Sustainable solutions
for Earth, for life

Hanwha is South Korea’s seventh-largest business group and a Fortune Global 500 company. Our diverse
portfolio includes innovative businesses in the areas of energy, ocean, aerospace, materials, finance, and
retail & services. As a multinational company, we boast a robust network of domestic and global affiliates,
which allow us to leverage synergy to deliver future-ready solutions and impactful innovations that
sustainably power industries and communities.

With strong fundamentals in core industries, Hanwha enhances lives through our technologies, products,
and services. Our relentless commitment to sustainability drives our bold innovation, allowing us to create
transformative solutions for individuals, society, and the planet.

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About Hanwha

  • Top 7

    Business enterprise
    ranking in South Korea

    Total asset basis end of 2022
  • 65.3BUSD

    Total sales

    As of 2022
  • 71

    Years since founding

    Founded in 1952
  • 296

    Ranking on
    Fortune Global 500

    As of 2023
  • 710

    Global networks

    End of 2022
  • 91

    Domestic Affiliates

    End of 2022

Hanwha’s Businesses

  • Energy
    Accelerating the energy transition through a
    diverse range of clean energy solutions, including
    solar, wind, and hydrogen
    • Solar power
    • Hydrogen
    • Wind power
    • Bridge solutions
    • Energy storage systems
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  • Ocean
    Innovating smart, clean marine solutions as an
    industry trailblazer
    • Green ship technology
    • Shipbuilding and offshore sectors
    • Zero-carbon shipping solutions
    • Onboard carbon capture and storage
    • Smart ships and smart yards
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  • Aerospace
    Pioneering development of Korea’s space industry
    and ushering in the next generation of
    communications with a complete space value chain
    • Space launch vehicles
    • Satellites
    • Space exploration and transportation
    • Urban air mobility
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  • Materials
    Leading the way for carbon neutrality and
    promoting sustainable infrastructure through
    environmentally-friendly materials
    • Ammonia as an energy carrier
    • Plastics-to-chemicals technology
    • Recycled polyethylene
    • Silicon (semiconductors and secondary batteries)
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  • Digital Finance
    Empowering individuals and communities with
    personal finance solutions for life
    • Product development
    • Asset management
    • Investment
    • Digital finance
    • Insurance
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  • Retail & Services
    Creating tailored customer experiences that
    delight and surprise, on and offline
    • Hospitality
    • Premium retail
    • Food and beverage
    • Comprehensive real estate
    • Complex development
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Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum

Energize change,
empower progress

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, Hanwha has
participated in the WEF Annual Meeting every year since 2010. Hanwha
stands side-by-side with WEF to shape global industry with impactful action
while maintaining our commitment to building sustainable, innovative
businesses that have a positive impact on society.

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Hanwha Solar Forest:
Creating carbon-free forests

As an established global leader in solar energy, Hanwha is pleased to
support through our global reforestation initiative, Hanwha Solar
Forest. Over the past decade, Hanwha has been at the forefront of
afforestation and reforestation efforts and has planted more than half a
million trees across ten Solar Forests, driving change through nature
positive systems transitions.

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Circular Transformation
of Industries

The Circular Transformation Initiative, led by WEF’s Centre for Nature
and Climate, calls for cross-industry, multi-stakeholder activities that enable
economic growth, resilience and sustainability through circularity at scale.
As part of our commitment to building a circular economy,
Hanwha is pursuing retrofit solutions for natural gas turbines
to allow them to burn hydrogen, thereby extending
the lifespan of energy infrastructure while reducing CO2 emissions.

Hanwha Company Snapshot

Hanwha is leading the energy transition with our
sustainable innovations. Download our company snapshot below
for a quick look at our diverse ecosystem of solutions.

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