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Hanwha Land Systems

Hanwha Land Systems entered the defense industry in 1983, developing and producing land systems that played a pivotal role in increasing the defense capabilities of South Korea’s armed forces. We became an affiliate of Hanwha Group in 2015. Just two years later, we were spun off from Hanwha Vision in 2017 as an independent and specialized defense company and renamed Hanwha Land Systems. We are building synergy with other defense affiliates, which reflects the Group’s decision to separate commercial and defense businesses.

Over the years, Hanwha Land Systems has been taking on large-scale projects for the national defense of South Korea. As a result, we’ve accumulated invaluable experience and defense expertise that we can confidently call our core competencies. With them, we are now securing the future of South Korea by helping the nation build an independent national defense. We’re developing artillery solutions for modern warfare. We have applied our experience in producing more than a thousand K55 self-propelled howitzers. We developed the K9 self-propelled howitzer, the world's top-quality howitzer with overwhelming firepower, high maneuverability, and survivability. Our K10 ammunition resupply vehicle is the world's first fully automated ammunition resupply system equipped with a K9 self-propelled howitzer. Our Evo-105 self-propelled howitzer is a new-concept weapon system. It comes with a 105mm towed gun and an automatic fire control system on a vehicle. We are also developing leading-edge new products, such as defense robots and remote controlled weapon stations suitable for future battlefields.

Our expertise in performance and technology is recognized worldwide, giving us a bridgehead to enter the global defense market and develop new markets. We have exported the K9 self-propelled howitzer—a weapon that has gained a reputation for excellence in the international defense markets, including Turkey, Poland, Finland, India, and Norway. We continue to enter new markets and grow our footprint, such as exporting the K10 ammunition resupply vehicle to Norway for the first time in 2017.

We intend to grow as a global top provider of land systems. We will continue to invest in advanced technology that we can incorporate into our total convergence solutions for artillery, armored vehicles, robots, unmanned systems, and energy storage systems. And by providing innovative defense platform solutions, we will become a sustainable and trustworthy leader in the global defense industry.

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