The Way We Work

Hanwha is looking for talented people, who share our core values
such as a challenging spirit, dedication and integrity, and can act on those values.

  • People with a Challenger Spirit

    Instead of settling for the existing
    standards, people with the spirit
    of a challenger pursue the best that come from changes and innovation.
    -They actively develop themselves
    to become the best professional
    in their area.
    -They find out new opportunities
    and ways with an open mind
    and creative thinking.
    -They set and achieve challenging goals with an “I can do it” spirit.
  • People who Demonstrate Dedication

    People who demonstrate dedication
    try their best for the greater good
    while thinking highly of relationships
    with companies, customers and colleagues.
    -They think about “we” first and make common goals their priority.
    -They value the promises made
    with customers and create customer
    values continuously.
    -They work together and believe in their colleagues based on team spirit.
  • People of Integrity

    People of Integrity act properly based on principles and their sense of pride.
    -They act honestly following principles without tempting to immediate gains.
    -They treat other people fairly
    and transparently based on their ability and performance regardless
    of their feelings toward them.

Hanwha's Investment in Your Future

Hanwha operates a broad range of systematic training programs,
leadership courses for each staff level, and specialized training by job position.

  • Training

    We operate a broad range of training programs, including orientation courses for both new and experienced hires.

  • Cultivating
    Strong Future Leaders

    We also support a variety of advanced degree programs to train Hanwha's top talent that will lead us in the global market.

  • Facilitating
    Work-Life Balances

    We employ a company-wide
    work-life balance policy to improve
    the quality of life for our employees.

Life at Hanwha

Discover what our people have to say about their experiences
and what’s different about a career at Hanwha

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