Lin Jiaji
Hanwha SolarOne (Hanwha Q CELLS) Leader of the Technology Develop Team

Hanwha Qcells Spares No Effort to Make Sure Employees Continue to Grow

Lin Jiaji

My name is Lin Jiaji, and I am the leader of the Technology Development Team at Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS). My main responsibility is to produce a good outcome and develop more affordable solar modules. Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS) is one of the largest solar power players, as well as global energy solution providers in the world. I saw it as a unique opportunity to grow together with Hanwha in photovoltaic (“PV”: solar energy) field which is the key industry in China.


I attended the Global Strategy Workshop, as a newcomer, and I learned about the vision of the company. Importantly, Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS) has been strongly committed to enhancing its stature in the global market by providing innovative products, as well as increasing production capabilities. I was deeply impressed by this continuous dedication and challenge spirit.

Lin Jiaji

Currently, the solar power market is growing rapidly in Asia. However, most companies have suffered from abrupt price drops over the last few years. Nevertheless, motivated by the challenge spirit, we joined our forces to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Our goal was to increase both the efficiency and the quality of our solar power products, while reducing costs. As a result of such efforts, we have evolved into a stronger and more competitive manufacturer.

Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS) highly encourages employees to build their capabilities and areas of expertise. My company spares no efforts to make sure that its employees continue to grow and take on new tasks. For example, customized training programs are available for people in all positions. Also, my company allows us to do our jobs in a comfortable environment. Thanks to this support, employees can build their career successfully and realize their potential to the fullest. I am reminded of my potential and value every day at Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS), and I enjoy a hospitable working atmosphere, as well as the company's great corporate culture.

Hanwha SolarOne family

I feel at home working at Hanwha SolarOne (Currently, Hanwha Q CELLS). I spend most of my time here and work towards the same purpose with colleagues who treat me like family. I can say I am a Hanwha member who pioneers the future with a challenge spirit. Currently, I am working on the price competitiveness of solar cells. I intend to grow together with my company to be among the number one solar power players in the world.


I wish that you too can develop a passion for work and a challenge spirit to achieve your goal!