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Hanwha's Yeochun CC produces high-quality downstream petrochemical products.
Our expertise
  • Petrochemical feedstock manufacturing

YEOCHUN NCC operates the world’s leading naphtha-cracking facility in the Yeosu National Industrial Complex. Built in 1999, the facility is located on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. We are a fifty-fifty joint venture of Hanwha and DL, the two South Korean conglomerates that own naphtha-cracking facilities. Supported by a steady flow of investments, product specializations, facility expansions and intense business focus, we are one of the top Naphtha Cracking Center (NCC) companies in the world.


Our technologically advanced facility has large-scale production capacities that annually produce 2.29 million tons of ethylene, 1.29 million tons of propylene and 6.20 million tons of various base chemicals, including benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene monomer and butadiene. With fully automated and optimized processes producing high-purity feedstocks, this state-of-the-art facility gives Hanwha affiliates a competitive edge in producing high-quality downstream petrochemical products. 


Hanwha's Yeochun facility annually produces tons of ethylene, propylene and other base chemicals.
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