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Hanwha Systems

We’re reshaping the way we think and the way we work. The resulting synergy we create as we fuse advances in digital defense technology and future ICT is helping us to drive our adaptation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution toward a smarter tomorrow.

Hanwha Systems is a global total solutions company providing differentiated smart technologies in defense electronics and information infrastructure. Our IT & system integration capabilities combined with our product portfolio differentiates and positions us to lead in defense electronics, public infrastructure and private security.

Since its founding in 1978, the Hanwha Systems defense division has proven the efficacy of its weapons and has been credited for significantly advancing the defense capabilities of South Korea’s military. The knowledge we’ve gained from working with the South Korean military and the 40+ years of developing advanced systems all over the world, are being leveraged to develop systems for land, air, naval, and cyber. Our portfolio of products and systems include C5I-SR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance).

Our aerospace systems represent our work to enable the modern military to forge superiority over the surface of the Earth through reconnaissance, gathering intelligence, and military communications. We’re integrating small-satellites with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for military reconnaissance satellites and applying our state-of-the-art aerospace technology to develop an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar for the next-generation South Korean fighter KF-X. We are also developing core avionic electronics for fixed wing, rotary wing, and unattended systems. In communications, we’re developing core components for satellite and aerospace mission sensors, electronics, survival and communication devices.

Our surveillance and reconnaissance systems that we developed for South Korea include the Thermal Observation Device (TOD), Electro-Optic Tracking system (EOTS), Infrared Detection Tracking Equipment and Portable Multifunctional Observation scopes. Hanwha Systems is applying cutting-edge technology to dramatically advance its radars like the L- SAM MFR (Long-range surface to air missile multi-function radar) and M- SAM (Medium range surface to air missile multi-function radar). We’re also developing new multi-function radars to add to our next-generation combat systems like the FFX Batch-III.

Hanwha Systems’ C5I businesses rely completely on original technologies developed in-house and our advanced R&D to innovate products that can operate in future combat environments. We’re building the future of Tactical Information Communication Networks (TICN) using next-generation technologies integrated into satellite communications systems. As a dominant leader in our field, Hanwha Systems anticipates greater development of its C5I and tactical information communication systems to provide hyper-connected, intelligent solutions. We are also the sole supplier of naval combat management systems to South Korea’s Navy. Our proprietary technology is at the heart of their enhanced combat systems and integrated solutions for sensors and armament.

Hanwha Systems’ ICT division delivers customized systems to a variety of industries—including manufacturing, defense, construction, financial services, services sector, and education—which in turn, makes our customers more competitive in their own respective industries.

Our ICT division operates a Cloud-based Big Data center that provides data analysis. And combined with our smart factories powered by IoT and Big Data technologies, we’re improving productivity, predictability, quality and processes for companies and their clients. We’re even helping our nation as a whole – keeping cities safe with our integrated security and control platforms designed to provide superior public infrastructure.

In an effort to secure future growth engines, we’re heavily investing in urban air mobility (UAM) and satellite communication businesses. In the urban air mobility business, we are developing Butterfly, a personal air vehicle, and infrastructure solutions that seamlessly integrate new mobility systems into the existing urban transport network and air mobility service. And our aggressive development of satellite communication systems and electronically steerable antennas are allowing us to expand our satellite business.

We’re are on a path to an unprecedented transformation, seeking both possibilities and opportunities with digital innovations and in disruptive technologies that combine AI, IoT and Big Data. We’re building internal blockchain platforms and forging technology partnerships with leading companies like Element AI as we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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