Darius Marchal
PSM, a Hanwha company Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Learn How Darius Marchal is Providing Customer-centric Clean Energy Solutions at PSM

Darius Marchal of Hanwha PSM stands in an office.

The Powering Tomorrow Through Sustainability series features interviews with the seven Hanwha employees selected as Gold Prize Winners in the company’s recent internal campaign commemorating Hanwha’s 70th anniversary. These employees strive to incorporate Hanwha’s core brand values of sustainable and inclusive growth, technology and solution-driven innovation and enhancing lives into their careers as they work to build a more sustainable future.


Hanwha sat down with Darius Marchal from Power Systems Mfg. (PSM) to hear more about how he and his team at PSM are incorporating technology and solution-driven innovation in their work to create groundbreaking clean energy solutions.

“We tailor our offerings to satisfy a specific customer need and ensure every customer is satisfied to the best of our abilities.”

As a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Hanwha PSM,

Over his 14-year career at PSM, Darius Marchal and his team have been working diligently to provide customers with the latest innovative technological products and solutions. Since joining PSM, Darius has expanded his technological expertise and knowledge, helping lead the gas turbine industry in a new, more sustainable direction.



PSM defines itself as a comprehensive multi-OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, gas turbine services provider. Its main business areas include the development of gas turbine technology, which is used for generating electricity at natural gas power plants using combustion.


PSM provides businesses and customers with diverse, tailored technical gas turbine solutions to meet their unique needs. Acquired by Hanwha in 2021, the company offers a host of products and services, from new hardware manufacturing and reconditioning, to upgrades and retrofits for increased efficiency.

PPM emission combustion systems for B&E-Class gas

PSM and Thomassen Energy, PSM’s sister company, form the core of parent company Hanwha Impact’s gas turbine service group, which focuses on investment in and development of low-carbon, sustainable energy. Typical turbines use gas combustion, which can generate a large amount of carbon emissions. As such, utilizing a more sustainable, carbon-free gas has become a priority in lowering emissions across the industry. In line with this aim, PSM is leading development of ultra-low emitting turbines that can utilize a mixture of gas and hydrogen —a game changer for decarbonizing the gas turbine industry and preventing fossil fuel infrastructure from becoming stranded assets.



As Senior Manufacturing Engineer of the Combustion, Cases, and Rotor Group, Darius is responsible for many of these tasks, including new make manufacturing, reconditioning for various hardware, and more. On a larger scale, Darius and his team are leading green innovation in the industry by working to make hydrogen technology in gas turbines more efficient for the future. “We fit into Hanwha’s goals as PSM offers unique custom-tailored solutions and services. Our expertise in hydrogen (H2) combustion technology will provide another green energy solution for the world,” he said.


A core part of Darius’ work is to develop new methods to improve operational efficiency. “Over the last few years, our group has worked on cleaning up and developing intellectual property (IP) to improve our reconditioning business. These efforts have resulted in cost savings of over 50% on some products,” Darius explained. “We have also developed cost-effective repairs for items once considered for single use only, thus recycling and producing less waste.” By integrating sustainability into its business practices, PSM continues to optimize its services and widen its diverse portfolio of clean energy solutions.

Powering Tomorrow Through Sustainability_ Darius M

With a large focus on providing industry-leading technical solutions based on customers’ unique needs, PSM’s business operations exemplify Hanwha’s brand value of technology and solution-driven innovation, which Darius regards as most central to his and his team’s work at the company. “As a seasoned employee of PSM for over 14 years, I have seen our customer requirements shift multiple times. With each shift, PSM has developed new technology and solutions to satisfy our customers, including our world-class H2 combustion technology,” he said.


As such, Darius is proud to be a part of the PSM team and strives to meet the evolving market’s needs as it shifts to utilizing greener and more advanced industry technology. “It is great to be a part of a company and team with such talented people that are able to develop innovative solutions promptly to satisfy the demands of the changing market,” he explained.

Darius and his team collaborated to continue makin

Within technological industries, adaptability is essential, as evolution happens continuously and rapidly. In line with this, PSM is constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve and remain flexible in an ever-changing market. Darius explained that this flexibility is a huge plus of working at the company, helping employees easily make adjustments to their operations. “One of the great qualities of PSM is embracing change, which often does not exist in large companies,” he said. “This philosophy allows us to make internal improvements quickly and respond to customers quickly.”


Additionally, PSM prides itself on creating personalized solutions unique to each customer it serves, rather than offering a “one-size-fits-all” approach to its products and service offerings. Darius highlighted this aspect of PSM and expressed how it positively impacts the company’s work. “We do not have a fixed menu of products and services for our customers. Instead, we tailor our offerings to satisfy a specific customer’s need and ensure every customer is satisfied to the best of our abilities,” he said.


The world continues to move towards a sustainable future, and diverse technologies are needed to push the energy transition forward. With this in mind, Darius and the employees of PSM are working diligently to ensure its hydrogen combustion technology meets both the needs of customers and the planet. Through its technical expertise, PSM hopes to lead the gas turbine industry and make it more sustainable for the future. Going forward, PSM will continue to keep customers at the center of its focus, ensuring their diverse needs are met with tailored, efficient, and sustainable solutions.