Le Tuyen Vinh, Le Quang Khanh
Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam GA, New Business Assistant Manager

Hanwha Life’s Managers at the Forefront of the Insurance Market in Vietnam.

Hanwha Life’s Managers at the Forefront of the
Le Tuyen Vinh

At Hanwha Life, I can reach my potential

My name is Le Tuyen Vinh and I work at Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam wearing many hats – as its General Agency Director (GA), District Manager (DM), Unit Manager (UM) and Financial Panner (FP). My responsibilities include managing FP recruitment activities, training, directing sales and assuring customer service quality.

I am very proud to be a team member of Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam. Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam is a highly regarded brand and company, known for its fine products and good benefits. The company continues to provide its employees with excellent opportunities to perform in a highly professional environment, allowing someone like myself to create a better life for his family. In turn, I enjoy helping clients plan for their future.


Hanwha Life holds an award ceremony every year to recognize its top performers. Employees are evaluated based on how well they incorporate the company’s strategies into their day-to-day work. In my three years at Hanwha Life, I have won several awards, including the company’s Top GA Award, the Best Performing DM in Northern Vietnam Award and for being one of the top three DMs in the nation.


Every effort I make will be towards pursuing the company's vision, setting tangible goals and executing practical strategies – the things that Hanwha, as a company does best. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Hanwha Group, a company that knows how to appreciate employee achievements and values those who contribute to the local community. I firmly believe this is the right company for me to seek my long-term career goals.


My goals at Hanwha are to become a successful FP, reach my full potential, and acquire a broad range of customers for Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam. Reaching my goals will help Hanwha become one of the top five insurance companies in Vietnam in the next few years. Through such sales and CSR activities, my hope is that Hanwha will gain momentum as it goes from local prominence today to nationwide standard for insurance.

Le Tuyen Vinh

‘Act with Integrity and Dedication’ is the most important core value in my work.

My name is Le Quang Khanh, and I am the New Business Assistant Manager at Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam. My main responsibilities are to assess and classify risk in new businesses and to issue new policies to clients. Additionally, as a team leader, I enable my staff members to leverage their individual skillsets and to earn their trust from their clients.

At Hanwha, I put to practice the core values – challenge the status quo, be loyal to customers and act with integrity and dedication. Personally, I consider acting with integrity and dedication the most important value in my daily life. I work to provide the Vietnamese people with access to resources that allow them to better plan their lives and improve their future. My office is also involved in a number of CSR projects that allow us to make contributions to the society.


Over the past few years, our team faced many difficult issues but managed to overcome them with a ‘dedicated’ spirit. I recall that on September 30th 2014, we were faced with a mountain of applications that needed to be processed by the end of the month. Our team of 12 had to power through more than 600 cases in a short timeframe. We constantly reminded ourselves of the importance of Hanwha’s core values - particularly the core value about dedication. We were able to finish all of the pending cases at 2:00 in the morning. This experience has helped our team learn the importance of dedication.


My career will advance at Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam because I will be building on my successes, developing my potential, and dedicating myself to the service of my beloved clients. I will also continue to create value for my customers and launch CSR activities. By doing this, I’m confident we will make Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam a leader in the local market and a success to share abroad.