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Hanwha Aerospace

Hanwha Aerospace began by building businesses in the aircraft engine and film camera industry in 1977. Since then, we’ve aggressively invested in research to develop our technologies in optics, video, and aircraft engines. We’ve then expanded into aircraft / gas turbine engines businesses. To evolve as we have, we had to successfully develop top-tier and original application technologies that gave us the competitive edge needed for our businesses around the globe. And as our technologies advanced so did our expertise and our ability to not only meet the changing market demands but to anticipate them.

As South Korea’s only producer of gas turbine engines for the last 40 years, we have been in a fortunate position to capitalize on all the opportunities that have allowed us to build a powerful business in aerospace. We now provide a range of gas turbine engine solutions that our nation needs and those that are also desired by markets all over the world. In 2016, we surpassed a milestone of completing 8,000 gas turbine units and signed a contract to provide large-scale aircraft engine parts to GE and Rolls-Royce, becoming a trusted partner in the global aircraft industry. We also entered into a contract with the American aerospace manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney to operate a joint venture with a Singaporean manufacturing company. Our partnership with Pratt & Whitney is a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partnership (RSP) to co-build the next-generation aircraft engine. This partnership represents our joining the ranks of other leading aircraft engine manufacturers of the world. In 2017, we established a production base in Vietnam to improve our cost competitiveness and increase production capacity.

We’re in an industry that sees great and fast changes but despite them, we’ve seen great successes and we remain committed to our goal to become the top global partner in aviation engine parts. Our strategy is simple: we anticipate the ever-changing markets and address them through continuous development of technology while focusing on quality.

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Hanwha's businesses span chemicals & materials, aerospace & mechatronics, solar energy, finance,
leisure & lifestyle, and construction. Through the integration of our growing number of affiliate enterprises worldwide, we are harnessing the power of sustainable, quality growth to continually increase the value we bring to our customers.

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