Our Logo

Hanwha’s symbol, the “tricircle,” is a combination of dynamic circles in 3 different color tones. The “tricircle” is an essential element of Hanwha’s corporate branding to clearly express and symbolically visualize its corporate brand identity. In addition, by conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth”
through a dynamic expression of energy, Hanwha acquires its visual equity in an effective way.

It is composed of three circles limitlessly evolving and growing through constant changes and innovations
Through a creative combination, the three circles represent our core values, visions and businesses. They also visualize Hanwha evolving into a world-class corporation that contributes towards the balanced development of customers, society and mankind.
It harmoniously expresses and image where a dynamic energy of TRIcircles expands and grows limitlessly.

What We Stand For

With Four Promises We Make

Energy For Tomorrow

Our company provides both physical and emotional energy to people around the world. We accomplish this by developing products and services that drive growth and success for everyone we work with. Together, our world-class people, customers, partners and communities create the energy for tomorrow, making the future more vibrant and sustainable for generations to come.

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