David Folz
Hanwha Machinery America Engineering manager

Solving the Market’s Most Pressing Challenges One Problem at a Time

David Folz
David Folz

Hello, I am David Folz, an engineering manager at Hanwha Machinery America

My position has many different responsibilities such as technical sales with our dealers, dealer service engineering training, dealer application training, customer part process, part time estimation, customer training, troubleshooting problems with part manufacturing, and troubleshooting machine problems.

I am responsible for ensuring that all our North American customers, new and old, are being taken care of. I am very proud of everything we at Hanwha Machinery America do for our customers each and every day.

David Folz

Introducing Hanwha Machinery America

Hanwha Machinery America (HMA), a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation/Machinery, is headquarters for the CNC Swiss Type Machines sold in the North American market, covering service, training, parts, sales, and marketing.

The machines are sold through a distribution network that is controlled by 3 regional sales managers. The CNC Swiss Machine Tool business is very large but we only have 5 competitors. These machines are unique in how parts are manufactured and are not common to a standard CNC lathe machine. Once the machines have been sold, they are shipped to the end users and are installed by the local distributor or our HMA engineering team.

The end users are then trained by the local distributor or HMA engineers. Our customer base is very diversified, serving the medical, automotive, aircraft, military, consumer products, and electronics industry.

David Folz

"Challenge" is the highest value I place on top

One of Hanwha’s core value keywords that I always keep on my mind is “challenge” because every facet of my job presents new and interesting challenges to me all the time. Just as in life, each challenge must be dealt with completely. So I take them on one at a time. This gives me the opportunity to better understand the challenge in front of me and focus on solving it without distractions.

Feeling confident in our product, HMA accepted the challenge. I established some modifications for their production process and trained their personnel on the new process. Once this was completed, the company started their evaluation of the first machine. We successfully passed the company’s quality tests in all categories and after 2 years of testing, the company started to replace their 9 machines with ours.


As more Hanwha machines were being installed, the company was able to see the full impact of our machines on their production and scrap rates. Our more efficient machines increased production by 18% running above 93% and the scrap rate dropped from 32% to only 9%. These improvements changed the production run from 7 to 5 days! This was truly a testament to the quality of the Hanwha product.


Unfortunately, accepting challenges does not always have good results. There can be frustration when working with any company, but we all manage to work through these problems as they occur. I try to be as open as possible when we run in to a frustrating situation. Luckily we only have a small number of people working in our office at HMA, so we can solve the problems quickly.

David Folz

In my experience, accepting these challenges at HMA can often lead to great success.


For example, one time our sales manager and a dealer began a relationship with a large manufacturer of small engines that was looking to replace 9 of their machines. They agreed to buy one machine, and if it successfully passed all of their quality tests, they would replace all 9 of their machines with Hanwha machines. They were manufacturing crankshafts for small engines and were running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep up with the volume of work.

David Folz

My goal is "Going Further Together" with Hanwha

I am proud of the HMA product because of our design and quality. I also enjoy the challenge of bringing the product into a well-established industry and bringing it to the forefront.


I feel that we can gain a very good market share of the CNC Swiss market over the next 5 years. In order to do this, I will continue to act as Engineering Manager as we hire more applications engineers and assist our sales team with technical advice. I enjoy the mentoring and training of these new engineers as well as working with our customers. From there I would like the opportunity to be an assistant General Manager where I could use my 34 years of experience in the industry to help take HMA to the next level.