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Hanwha Engine

Hanwha Engine is the leading player in low speed diesel and gas power plants.
Our expertise
  • Large, low-speed marine propulsion engines
  • Engine parts
  • NOx reduction system for ships and land-based industries
  • Gas power plants

Hanwha Engine, integrated into the Hanwha Group in February 2024, aims to become a driving force in the maritime industry, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly future through its distinctive technological prowess and comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities for large, low-speed marine engines.


Since its establishment in 1983, Hanwha Engine has persistently pursued growth through constant innovation and by striving to take on formidable challenges. As a result, the company has assumed a key leadership position in today’s ship engine market. Leveraging its extensive experience in engine production, Hanwha Engine supplies products to major shipyards domestically and internationally. It has succeeded in achieving the world’s largest engine production capabilities and the commercialization of the world’s first dual-fuel engine. Recently, it has expanded its focus to high-value-added, eco-friendly engine sectors, concentrating on the production of low-emission methanol propulsion engines and the development of low-carbon emission ammonia propulsion engines.


As a leading manufacturer of marine low-speed engines, Hanwha Engine provides comprehensive services ranging from design and manufacturing to sales and after-sales services, addressing diverse customer needs and maintaining compliance with rigorous environmental regulations. Its self-developed NOx reduction system, DelNOx, offers outstanding reduction efficiency for various nitrogen oxide emission regulations in marine and industrial sectors. With excellent performance and technology, and compliance with IMO Tier III regulations, DelNOx has been widely praised by customers around the world since its production began in 2016.


Hanwha was the first in the world to produce a large, electronically controlled ME engine in 2003.

To help customers get the most out of their vessels, Hanwha Engine provides the regular part replacements and engine maintenance services that are essential for optimal engine performance. Hanwha Engine supplies high-quality products at competitive prices through its global sales network, along with providing repair and inspection services conducted by skilled service engineers. Hanwha Engine provides customized solutions through big data, as well as planned maintenance via a long-term service agreement that spans the engine’s life cycle. Through services likes these, it ensures all engines delivered can stay operating in optimal condition and at peak performance.


Hanwha Engine offers a range of technical support and information whenever needed, including details on the latest industry trends, technical documents, recent issue updates, and technical service letters, contributing to the safe operation of vessels equipped with its engines. During delivery and operation, service engineers board vessels for inspection to preemptively detect any potential issues, making sure customers get the best product performance possible.


Hanwha Engine commercialized the world's first dual-fuel low-speed engine for ships in 2013.

In pursuit of sustainable growth in the maritime industry, environmental regulations will continue to be strengthened. Aligning with the global shipbuilding industry’s efforts towards decarbonization, Hanwha Engine is advancing the commercialization of eco-friendly technologies such as methanol and ammonia propulsion engines. It also focuses on developing smart ship solutions to ensure efficient and safe vessel operations. By leveraging synergies with group affiliates within the value chain, Hanwha Engine aims to expand its business into new areas, including zero-carbon fuels and eco-friendly retrofits. Based on its specialized marine engines, Hanwha Engine will continue to evolve as a complete engine solutions provider to ensure a safe and clean future environment.