Aerospace & Mechatronics

Hanwha Precision Machinery

Hanwha Precision Machinery excels in industrial automation and factory robotics, saving on time and costs.
Our expertise
  • Precision manufacturing machinery: Industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) swiss lathes
  • Industrial equipment: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), display manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductor equipment: Die bonders and flip chip bonders
  • Software consultation and development

A global machinery company, Hanwha Precision Machinery produced South Korea’s first chip mounter, an automated PCB assembly machine. We are leveraging our deep subject matter expertise and continuous innovation to provide a comprehensive portfolio of ultra-precision manufacturing machinery, from industrial robots, semiconductor equipment and computer numerical control (CNC) swiss lathes to integrated software solutions. A dominant leader in the domestic market, we also operate five international branches to provide worldwide sales and technical support for customers, including in China, Vietnam, India, the U.S. and Germany. 


In industrial equipment, we produce Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment, such as chip mounters and screen printers, as well as semiconductor post-processing equipment and display manufacturing equipment with cutting-edge precision mechatronics. We’re the top leader in SMT chip mounters and our mid-speed mounter is No. 1 in global market share and recognized for best-in-class technology and performance. We are increasing growth by providing differentiated manufacturing solutions to large-scale customers by expanding our product lineup from mid-speed to high-speed machines. 


Our R&D focuses on operational solutions, such as automated control of smart factory equipment and prevention of machine failures. Our consistent efforts have developed differentiated technologies for production planning, automated model changes, remote control, predictive prevention and predictive maintenance. We will secure solutions for intelligent equipment and highly multifunctional future-ready manufacturing equipment solutions by enhancing software solutions. 


In semiconductor equipment, we developed die bonders and flip chip bonders, key equipment for the packaging process, which we provide to leading semiconductor companies at home and abroad. To meet the industry’s need to overcome the limitations of the front-end process with packaging technology for the back-end process, we continue to develop next-generation semiconductor assembly solutions. Our display manufacturing equipment is speeding entry into the next- generation Mini/Micro LED display market by leveraging our high-productivity SMT equipment technology and high-precision semiconductor post-processing equipment technology.


Building on our expertise and improved technology over 50 years, our machine tools business commands a market technical advantage because we produced South Korea’s first multitasking automated lathes and turret-type lathes. Our machine tools are custom-built to meet customer feature requirements and production lines.


That has led us to capture the largest market share in CNC automated lathes in South Korea and to enter new markets worldwide. As a leading global precision machinery company, we will continue to provide customers with a variety of advanced manufacturing equipment and solutions. In the mid- to long-term, we will transform into a manufacturing solutions specialist that provides optimal solutions for the manufacturing industry.