraced Hanwha’s focus on respect, accuracy, and professionalism, as well as equal acceptance of everyone, regardless of nationality and sectarian background.


Needless to say, the opportunity to work on the project has given Hussein tremendous pride and satisfaction. As he continues on the journey to build homes and a future for his fellow Iraqis, he is gaining invaluable experience from his multicultural and experienced colleagues that he hopes to one day share with other new colleagues like himself.

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